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Week 5 preview

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                                         SHOWING LOVE FOR THE HOMETOWN #CLEVELANDROCKS


    After 4 weeks, we’re starting to see some contenders for the trophy. Not only that, we are seeing some surprise teams & teams who are usually playoff potential are struggling out the gate. In last week games, we saw my Brownies becoming the Cinderalla story w/ the homegrown quarterback winning his 1st 2 starts, the Cheifs put a beatdown on the Giants leaving them 0-4 as well the Steelers, Peyton Manning throwing 4 td passes to raise his total to 16 & 0 ints, & the Dolphins not ready for prime time. Before I start the preview, I have to thank everyone for the love I got during my b-day weekend & shoutout to the hometown (216) because we’ll be rocking this sports week & we needed something like this since Lebron left.




Buffalo vs Cleveland- If anyone would had said the Browns would be in a 3- way tie for 1st in the AFC North after trading Trent Richardson, they must be lying to themselves. I was one of the fans who was hating on the front office, but like they say, winninc cures everything. They were the only team in the divison to win a game as they defeated the Bengals last week. Brian Hoyer, the homegrown boy, has become the toast of the town, Jordan Cameron should be a pro bowler & the defense is top 5 material. For the Bills, they are 2-2, but coming off a win over the Ravens w/ their defense causing 5 ints from Joe Flacco. It’s gonna be a crazy week in the 216 w/ the Indians hosting the wild card game on Wednesday. I know Bills will be making that trip down I-90 to the game. Browns are 4 pt home faves. You already know whom I’m going for. Continue the momentum for the city








Jacksonville vs St Louis- 2 teams that need a win the worst. The Jags are still winless & haven’t been competitive in any game while the Rams still have 1 win, but Sam Bradford has been regressing lately. They didn’t look good vs the 49ers last week. Someone has to win this game. The Rams are 12.5 home faes. I like the Rams, but not by that much






Kansas City vs Tennessee – Both teams are coming off wins, but the Titans’ win came w/ a big loss. They will have to go 4-6 weeks w/o Jake Locklear after he hurt his hip. The Chiefs are the surprising 4-0 team this yr & they already own the NFC East going 3-0 against them after spanking the Giants, despite committing their 1st 2 turnovers in that game. How the Titans would do w/out Locklear is a big question. The Chiefs are 2.5 road faves. I like the Chiefs in a close game as wel






Baltimore vs Miami- The Dolphins, even though they lost last night vs the Saints, shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves. Tannerhill looked good except for the turnovers he lost early in the 1st half. For the Ravens, which team would show up & are they done crying bout Goodell having something to do w/ the blackout at the Super Bowl (we heard you T-Sizzle & dumb penalty by you slamming E.J. Manuel). Will they feed Ray Rice the ball? It’s gonna be a defensive affair. Let’s hope Cameron Wake returns for the Dolphins this game. The Dolphins are fg home fave. I like the Dolphins & the spread.






Philadelphia vs N.Y. Giants- Normally, when these two teams meet up early in the season, they are in the race for the NFC East. However, both teams are struggling & are a combined 1-7. They were both popped in the mouth by AFC West teams (Eagles by Broncos while the Chiefs smacked the Giants. Both coaches are on the hot seat & another loss will have that fanbase shaking their heads. The Giants are a pt home fave. I like the G-Man by a td.






New Orleans vs Chicago- The Saints & Drew Brees are giving the Broncos a run for their money as who has the best offense in the NFL. Last night, Brees had over 300 yds passing w/ 3 tds & Darren Sproles was the darling of fantasy owners like myself. The Bears had too many turnovers in their loss to the Lions & Bad Jay Cutler showed up. The Bears defense, especially the secondary will be tested this game. It’s a pick’em game, but I like rhe Saints in this game.






New England vs Cincinnati- The Pats had to hold off a last minute drive by the Falcons. Before that, Tom Brady was making receivers like Kendrell Thompskins. However, no more Vince Wilfork as he torn his acl & is done for the yr. big blow for them. The Bengals were mandhandled defensively by the Browns in the battle of Ohio last week. Where was A.J. Green? Joe Haden was on his ass!! I think he’ll have a bounce back game on Aqib Talib. Another pick’em game here. I like the Pats to continue the woes for the Bengals.






Detroit vs Green Bay- The Lions are riding high after their win over the Bears last game. Ndamukong Suh lead that defense to make bad Jay Cutler show up & Reggie Bush looked like he was back in SC (speaking of the Trojans, they did Kiff dirty). The Packers are coming off their bye week & they needed because they had players like Eddie Lacy & Clay Matthews banged up. They hoped they have them back this game. The Packers are 7.5 home faves. I know the Lions have the weapons to score w/ the Packers, but I can’t see them winning in Lambeau Field. I like the Packers by a td.






