So the NFL is going to be starting up this week. So we the Underdawgs are going to ost up pics everyweek. Feel free to comment and agree or disagree. Don’t forget to also check out Steven Screws vlog. Were trying to to build a network with anybody who loves sports as much as we do. On the Neitherworld side of things as far as mixes go. We should be making more mixes for free listen/downloads for yall. So keep checking back FAM! IT’s ALL LOVE!




So the links to our audio files are broken because I had to fix the URL to our podmatic page. Im in the process of relinking everything but in the mean time you can just click on the this link



To get access the archive of every audio file for you to download/listen for free.






*So were in the beta stages of formulating the Underdawgs sports Vlog with Steven Screws. Make sure sure to check out the episodes 001 & 002. Let us know what you think whether you agree or disagree with his thoughts on the weekly topics. We got some other ideas to add to this segment so it’s a work in progress and check back to see how it evolves!

There’s also a lot of stuff were gonna add to this blog to make it more interactive but I can’t reveal it, so keep checking back with us for updates.





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