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NFL 2011-12 Week #7 picks!! “CHANGES”

Posted: October 20, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

NFL 2011-12 Week #7 picks!! “CHANGES” by: DJ PLAYMAKER

What’s going down my NFL heads!! So far, in my opinion, this has been the best entertaining season so far. Last week, we saw Handshake in which Jim Harbaugh & Jim Schwartz had a contest of who’s the better Jim, The Packers still being the only undefeated team, two starting qbs in Rex Grossman & Donovan McNabb losing their starting jobs & the Raiders making noise by trading for Carson Palmer. I can’t wait to see what this week has in store. The teams who have the bye week are the Bills, Bengals, Giants, Patroits, Eagles, & 49ers. Let’s review this week’s games.



Chicago vs Tampa Bay-

The Bears & Bucaneers play in this yr’s London Bowl. Both teams are coming impressive wins after losses the week before. The Bucs forced 3 ints on Brees & the Saints while the Bears defense, along w/ the Vikings excuse to kick to Devin Hester put the hurt on the Vikings. This use to be an NFC central rivalry game, so expect a defensive battle. The Bears are 1 pt faves. If you’re betting on this game, play it smart.

Playmaker: I take the Bucs to win & not cover the spread



Washington vs Carolina-

John Beck gets his 1st start of the season after the “real” Rex Grossman showed up w/ 4 ints vs the Eagles in their loss. Cam Newtown didn’t impress that much w/ his 3 ints vs the Falcons in their loss either. This game would come down to which qb doesn’t make that many mistakes. The Panthers are 2 pt favorites @ home.

Playmaker: I like Cam & the Panthers to win their 2nd game & cover the spread.



San Diego vs N.Y. Jets-

The Chargers are coming off their bye week while the Jets defense was the major force in the win on Monday night vs the Dolphins. The Chargers should be shaking in their boots now that the Raiders are chasing their tails. I know one ex- Charger who’s motivated for this game: Ladanian Tomilson. He wants to show what the Chargers messed up on by cutting him. Chargers are 2 point road favs.

Playmaker: The Chargers got a lot of weapons, but Rex seems to have their number. I like the Jets to win & go over the spread by a fg. Got you again Havana girlfriend


MEGA7981: CHARGERS (I hate this pick)


Seattle vs Cleveland-

My Browns are coming off a tough loss to the Raiders in which I had to wear Raider gear on my facebook default photo. The Seahawks are coming off their bye week. For my Browns, this Peyton Hillis contract/ injury has to be nipped in the bud. He wanted to still play, but I don’t know what Shumur’s thinking along w/ Colt McCoy playing scared like a rookie still & this is his 2nd yr. The Browns are a fg favorite

Playmaker: You already know who I’m going with. We need to shake this Raiders & I hope this isn’t a trap game before we face the 49ers. Browns to win & cover.





Houston vs Tennessee-

The Titans are coming off the bye week while the Texans are wondering what hit them in Baltimore. I wonder if the Texans might have Andre Johnson back for this game after missing the last 2 after pulling his hamstring. The Titans hope they can get back to their winning ways after their last game before the bye. Titans are a 3 pt fave @ home

Playmaker: I like the Titans by a Bironas fg to win & cover. Too much injuries for the Texans




Denver vs Miami-

The Tebow era starts in Miami & how ironic that they honor the Gators 2006 title team in Miami. That gets a C’mon Son for real. The Dolphins are still wondering what hit them in New York on Monday & it’s bad enough that their gm wants an elite qb next yr since they are in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes. Question for the Broncos: why trade Brandon Lloyd? The Dolphins are 2 point home faves.

Playmaker: Expect Tebow to put on a show in South Beach. I like the Broncos to win & go under the spread.




Atlanta vs Detroit-

The Lions got their 1st loss outta of the way vs the 49ers & Jim Schwartz didn’t take kindly of Harbaugh’s pat on the back. My opinion on that: he didn’t take losing very well. The Falcons got back to Michael Turner & their ground game to defeat the Panthers. BTW, to Lions nation, great move by traading for Ronnie Brown because Jahvid Best can’t shake that concussion problem. The Lions are a fg fave @ home.

Playmaker: The Lions will look to rebound from the loss. I like the Lions to win & cover because I don’t know which Falcon would show up in da 313




Kansas City vs Oakland-

The return of Carson Palmer is pretty much the storyline of this match-up. After Jason Campbell breaks his collarbone last week, the Raiders were desperate @ qb. Who wouldn’t when you have Kyle Boller & Terrelle Pryor are your active quarterbacks. Could’ve gotten David Garred, but he had back surgery. The Chiefs are coming off the bye week & now, they won’t know what will hit them when they arrive in Oakland. It’s a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting & penalties. The Raiders are a sea bass fave @ home.

Playmaker: The Raiders are for real. I like them to win & go over. However, for my boy Steven Rojo Jr, I would like to see how Dwayne “Optimus Prime” Bowe will do against the Raiders’ secondary.




Pittsburgh vs Arizona-

A rematch of the super bowl 3 yrs ago. The Steelers are coming off a close win vs Jacksonville, yet Mike Tomlin doesn’t think they haven’t impress the league yet. The Cardinals are coming off their bye week & it sucks that they have Steeler nation getting to invade Arizona. The only bright spot the Cardinals should be happy is that the Steelers are 3 pt road faves.

Playmaker: The Steelers will run roughshot over the Cardinals. Expect a lot of “Terrible towels” in the Arizona desert. Wack & Yellow to win & go way over the spread.




St. Louis vs Dallas-

The Cowboys are coming off a tough loss in New England & Jason Garrett answering questions from the media about his conservative play-calling. The Rams just got popped in the mouth by the Packers & in the process, Sam Bradford suffers a high ankle sprain. I heard he was in a boot & A.J Feely was taking snaps w/ the 1st team offense. The Cowboys are 13 pt faves @ home

Playmaker- The Rams are still winless. No Bradford, no chance. I like the Cowboys, but that’s too high of a spread. Happy now Letty bear that I chose your Cowboys lol.