Seattle vs Indianapolis- The Seahawks came back from a 20-3 defecit to defeat the Texans in ot. It was also Russell Wilson’s 1st win on the road vs a playoff team. The Colts had a slow start vs Jacksonville, but cranked up at the end to get the win. BTW, another 3 yd avg game for Trent Richardson. He needs a breakout game to prove Irsay that they made the right move to trade for the guy. It’s also Luck vs Wilson. The Seahawks are 2.5 road faves. I like the Hawks by a fg.






Carolina vs Arizona- The Panthers are coming off their bye week & hoping to have an identity w/ this team. The Cards had to claw & scratch to come back & win vs Tampa Bay. In that game, Patrick Peterson made a case to be in the discussion w/ Richard Sherman & Joe Haden for best cornerback in the league. It may come down to whether Cam Newton or Carson Palmer makes the less mistakes in the game. The Cards are 1.5 pt home fave. I like the Cards by a fg






Denver vs Dallas- The Broncos are the talk of the league along w/ New Orleans, New England, & Seattle. All I got to say is this: Peyton Manning w/ 16 tds & 0 ints so far this season. He makes everything look good for them. All those weapons ( a lil help w/ the running back by committee) & when they get Champ Bailey & Von Miller back to compliment the defense, they’re set, For the Cowboys, another Romo meltdown in San Diego & you never know which Cowboys team would show up week to week.  The Broncos are 8.5 road faves. I like the Broncos to win in Jerry World by a td. For my buddy Leticia Roginson, if you think you had it easy w/ the bet you lost to your boyfriend, I can’t wait to see you in a Broncos’ foam hat.






Houston vs San Francisco- A tough week for the Texans. For the 1st half, Matt Schaub was shredding up the Seahwaks’ secondary & they had a 20-3 lead. In the 2nd half, the momentum shift & Kubiak decided to be conseratitive. Throwing on downs when he need Arian Foster or Ben Tate to gain short yardage and Schaub throwing off his backfoot & getting intercepted by Richard Sherman resulting in a pick 6. It got worse in ot. Karriem Jacskon bodyslamming a Seahawks player after a reception got them in fg range & they lose. Outside Reliant Stadium, they were burning schaub’s jersey & already talking bout benching him & playing T.J. Yates. The 49ers should thank the Rams. They were the opponent they needed to shake their skid. Kaepernick looked like the guy we saw last yr & Frank Gore woke up. They’ll still won’t have Patrick Willis w/ them as he’s dealing w/ his drug rehab. Expect a lot of defense in this game. The 49ers are 7.5 home faves. I like the 49ers & the spread.






San Diego vs Oakland- The final game on Sunday night & it gets a late start because of the A’s playoff game on Saturday night. The stadium was talking bout it would take 24 hrs to transform the field from baseball to football. It sucks that the Raiders are the only team to share a stadium w/ a baseball team. The Raiders are hoping that they will have Terrelle Pryor behind center this game after a last minute scratch to bench him. The Chargers & Phillip Rivers surprised me by beating the Cowboys & Antonio Gates was the primary target of Rivers passes. It’s an divisional battle, so no long love lost & expect a lot of late hits. The Charegers are 4 pt road faves. I like the Chargers by a td.








N.Y. Jets vs Atlanta- Both teams need wins the worst way. The Jets were embarrassed (what was up w/ that behind the back fumble Geno Smith) in Tennessee & they also found out that Mark Sanchez will opt foe surgery, meaning his season & probably Jets’ career is over. Geno Smith doesn’t have to look over his shoulder wondering if Matt Simms will be next man up. For the Falcolns, another close loss last week despite Tony Gonzalez being targeted by Matt Ryan a lot because Roddy White was hampered by an injury & Julio Jones had his work cut out for him. It also hurts that Steven Jackson isn’t availibel for the Falcolns. The Falcolns are 10 pt home faves. This has to be the Dirty Birds’ breakout game. I like ATL by 14.






           Last week, yours truly was the top dawg w/ a 10-5 record, randy came in 2nd w/ a 9-6 record while Noez rounded out the field w/ a 8-7 record. Overall for Mega 7981’s bonus, randy still top dawg w/ 42-21, yours truly in 2nd w/ 39-24 & noez rounds out w/ 32-31. Happy b-day shoutouts to Rossana Bianchi, Lisa Franco Mendoza, Ruben Benitez, Julie Serafin, & last but not least, Lauren Macias. Lauren, I know I can be a bugaboo sometimes & I apologize, however I like talking to you & hope I can find someway that I don’t get the silent treatment from you again. Shoutout to everyone who help me celebrate my b-day once again last week. For the hometown (Cleveland), let’s make this week memorable. Go Browns & Tribe. Catch y’all on the next blog. Peace!!




Politics & Demotions

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Not afraid to say anything, Ozzie pissed off "lil Cuba". Will they forgive him

I know it’s Tuesday, but so far we’re having a crazy sports week. We got Parcells turning down the job to coach the Saints while Sean Payton’s suspended, Bobby Petrino getting canned from Louisville after lying about not having anyone w/ him durning his motorcycle accident & baseball in it’s 2nd week (Dodgers are 4-1 while my Yanks are 2-3). However, 2 topics caught my attention. You’re definitely going to hear my opinions on them. Here we go.

Ozzie being Ozzie – Great going Ozzie Guillen. You got yourself in a public relations in the city of Miami when you said in a Time magazine interview that you love Fidel Castro. I don’t know my politics, but I know Cubans cringe up when they hear that name. His political history is well known. Like they say, sports & politics don’t mix. They built a new ball park & signed players like Jose Reyes Jr. to basically put Latin fans in the seats. However, the Cubans are pissed about the comment. He said he said the comment in Spanish. Hello, whatever you say, regardless of what language you say, it comes out the same. That’s why they have translators. He’s lucky the Marlins suspended him 5 games, hoping this situation dies down soon. It better because if they struggle or not performing to the fans’ demands, I can see Ozzie getting fired. Like I say, don’t mix sports w/ politic & watch what you say.

His stay in Dallas was short like lepercahuns. Could he return to La La land or become a Knick?

Lamar’s Dallas divorce – What a year for Lamar Odom. First, he was part of the deal that would had send CP3 to the Lakers til David Stern vetoed it. Feeling butt hurt, he demanded a trade (he denied it couple weeks ago), gets his wish. They send him to Dallas, basically for nothing but a trade exemption, & now he’s done for the yr. The Mavs put him on the inactive list after a disappointing season where he’s averaging career lows in points w/ 6.6, 4.2 rebs in 20 mins. His heart wasn’t in Dallas. He wished he was still in L.A. Now we found out all things came to a head when he got into a heated exchange w/ Mark Cuban. Cuban basically asked him “where’s his heart at”They still owe him $8.9 million this yr. You could had released him, knowing that it was too late for any team (Lakers) to sign him for the play-off race. He still has yr left on his contract. Kobe wants him back. I wonder if he would let bygones be bygones w/ Jim Buss, swallow his pride & come back home. We’ll find out after season’s end.

That’s my time. Happy b-day shoutouts to Joaquin Daniels, Veronica Rivas, Judie Luna, Eric Contreas, Veronica Barba, Rachel Caridee, my boy Chris Landrum (trying to make it this Friday), my favorite bartender @ Havana House Lynette Garcia, Chantel Burdick, & da Homie Steven Screws. Speaking of Screws, make sure you check out his blogs “Screws You” (good one this week on Carmelo becoming the Knicks’ leader). I forgot to say this last week, but thanks to my So Much Soul family (Raul & Crystal Carazoca) for letting me opening up the night @ Bubble Gum Tuesdays! Catch ya next blog!!


Showtime @ Chavez Ravine

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It's winning time @ Chavez Ravine

One word says it all today: Magic. That’s right, it’s official. Last night, the news that shocked the Los Angeles area. A group led by Magic Johnson & former Atlanta Braves president Stan Kasten won the bid from Frank McCourt to buy the Dodgers for a whopping $2 billion dollars. Yes, that’s not a typo, $2 billion dollars. He also made history as the 1st African American owner to own a MLB team. The reaction to the announcement of Magic purchasing the team is priceless. I know a lot of my friends on Facebook was hyped. It got more buzzed than the Angels signing Albert Pujols & C.J. Wilson. I’m a Yankees fan, but I love this news because I grew up watching Magic run Showtime for the Lakers. Even Matt Kemp on his Twitter says “ It’s time to build a dynasty”. However, like the saying goes, there’s a gift & a curse. The gift, Magic purchasing the team & the curse, McCourt keeps half of the parking lots. Why? He & his ex-wife gave the Dodgers promises about winning & making Chavez Ravine like Universal Studios when they bought those 250 acres & the parking lot before the “new downtown L.A” was invented. However, McCourt got in debt & his divorce trial made the fans frustrated, not coming to the games even when they finished w/ an 81-80 record last yr. He used the team as his personal piggy back, but like the song says, “A change is going to come” Thank you Magic for ending this nightmare. I know this will bring excitement & light a fire under the team. I hope to catch some games this yr. To use one of your favorite phrases, “it’s winning time” @ Dodger Stadium.