Green Bay vs Minnesota-

Another rookie gets to face the Packers’ defense as Christian Ponder makes his debut this week. My thoughts of this: I love Donovan McNabb, but the time was right for them to start Ponder. After his performance in his hometown of Chicago, you knew his time was up. The Packers are still clicking on all cylinders, despite their 28th ranked pass defense. Can they run the table? I don’t know. However, I know they are 8 pts road faves.

Playmaker: I like the Packers to win & go over the spread.




Indianapolis vs New Orleans-

The super bowl rematch of 2 yrs ago. The Saints are coming off a 3 pt loss in Tampa Bay & Sean Payton tearing his mcl when Jimmy Grahmn ran into him. The Colts, despite still being winless, are being competitive. The Saints are 2 tds faves @ home.

Playmaker: I like the Saints to win, but take the under because the Colts won’t go away that easy




Baltimore vs Jacksonville- The Ravens are coming off a double digit win vs Houston while the Jags had a tough loss in Pittsburgh. The Ravens still believe in defense & Flacco & Ray Rice are coming along smoothly for the Ravens offense. The Jags are still giving the keys to Gabbert, however he should be happy that Mike Sims Walker has returned to the team after the Rams cut him to make room for Brandon Lloyd. The Ravens are a td road fave.

Playamker: The Ravens can win either way, explosive or ugly. I like them to win & cover that spread. That’s reasonable.

RANDY: RAVENS  (Plus Total Pts:46)



That’s my time this week. Last week’s nw picks had rookie randy winning w/ 11-2, yours truly 10-3, noez 8-5, & mega 7981, despite his Raiders defeating my Browns 6-7. Happy b-day shoutouts to Tracy Poole, Robert Change (you & noez better represent @ your b-day party Friday), Richard Valle, Abdey Flores, & Amber Vera!! Check everybody next week & if you would like to leave your picks or comments, you can leave them @ either my facebook page @ or @

Pmeezy 11


NFL 2011-12 Week #6 “DO OR DIE TIME”


         How’s my NFL fans doin’ out there in the social world. Last week, we had emotions as the Raiders just “won one” for Al Davis after his death (RIP to him), the Lions proving to the world that they were ready for prime time, more panic alerts for the Eagles & the Tebow era ready to begin for the Broncos. What do we have in store for week 6.? I don’t know, but I know & can’t wait like Bart Scott would say.


St Louis vs Green Bay-

The Packers came back from a 14-6 deficit to beat the Falcons on the road while the Rams are coming off the bye week. The Rams are still winless & at some point has to crack the win. It won’t happen this week. The champs are 15 point faves @ home.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Packers to win & go over the spread.


Mega7981: Packers @ home for the win.



Jacksonville vs Pittsburgh-

The Jags are coming off a tough loss @ home vs the Bengals while the Steelers clicked on all cylinder w/ 5 td passes from Ben Rothesbrger to smack the Titans in the mouth. Gabbert is still going through the phases of his rookie yr. If the Jags want to win, feed the ball to MJD. The Steelers have already twice this season allowed a running back to go over 100 yds. The Steelers are 12 point faves @ home.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Steelers to win, hovever I’m taking the under on this one.


MEGA7981: Steelers Big Ben is starting to get his groove back.



Philadelphia vs Washington-

The Eagles hope to find answers after a loss where they gave up 5 turnover to the Bills while the Redskins are coming off the bye week knowing they are in 1st place in the NFC East (who would had thunk it). The Eagles had a players only, hoping they can turn the season. If I was them, no offense to Castillo, their defensive coordinator, but Andy Reid should fire him. The defense can’t tackle & all that money they spent on Nmadi, Jenkins & company, they haven’t stepped up, except for Jason Babin, who’s leading the league in sack. The Eagles are 1 point road faves.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I’m on my last thread to choose the Eagles, but I will & they will barely go over the spread.


MEGA7981: REDSKINS for the win, Philly is falling apart.



San Francisco vs Detroit-

This is one game I can’t wait to see. Two surprising teams, who hadn’t have any success in many yrs, are having a cultural shift in their areas. The Lions are undefeated still after their performance on Monday night vs the Bears while the 49ers are 4-1 & are coming off of popping Tampa Bay in the mouth. It’s a short week for the Lions since they played on Monday. The Lions are 4 point faves @ home. This game is tough to choose. The 49ers haven’t allowed a 100 yd rusher in like 26 games.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the 49ers in a close upset & also to cover the spread. Sorry Omni

RANDY: 49ers

MEGA7981: DETROIT for the win. Megatron will go H.A.M. as always and their front 4 will give Alex Smith problems.

NOEZ: 49ers


Carolina vs Atlanta-

The Falcons are coming off a home loss vs the Packers while the Panthers are coming off a nail biting loss @ home also vs the Saints. Even though they are 1-4, the Panthers are competive, when you got Cam Newton as your quarterback, he keeps you in the game. The Falcons, along w/ the Eagles, are one of the disappointments early this season. They have all those offensive playmakers, but they have a 2-3 record. The Falcons are 4 point faves @ home.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Falcons to cover the spread @ home.


Mega798: Panthers. This is my upset pick Atlanta is ranked 28th on pass d, so Killa Cam has a chance to pull off the W.



Indianapolis vs Cincinnati-

The Bengals are 3-2 after a victory in Jacksonville while the Colts are still winless, but have been competitive since Painter’s been starting. With the Bengals winning, I wonder what’s going on in Carson Palmer’s mind since they didn’t call his bluff about retiring. For the Colts, I give love to Robert Mathis for not tanking it in. The Bengals are a td fave.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like that. I’m taking the Bengals to cover.


Mega7981: CINCY, I think the Colts are on the “Suck for Luck” campaign.



Buffalo vs N.Y. Giants-

The Giants are looking for answers after the meltdown loss vs the Seahawks while the Bills are still circling the wagons w/ wins after causing 5 turnovers against the Eagles. Another surprising team this season. They have wins over the Raiders, Eagles, & Pats. A win over the Giants would get them more national attention, along w/ respect. The Giants are a fg fave.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I’m circling the wagons & choosing the Bills & also to cover the spread.


MEGA7981: BILLS I think the G-MEN are banged up. I’m not sure but I think Justine Tuck, and Brandon Jacobs is out. Action Jackson and their tight end is going to have a field day with in the seams and short passes.



Houston vs Baltimore-

The Ravens are coming off the bye week while the Texans are coming off the emotional loss to the Raiders. Not only did they lose the game, they lost Mario Williams for the season after he torn his pectoral muscle. It was already bad for them since Andre Johnson was out after pulling his hammy in the Steeler game. I don’t like their chances. The Ravens are a td fav.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like RAVENS to cover the spread & the win also.


MEGA7981: RAVENS. The Texans are banged up, Foster is not 100%, No Andre Johnson, No Mario Williams.



Cleveland vs Oakland-

The Raiders are on an emotional high after their win for Al while my Brownies are coming off the bye week & are dealing w/ some b.s regarding Peyton Hillis. It’s his contract yr & his agent has taking a bullet for him regarding of where his toughness is at. This game is big for neitherworld radio reasons. It’s a friendly wager between myself & mega 7981. You’ll find out what the loser has to do after the game. The Raiders are 6 point favs. I know I like emotions & the Raiders are riding high, but you know where my heart is.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Browns & to take the under. Sorry Mega & Noez


MEGA7981: RAAAAIDERS come son! this pick is bias but it’s imperative we win this game especially after the passing of MR. AL DAVIS, it’s gong to be tough because the Browns always give us trouble.



Dallas vs New England-

The Pats are coming off a win vs the Jets while the Cowboys are coming off the bye week. You know who need the bye week badly: Tony Romo. After that choke job vs the Lions, he needed some time to figure how to shake off the critics about his non- clutchness. I agree w/ Deion Sanders on one thing: he’s not the guy for them to win a super bowl. The Pats are a td fave.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Pats to barely go over the spread. I would like to see your response to this Letty!!


MEGA7981: Cowboys. I usually try to find 2 upsets every week. I Just feel that Rob Ryan D will have answers to slow down Brady and the Pats have to take an L sooner or later. If Wilfork gets another INT. i’ll shoot myself lol.



New Orleans vs Tampa Bay-

The Saints are 4-1 after their nail-biting win over Carolina while the Bucs just want to get that ass whipping taste out their mouth from the 49ers. Last yr, the Bucs went 10-6, but missed the playoffs. This yr, 3-2, but some people think it’s disappointing. The Saints are 4 point road faves. I like the Bucs to win & cover the spread. Last time I picked to upset a team, it was the Falcons.

DJ PLAYMAKER: Tampa to win & cover.


Mega7981: SAINTS I think Blount is out and Drew Breese will pick there O apart.



Minnesota vs Chicago-

The Vikings got the 1st win of the season as they kept feeding Adrian Peterson the ball. One way for the fans to get off Leslie Frazier & Donovan McNabb’s back. The Bears on the other hand, made the Lions believers in themselves & Jay Cutler was running for his life on Monday. For the record, Purple Jesus has a 200 yd game already in his career vs the Bears. The Bears are a fg fave @ home. It depends on whether McNabb or Cutler can play mistake free ball. If Cutler thought the Lions were scary, just wait til Jared Allen gets his hands on him.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Vikings to win & go over the small spread.


mega7981: Vikings, if Best can have a field day on the on the Bears , imagine “All Day” Peterson. The Bears have let me down every time I pick them.




Miami vs N.Y. Jets-

The Jets just got their 1st 3 game losing streak in the Rex Ryan era after losing to the Pats while the Dolphins are coming off their bye. The Jets are having issues whether the receivers having mutiny in Brian Schotteheimer (btw, c’es louve Derrick Mason) or Joe Namath. It could be worse like Miami, where the coach is under the hot seat & Chad Henne’s done for the yr. The Jets are a touchdown fav.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Jets to have a break out game , win & go way over the spread. I got you again Havana girlfriend


Mega7981: I wanna go for the upset but I’ll pick the JETS they need a win bad.



That’s my time for this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Vanessa Montes, my auntie Debbie Dicks, Wendy Plata Villa, Erin Cardenas (sorry for not making it to your party on Saturday, Vivian Herrera & my girl Tracey Poole. Special b-day shoutouts to my peeps Robert Change (you & Noez rep that Dirty Freqs son) & Richard Valle. I gotta couple things to get off my chest before I close: 1) Screw the NBA, it’s bad enough that the 1st 2 weeks are cancelled. Hope the mediator can get the players & owners get something done so you won’t have to worry about no games around x-mas & 2) I like B-Hop in a split decision over Dawson on Saturday. I still follow boxing believe it or not. Til then, I’m out!! Peace


NFLNFL 2011-12 WEEK #5 PICKS Staying alive for 5!!

By: Dj Playmaker

         How are my NFL fans in the social network doing? We had a crazy week as 2 NFC East teams blew 20+ leads to end up losing their games, the Dolphins & Vikings are still winless, & the Lions & Packers are the remaining undefeated teams in the leagues. This week will be different because it’s the beginning of bye weeks as my Browns, Ravens, Cowboys, Rams, & Redskins start it off! That means less characters for me & saves my fingers from cramping!! Time to break down week 5.


(F) = Favorite

(u) = Underdog


(F) Philadelphia -2.5 vs (u) Buffalo-

The Eagles had a 23-3 lead last week vs the 49ers & ended up losing, making them 1-3 & Eagles nation in panic mode. The Bills had a tough overtime loss in Cincy last week. I don’t believe in must-win games, but this is one for the Eagles. I know Vick went off for 417 yds passing, but McCoy was a no-show in the rushing dept. The spread has the Eagles as a 3pt favorite as a road team.

Playmaker: I take the Eagles, but take the under.

MEGA7981: Bills win / Eagles won’t cover the spread




(F) New Orleans -6.5 vs (u)Carolina –

The Saints are 3-1 after defeating the Jags while the Panthers lost to the Bears, despite another 300+ yds passing game by Cam Newton. This will be a tough divisional challenge for Newton & company. The books have the Saints as a 6.5 pt favorite. I like that.

Playmaker: I take the Saints, but take the over.

MEGA7981: SAINTS win and will cover the spread


DJ NOEZ: Panthers


(F) Houston -6 vs (u) Oakland –

The Raiders hit a nail in the road @ home last week vs the Pats while the Texans got a respectable win vs the Steelers, despite losing Andre Johnson for 3 weeks after pulling his hamstring. However, they were rejuvenated by the return of Arian Foster. This is going to be a defensive battle. The Texans are 6 pt favorites @ home.

Playmaker: Sorry Mega, but I like the Texans in this one, but take the under.

MEGA7981: RAIDERS win / take the the under




(F) Indianapolis -2.5 Vs. (u) Kansas City

The Chiefs got in the winners’ bracket last week vs the Vikings while the Colts were very competitive in their loss vs the Bucs on Monday. Memo to Irsay: let Painter finish the season as the starter. What’s the worst that can happen. Both teams have a combined 1-7 record.  However, for some reason, I think this is the week that the Colts get their 1st win.

Playmaker: I take the Colts & cover the spread.

MEGA7981: CHIEFS win / take the under (there in the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes)




(F) Minnesota -2.5 vs. (u) Arizona

The Cards felt they got screwed by the refs because of the Victor Cruz fumble & lost. The Vikings had a tough loss to the Chiefs & fans in Vikings’ nation are screaming for Christian Ponder to start despite Leslie Frazier’s confidence in Donovan McNabb. Speaking of McNabb, he gets to face his former Eagles’ teammate Kevin Kolb.

Playmaker: I don’t know the spread, but something tells me the Cards are going to win this game by 6 since the Vikes can’t hold leads.

MEGA7981: Cards win and will beat the spread.




(F) N.Y. Giants -10 Vs. (u) Seattle

The Giants are 3-1 after a come from behind win in Arizona last week while the Seahawks lost a close game @ home to the Falcons. The Giants are a 10 pt favorites at home .

Playmaker: I take the Giants to go over the spread & win this game. To Tavaris Jackson, good luck w/ Osi & Justin Tuck chasing your ass.

MEGA7981: GIANTS win and will cover the spread




(F) Pittsburgh -3 vs. (u) Tennessee-

The Titans are a surprising 3-1 w/ Matt Hasselback  looking like the best free agent signing this off-season. The Steelers are answering questions after their road loss in Houston & injuries hitting them in Roethesberger & James Harrison. Harrison’s going to miss some time, according to Tomlin, but expect Big Ben & Mendehall to play this week. The Steelers are a 3 pt fave @ home. It’s going to be a tough game. If Chris Johnson can get another 100 yd game rushing, I like their chances.

Playmaker: Something tells me to pick the Steelers to win & also to cover the spread.

Mega7981: Steelers to win and cover the +3




(F) San Francisco -3 vs (u) Tampa Bay-

The 49ers are 3-1 after coming back from a 20+ deficit to beat the Eagles & still not getting any love from the media. The Bucs had to scrape & claw to defeat a winless Colts team on Monday night. Both teams like to make you work for your points. The 49ers are a 3pt fave. I can see them winning this game & take the under. This win will give them respect in the league.

Playmaker: 49ers take the under

Mega7981: BUCKS win / take the under




(F) San Diego -4 vs (u)Denver-

The Chargers starting @ 3-1? Who would thought that would happen since they usually start off slow. The Broncos are trying to forget about the Aaron Rodgers performance in Lambeau last week. It’s a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting & trash talking. I think the Chargers are 4 pt favs as the road team. I take the Chargers, plus the over.

Playmaker: Chargers plus the over

Mega7981: Chargers plus the over




(F) New England -9 vs (u) N.Y. Jets

The Pats rebounded from the Buffalo meltdown by poppin’ the Raiders in the mouth in their house while the Jets, Mark Sanchez especially, was getting hit from all angles from the Ravens last week, which prompt Namath to pop his mouth again on Rex & the team. I know the Jets offensive line miss Nick Manigold, but damn, Sanchez felt like a boxer on a standing 8 count. The Pats are 9 pt favs. However, I think Rex will have the team ready, since his hatred for Belechik & the Pats runs deep. Besides, it’s a Boston/New York rivalry thing. I like the Jets to rebounding w/ a win & take the under. I got you again my Havana girlfriend xoxoxo

Playmaker: Jets take the under

Mega7981: Patriots win & cover the spread




Green Bay -6 vs Atlanta-

The champs are still on all cylinders after “the real A-Rod” Aaron Rodgers went H.A.M on the Broncos last week. The Falcons are @ 2-2, but it’s not good in their standards. This is the rematch of the NFC divisional playoff last yr. In that game, Matty Ice, who hardly lost @ home at this point, melted in crucial situations.I think the Packers are a 6 pt fav.

Playmaker: I take the Pack & take the over.

Mega7981: Atlanta wins / take the under.





(F) Detroit -.5.5 vs (u)Chicago-

The Lions are the talk of the league & are hosting a Monday night game for the 1st time in 10 yrs. Last week, they came back from a 27-3 deficit in Dallas to win the game. The Bears played a hell of a game to beat the Panthers w/ Matt Forte going for 200 yds, despite not getting a contract extension (in the words of Deion Sanders: PAY THE MAN) & the Panthers kicking to Devin Hester. It’s a divisional battle & the Lions are a 5.5 pt fave.

Playamker: I think the Lions are for real & I see them winning this game & take the under.

Mega7981: BEARS will pull the upset / take the under.




That’s my time for this week. B-day shoutouts to Lynder Jack, Lisa Franco(you’re going need a shoulder to cry when Eithier’s gone), Rossana Bianchi, my boy Sean Quintana aka CEO of Luxury Soul, Jennifer & Jacklyn Reza, Julie Serfain, & my boy Tony Boulos (your Eagles are going be fine). Let’s go Nova & the Yankees, take out the Tigers. Til then, peace!!


NFL 2011-12 Week #4 Picks!!

Posted: September 30, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

NFL 2011-12 Week #4 Picks!!


       So far, these 4 weeks of the NFL season has been exciting & also surprising. We still have the Bills & Lions undefeated while the Colts are still in the running for the “Suck for Lucke” sweepstakes.  Memo to Jim Irsay, 1st you say Peyton’s done for the yr, now you say he might play in December. C’mon son. Shit him down & let Curtis Painter get his reps!! Before I started, I would like to say two things: 1) thank you for all the b-day love on facebook & 2) as a Yankees fan, HA HA HA HA! Nice choke job Dead Sox! A 9 game lead on the wild card @ the beginning of the month & you straight up choked!! Enjoy the off season biatches!!


Carolina vs Chicago-

Killa Cam finally got his 1st win last week in the mini monsoon while the Bears were manhandled by their hated rivals (too much Jermichael Finley). It’s a must win for Lovie Smith since he doesn’t want to have the Chicago media on him if they go 1-3. However, Ron Rivera returns to the city where he won a Super Bowl w/ the 85 Bears!!

PMeezy11- Sorry Ron, the Bears are not going to mess up this homecoming! Bears by 5

mega7981- CAROLINA



Buffalo vs Cincinnati-

The surprising Bills are the talk of the league. I’m surprised that they aren’t on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Last week, they spotted the Pats 20 pts & still came back to upset them. The Bengals had an ugly loss @ home vs the 49ers. For some reason, I’m gonna circle the wagons like Chris Berman would say & choose the Bills.

PMeezy11- Bills by a fg

mega7981- BILLS



Tennessee vs Cleveland-

Both teams are 2-1. Tennessee defeated the Broncos, but lose Kenny Britt for the whole yr (torn ACL) while my Brownies had a come from behind win vs the Dolphins led by Colt Mcoy, who stunk up the whole game, but came up clutch in the 2 min drill. This game scares me because the Browns defense can’t stop & I think this is the game that Chris Johnson will wake up.

PMeezy11- I like my Browns by 3. I hope Hillis is healthy to play this week.

mega7981- BROWNS



Detroit vs Dallas-

The Lions are getting the league’s attention. Thanks to the Vikings choking in the 2nd half last week, the Lions are still undefeated. The Cowboys had to beat the Redskins w/out scoring a touchdown & Tony Romo hurting! This game could be a shootout, but it depends on how Romo feels. For Strafford, he better hope his offensive line protects him from DeMarcus Ware because he will be coming from all angles!! I’m sippin on the Lions’ kool-aid!

PMeezy11- Lions by a touchdown (yeah I said it Letty)

mega7981- LIONS



Pittsburgh vs Houston-

This is a big game for Kubiak. The Texans couldn’t hold the lead in New Orleans & lost while the Steelers had to survive Dwight Freeney & the Colts. The Steelers defense is kinda old, so expect some numbers from Ben Tate, Foster (if he plays), Andre Johnson, & Owen Daniels. The reason I said this game is huge for Kubiak is because he needs to beat these elite teams to prove they belong in the postseason.

PMeezy11-I like the Texans by a Rackers fg.




New Orleans vs Jacksonville-

The Saints had to comeback @ home to beat the Texans while Gabbert struggled in his debut last week vs the Panthers. I can’t see the Jags keeping this game close.

PMeezy11- Saints by 14.




Minnesota vs Kansas City-

Both teams are 0-3. The Vikings can’t hold on to leads in their games while the Chiefs were hit by the injury bug the 1st 2 weeks & last week, were denied a chance to win when Cassel threw a int off a screen pass. Someone has to win. I like the Vikings’ chance because of Adrian Peterson & McNabb outplaying Cassel. Plus, Jared Allen returns home to Kansas City.

PMeezy11- Vikings by 7

mega7981- VIKINGS



San Francisco vs Philadelphia-

The Eagles have issues heading into this week’s game. Vick has a contusion in his right, non-throwing hand, but he says he’ll play. Last week, he was almost this close to throwing his offensive line under the bus for him getting knocked down everytime. The 49ers needed a Kendrick Hunter td to beat the Bengals in the ‘Natti. This is gonna be a defensive battle. I like the Eagles by a fg because if Vick struggles, they still got Lesean McCoy, aka Shady, who’s playing like a pro bowler so far.

PMeezy11- Eagles by a fg.

mega7981- NINERS



Washington vs St Louis-

The Redskins are looking to rebound after that heartbreaking loss on Monday night while the Rams were just popped in the mouth by the Ravens. The Rams better hope that Steven Jackson returns this game because w/out him, you make Sam Bradford the Kevin Love on your team.

PMeezy11- I like the Redskins by 5.

mega7981- REDSKINS



N.Y. Giants vs Arizona-

The Giants sent a message to the Eagles last week while the Cards lost to the Seahawks (really, w/ Tavaris Jackson as their starting quarterback?). There was good news this week in Giants nation as Osi finally practiced w/ the team for the 1st time since his surgery.

PMeezy11- I feel sorry for Kevin Kolb because he’s gonna see a lot of blitzes!! G-Men by 14

mega7981- CARDS


Atlanta vs Seattle-

Who would had thought the Falcons would be 1-2 after 3 weeks? I wouldn’t. Last week, they had a couple meltdowns in their loss vs the Bucaneers while the Seahawks got their 1st win last week vs Arizona. This should be the week that Matty Ice & company goes H.A.M on the Seahawks!!

PMeezy11- Falcons by 18.

mega7981- DIRTY BIRDS



Denver vs Green Bay-

The champs are still undefeated while the Broncos are competitive, despite being 0-2. This is a no-brainer.

PMeezy11- Packers by 14

mega7981- G-PACK



New England vs Oakland-

The Raiders got the league’s attention by beating the Jets while the Pats had a meltdown, especially w/ Tom Brady throwing 4 ints & lost to the Bills. Most people are thinking the Pats will come into Oakland angry & just explode on them. However, I’m calling my shot!! For my neitheworld radio comrades Mega 7981 & Noez,

PMeezy11- I got the Silver & Black upsetting the Pats by a See Bass fg. Richard Seymour will be eating Brady for breakfast!!

mega7981- RAIDERS (my pick is bias)



Miami vs San Diego-

The Chargers survived a late Chiefs rally to win their game while the Dolphins had victory snatched from them by Colt McCoy & my Browns. The Dolphins 0-3 start has got Sparino on the hot seat. I wonder if he survives a 0-4 start because I don’t see them beating them Chargers.

PMeezy11-Bolts by 10

mega7981- MIAMI (I hate the Chargers)



N.Y. Jets vs Baltimore-

This is gonna be a defensive battle. The Jets will try to get that Raiders loss, especially McFadden 170 yds rushing out of their system. The Ravens just popped the Rams in the mouth & Flacco found a new best friend  in Tyron Smith. This is huge also because Rex Ryan’s heading back to B-more & he used to coach their defense. So he knows Ray Ray, Ed Reed, Ngata & T-Sizzle. I would say it would be low scoring, but Flacco has better stats than Mark Sanchez. However, since my hatred for B-more is huge since Modell moved them there,

PMeezy11- I got the Jets by a fg. I got you Havana girlfriend!!

mega7981- RAVENS




Indianapolis vs Tampa Bay-

The Colts, especially Dwight Freeney & Robert Mathis played their asses off, but still couldn’t get the win while the Bucs & their defense slowed down the dirty birds. Colts may not have Collins, so Painter may get the start. However, I like the experienced Josh Freeman in this contest.

PMeezy11- Bucs by a fg.

mega7981- BUCS

DJ NOEZ: Bucs 24 Colts13

That’s my time for this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Christoper Polanco, & my libra sis Lydia Ocampo. Let’s go Yankees! Kinda nervous about game 1 tommorow, but it’ll be a pitcher’s duel w/ Verlander vs Sabathia! I’ll holler at ya’ll next week! Peace!!


NFL 2011 Week 3 Picks “The key”

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 NFL 2011 Week 3 Picks  “The key”

            How’s  my sports fan doing out the in the social network world! I know you are enjoying the offensive explosion in the NFL!! We have so many surprises like Cam Newton is 2nd behind Tom Brady in quarterback rating & 4 of the 7 undefeated teams (Bills, Lions, Redskins, & Texans) didn’t make the postseason. Another surprise we have this week was Goodell cracking down on teams who feight injuries by fining them, along w/ snatching draft picks on them. Really, Goodell?  Just fine them & keep it moving. I wonder what week 3 has in store for us. Before I break them down, my thoughts of the Mayweather/Ortiz fight: Ortiz’s headbutt wasn’t accidental, Mayweather’s punch wasn’t sucker (protect yourself @ all times), & Joe Cortese, the official should be @ fault for letting this happen & a fast count happened.  My thoughts on that, now let’s break down the games.




New England vs Buffalo-

Both teams are undefeated heading into this contest. Tom Brady’s playing out of his mind for the Pats while Ryan Fitzpatrick’s play for the Bills got them thinking contract extension. The Bills have that never-say-die attitude in them. If you don’t believe me, ask the Raiders (sorry Mega).  My prediction for this game is this is where the men becomes the boys.

Sorry Buffalo, your defense will be carved up by Brady. Bills by 14


San Francisco vs Cincinnati-

Both teams are 1-1 heading into this contest. Andy Dalton has caught my attention for the Bengals & A.J. Green is living up to the hype. The 49ers are looking good w/ Harbaugh, but mental mistakes cost them the game last week vs Dallas. It’s the home opener for the Bengals & couple Bengals get to face their former team in Manny Lawson & Taylor Mays. Expect a smash mouth game w/ Cedric Benson & Frank Gore racking yards.

However, I like the Niners by a field goal.


Miami vs Cleveland-

My Brownies return back to the ‘land after gaining their 1st win in Indy last week. Peyton Hillis aka “cover boy” played a major part in their win. As for the Dolphins, another tough home loss, this time it was the Texans that did them the favor. Only bright spots for the Dolphins in that game were Daniel Thomas, who went over 100 yds rushing & Brandon Marshall. It’s the Doplhins 1st road game of the season, so expect some of them to get rattled. I like my Brownies by a field goal.

All they have to do is stop the run & let Colt McCoy play control free ball.




Denver vs Tennessee-

The Broncos head out to Nashville after surving a 3 pt win vs the Bengals last week.  They had to do w/out Eddie Royal, who got hurt. It was so bad for the depth @ Broncos wide receiver that they had to play Tebow at receiver. Elway says that won’t happen again. For the Titans, they surprised everyone by upsetting the Ravens last week. Matt Hasselback had to pass for 300+ yds for them to win since Chris Johnson hasn’t gotten rolling yet (see what happens when you hold out).

I like the Titans by 7. I hope Chris Johnson wakes up this game


Detroit vs Minnesota-

The Lions are one of the surprises this season so far. It doesn’t hurt that Matthew Strafford’s healthy & he has weapons in Calvin Johnson & Jahvid Best.  The Vikings had a meltdown last week vs the Bucaneers, but at least McNabb had more than 37 yds passing. This is a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting in this contest.

I like the Lions to remain undefeated winning by 6. However, expect Adrian Peterson to go H.A.M. on them. Hurry up & get healthy Nick Fairley


Houston vs New Orleans-

The surprising Texans get their 1st major test when they face the Saints in the Superdome.  The defense is the top rated in the NFL in yds allowed & Ben Tate has been a great compliment to Arian Foster. The Saints regrouped from their Packers w/ a win vs the Bears where their defense got to Cutler for 6 sacks in the game.  I already know that Schaub & Brees will be chucking it out. However, I’m going w/ my gut & picking the Texans for the shocking upset on the road.

I like the Texans because of the running game & on defense, I can see Mario Williams giving Brees nightmares.


N.Y. Giants vs Philadelphia-

The Eagles & Giants rivalry starts this early in the Meadowlands. The Giants have been waiting for this rematch since the last time they play. That was the famous “Miracle in the Meadowlands” game where Desean Jackson won it w/ the walk-off punt return td. The Eagles are having issues, wondering if Michael Vick will be able to play after suffering a concussion last game. Sources are saying he’ll play the game. For the Giants, they had an ugly win in my opinion on Monday night. They lost another defensive player & Domenick Hixon tore his acl again for the 2nd straight yr.

I wonder if Osi will be available this game. It’s a toss-up, but I like the Eagles to win a close fg game. Advice to the Eagles’ offensive line: protect your franchise qb.


Jacksonville vs Carolina-

This game will be exciting for one reason: Brad Gabbert vs Cam Newton. Newton’s got the league by storm w/ his passing prowess while the Jags are giving Gabbert the keys after 3 games.

Rookie qbs airing it out, but I like the Panthers to get Newton his 1st win. Panthers by 6


N.Y. Jets vs Oakland-

The Raiders get their home opener vs the Jets. The Jets last week rattled Luke Mcown so bad that he lost his starting job while the Raiders lost a heartbreaker in Buffalo.  The Raiders have the ground attack & Jason Campbell is playing like he’s back w/ the Redskins. The Jets still have the defense & ground attack. But at some point, Mark Sanchez will step up. I like the Jets winning by a fg (sorry Mega).

If the Raiders had all the receiving corps (Heyward- Bey, Murphy, Ford, & Boss) healthy, they have a chance. However, if Fred Jackson went off on the Raiders d, what can Shon Greene do?


Baltimore vs St. Loius-

The Ravens are looking for answers after that letdown loss in Tennesse last week. The Rams, on the other hand, couldn’t get their red zone offense going on Monday night & it also didn’t hurt there was no Steven Jackson in their game plan. Knowing the Ravens, they are going come @ Sam Bradford w/ everything they got.

A bounce back game for them. Ravens by 14


Kansas City vs San Diego-

No team has been hit more harder than the Chiefs. They lose Eric Berry in week 1, then last week, Jamal Charles tears his acl & is out for the yr. If something happens to Dwayne Bowe, they’re done. For the Chargers, mistakes by Mike Tolbert cost them the game in New England, despite Vincent Jackson ballin out of control.

No chance for the Chiefs in this one. I like the Chargers by 14.


Green Bay vs Chicago-

The oldest rivalry in the NFC north gets off to an early start this week in the Chi. This will be a big game for Jay Cutler because the last time he faced the Packers, it was in the NFC title game & he didn’t finish that game because of his injury. The champs, on the other hand are still rolling on all cylinders. It doesn’t hurt that your quarterback is Aaron Rodgers.

It’s going be a close game, but I like the champs by a touchdown. I wonder how Cutler’s going fare in this game


Arizona vs Seattle-

2 NFC west rivals face each other. The Seahawks haven’t won yet (when are you going to bench Tavaris Jackson Pete) while the Cardinals are 1-1. Nothing much to be said here.  As long as Tavaris Jackson is the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, I don’t like their chances until they put in Charlie Whitehurst.

Cardinal by 7.


Atlanta vs Tampa Bay-

Both teams are coming off rebounding wins. The Falcons had to overcome the hype of Vick’s return to Philly while the Bucs had one of those Josh Freeman comebacks to beat the Vikings. This is a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting. They’re like a mirror image of each other. For some reason, I’ll go out on a limb & will choose the Bucs in this contest since they are @ home.

Bucs by 6


Pittsburgh vs Indianapolis-

The Steelers rebounded from the Ravens beatdown by shutting out the Seahawks while the Colts took another loss, this time to my Browns. I know the flexible isn’t in effect til like December, but this game should flex for one reason: no Peyton Manning for the Colts.

Steelers by 21.




Washington vs Dallas-

The Redskins are undefeated while the Cowboys, especially Tony Romo redeemed themselves after the choke job in New York. Romo had the heart to come back w/ a cracked rib & punctured lung to lead a Cowboys comeback to beat the 49ers. One minute, he was Lebron James, the next he’s Dirk Nowiztki. Another divisional game. However, it may come down to who wins the qb battle between Romo & Rex Grossman.  I like the Cowboys chances by a touchdown, but it would be something if the Redskins leave Texas 3-0. Letty Bear, just be happy I choose you guys.

However, should they lose, I’ll be the happiest 35 yd old!!


That’s my time for this week. Last week, I went 12-4 while Mega went 10-6 & Noez finished @ 8-8. Let’s see if I have the better record again this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to my boy Allister Carlos, my niece Dejah Irving aka Fudgebar, & Gina Rival, who shares a b-day w/ yours truly as I hit 35 on Monday!! See ya next week. Peace!!




NFL 2011 Week #2 Preview & Picks

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NFL 2011 Week 2 Preview & Picks

by: DJ Playmaker

What’s going down my nfl heads!!  I know most of y’all enjoyed week 1 & for the tv ratings, it showed. We saw things like Baltimore poppin Pittsburgh in the mouth, my Browns getting okiedoked by Gradiowski & the Bengals, Romo faltering in the 4th, Brady going H.A.M on the dolphins for 517 yds & Seabass joining history in the Raiders win. I wonder what week 2 has in store for us. Let’s break down the games shall we


Oakland vs Buffalo-

The Raiders head into orchad Park to face a Bills team who surprised everyone by poppin the Chiefs in the mouth in arrowhead! Both teams used different ways to win: Raiders by smash mouth w/ Mcfadden, bush, & reece while the Bills were shocked by fitzpatrick’s performance (who the hell is Brian Schroder). In the words of Jadakiss, we’re going to find out who’s real & who’s not. I like the Raiders’ chance, but cut down on the penalties!!

Playmaker: Raiders by a field goal


-mega7981: RAIDERS  (my pick is bias of course)


Green Bay vs Carolina-

The Champs are coming off a nail biting win vs the Saints while the Panthers had a heartbreaking loss in Arizona, despite Cam Newton’s coming out party w/ 400+ yds passing. It’s the home opener for the Panthers, so the home folks will have a lot to cheer for!! I see a lot of passing yds, but I wonder which team is going to win the rushing battle. I know the Panthers have Williams & Stewart while the Packers have starks & Ryan Grant. It’s going be a close game, but the champs will prevail.

Playmaker: Packers by a touchdown


-mega7981: PACKERS


Kansas City vs Detroit-

Boy oh Boy, I wonder how the Chiefs are going to respond after what happened to them last week. The Lions, on the other hand, had to hold off a late Tampa Bay rally to win their opener.  The Chiefs will also start life w/out Eric Berry, who tore his acl last week. Both teams have young playmakers in their offensive postions, but I like the Lions’ defense to hold their own.

PLAYMAKER: Since the Lions are @ home & they are the sexy pick for the media this yr, I like the Lions by a touchdown!!


-mega7981 GO LIONS!


Cleveland vs indianapolis-

my browns got caught off guard by gradiowski & the Bengals last week while the colts showed the world what they look like w/out Peyton Manning. I know this won’t come down to colt mccoy vs Kerry Collins, but my browns have the madden cover boy in peyton hillis & the colts’ defense has a weakness & it’s stopping the run. I like my browns by a touchdown & the suck for lucke campaign continues for the colts.

PLAYMAKER: Browns by a touchdown


mega7981: BROWNS


Tampa bay vs Minnesota-

The Vikings can hope Donovan mcnabb can survive from that 39yds passing game against the bucs, Then again, he still has Adrian Peterson as his running back. The Bucs almost pulled off their magic last week on Detroit. This used to be a nfc central rivalry game, so expect a lot of hard hitting. I wonder who wins the rushing battle between Peterson & legarret blount, who complained about getting the ball less.

PLAYMAKER: I like the Bucs by a touchdown.


-mega7981 Vikings


Chicago vs New Orleans-

before I start this, I would like to give condolensces to brian urlacher & his family since he lost his mom. Urlacher was a major part along w/ a rejuvenated jay cutler in their win vs the falcons last week. The saints, on the other hand are still shaking their heads about how Mark Ingram couldn’t get in the end zone from a yd out to tie that game. I expect a lot of passing from brees since Ingram, not pierre Thomas won’t be a factor in the running game. If this game was in chi-town, I would like the bears’ chance.

Playmaker: But, I like the saints by 10 pts.




Jackonsville vs n.y. jets- the jets are hoping to carry that momentum from that emotional win vs the cowboys while the jags are riding off a 2pt win vs the titans. I wonder how the jags can win w/ mcown starting @ quarterback. For the Jets, mark sanchez shook off 2 turnovers, but in reality, the defense & special teams saved him.

PLAYMAKER: I like the jets by 10



Seattle vs Pittsburgh-

damn, I feel sorry for the seahawks. A week after ted ginn singlehandly killed you in the bay, you’re heading into Heinz field against a steelers team who are still wondering what the hell hit them in the mouth in b-more. I know what happened, 7 turnovers & james Harrison giving joe flacco bullentin board material to fire his ass up. However, they better thank god they have to face tavaris Jackson.

PLAYMAKER: Steelers by 14




Baltimore vs Tennessee-

Flacco & the ravens are flying high after sending a message to the steelers. The titans had a tough loss vs the jags. I feel sorry for chris Johnson because he won’t be a factor in the running game. I know hasselback is an experienced qb, but he’s going running from mercy from t-sizzle, ray lewis, ngata & company.

PLAYMAKER: Ravens by 10




Arizona vs Washington-

Rex Grossman is looking to get the redskins to a 2-0 start after this week. He outplayed eli manning last week while the cardinals won in Kevin kolb’s debut as cardinals starting quarterback. How funny is that Kolb threw 2 td passes & none of them went to larry fitzgerald.  I think he’ll get at least 2 this week. However, for some reason, I like the redskins to win because they have a better defense.

PLAYMAKER: Redskins by a touchdown




Dallas vs san Francisco-

Two teams who had great rivalries in the 80’s & 90’s meet up in candlestick. The 49ers are coming off giving jim harbaugh his 1st win as 49ers coach while the cowboys are answering questions about their meltdown in new York & players & owner jerry jones rushing to the aid of tony room. My advice for that: leave that man alone. Until you hear he’s on suicidal watch, then give him a group hug. However, for my niners fans, get prepared for an ass whipping.

PLAYMAKER: Cowboys by 14 (hope I prove you right letty bear)




Cincinnati vs Denver-

The Bengals won their opener while the broncos couldn’t stop the raiders’ running game & john fox still can’t figure out while the crowd chants “we want tebow”. This is a toss-up. Andy Dalton, if healthy vs kyle orton.

PLAYMAKER:I like the Bengals by a touchdown & because of cedric benson. Prepare for more “we want tebow” chants in denver




Houston vs Miami-

The Texans laid the smackdown on the colts last week while the dolphins lost to the pats in which they give up 517 yds to tom brady & benny sapp gets cut because he got burned by wes welker on a 99 yd td pass. Houston won w/ out arian foster, who might play this week. There were a couple bright spots for the dolphins: chad henne passing for 300+ yds & reggie bush rengernizing his career.

PLAYMAKER: However, I like the Texans by 10




San diego vs new England-

A week after going h.a.m on the dolphins, I wonder what tom brady has for an encore. However, I got something to say to ex-patriots bruschi, Harrison, & Woodley: child please!! Leave ocho cinco alone. Just because he tweeted about being in awe of the pats’ offense doesn’t mean you have to go off on him. I would had understand if he tweeted about not getting the ball, but he’s learning to be a team player. For the chargers, we have another quarterback in Rivers, who’s almost up there w/ brady & he has weapons also in Tolbert, Matthews, gates, Jackson, & Floyd. Expect a high scoring game.

PLAYMAKER: However, I like the pats by a fg.


MEGA: PATRIOTS (i hate the Chargers)


Philadelphia vs Atlanta-

in the words of dirty money, I’m coming home. In that of Michael vick, who returns to the place where he took the world by storm. The eagles are coming off a 13 pt win while the dirty birds are shaking their head about what happened in chi-town. This will be an emotional game . I would like to see matty ice bounce back from last week, but something tells that vick’s going go off this game.

PLAYMAKER: Eagles by 3

NOEZ: Eagles




St Louis vs N.Y. Giants-

The Giants get their chance to entertain the meadowlands on Monday night. They will have to redeem themselves after the redskins manhandled them last week. The rams were hit by the injury bug in the eagles’ loss. At least bradford’s injury wasn’t that serious. But, steven Jackson pulling up limp after 2 plays? C’mon son. I hope cadilac is built like one & not like a pinto. I know the giants defense has been hit by the injury bug, but I think they will win this close game. The reason I say close is because the rams coach knows the giants very well.

PLAYMAKER: Giants by 6. To mr underdawg steven screws, you better hope your g-men don’t start 0-2.




That’s my time. Last week, I went 11-5 in my picks. I hope I do better this week & I’ll probably get picks from Screws, Mega, and Noez this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Mandi Owen, Crystal Santos, Jackie Papazian, & my rockstar Joann villa!!! I see you guys next week. Peace!!