I had a lot of more topics to talk about (Mike Brown putting Kobe & Bynum on timeout), but Magic buying the team was major & a big power move. So, I give Coach Brown a pass this blog. My time is up. Happy belated b-day shoutouts to Samatha Koza, Doreen Jackson, & Victor Alvarez. B-day shoutouts this week to Linda Rocha Jimenez, Emily Henning, Aurora Loya, & my cousin Trevon Clarkson aka Tip da Loc!! Catch ya’ll on my next blog & check out the homie Steven Screws blog “Screws U”.


Milestones & death penalty

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Jim thoime = Mr. 600!!!

What’s going on out there young America! I know everybody’s enjoying themselves this week. Last week, we had our 1st full week of preseason football as the fans were getting their competive juices back for some pigskin. Week 2 starts tonight, however there were a couple things that got my attention this week. Let’s talk about them shall.

1) Jim Thome= Mr 600!! Congrats to Jim Thome as on Monday, he hit 2 homeruns to crack the 600 hr milestone. He joined 7 other players that includes Bonds, Ruth, Aaron, Mays, Sosa, & A-Rod. However, there was one question a lot of radio media asked: is he a hall of famer. To me, I think yes. I watched him during his time w/ the Indians when he was overshadowed by power hitters like Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez, & Roberto Alomar & he still put up like 30+ hrs & 100+ rbis a yr. He was never mentioned in the Mitchell Report, which is a plus for the common old school fan. He’s also a great mentor for the young generation of superstars. So yes, he’s hall of fame worthy.

2) The “U” & their troubles- What the hell’s going on out there in Coral Gables? We just found out yesterday that Nevin Shapiro, a former booster @ the University of Miami now serving 20 yrs in prison, claimed that he treated players to sex parties, nightclub outings, & boats to 72 players from 2002 to 2010. Really, 8 yrs? Why wait til rat them out then now? I mean, if you’re ratting to cut some time off sentence, but damn. In the last 18 months, the NCAA has been investigating major schools like USC, Ohio St, Auburn, Michigan, North Carolina, & W. Virginia over some violations. However, they think the Miami one is so serious that it may result in the “death penalty”. The “death penalty” hasn’t happened since the early 80’s & it screwed up SMU for years. Usually, your typical probations does damage to your school for like 3 to 4 yrs, but the “death penalty” is no joke. W/ all these schools being investigated, they might as well be the Ivy League, where they take their education seriously.

Before I go, we found out that Terelle Pryor was elgilble for the supplement draft, but can’t play til week 8. Technically, he’s still blackballed by the NCAA & the NFL. Also, congrats to my niece Dejah Irving, who actually picked up her classes for her freshman r @ Whittier High. Everyone out there, enjoy a safe weekend & I see ya’ll next week ! Peace!!



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THE UNDERDAWGS episode 006 with Steven Screws


A quiet week

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How’s it going out there! I know it’s good, except if you’re the L.A area & have to deal w/ Carmagedon. If last week’s sports events were wild, then this week was kinda mild as not many things popped off. Let’s review things shall we!

1) NFL lockout over?- Yes, that’s not a typo as after 4 months of work stoppage, the players & owners reached an agreement on things. However, some hurdles that were in the way were reached as in the owners turning down the one- time right to 1st refusal tags on free agents & the rookie compensation when in the rookie contract, the fifth yr option must be picked up after yr 3, meaning if your the top 10 picks, you get paid the average salary of the top 10 players @ their position & picks 11- 32, the amount would be the average of salary no.3 to 25 @ a given position. From a fans’ point of view, we should be happy because we will have football start on time & resume our Sundays!

2) MLB no shows- As you may know, the NL are on a 2 game winning streak as they won the game again 5-1. However, that wasn’t the biggest story. The story was that 15 replacements were called up to play the game! What is this, the pro bowl! Some of them had legitimate reasons to miss it (injuries & pitchers playing on Sunday) & in the words of Derek Jeter, exaustion played a part for him missing the game. Some of the purists were mad about this. However, as a fan, I wasn’t. If a player skips the game, oh well. You have players who get snubbed originally get a chance to shine since their games aren’t telivised nationally like Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are in the thick of the NL East race.

3) Michael Irvin- The original “Playmaker” made news this week as he appeared shirtless in this month of Out magazine. This is the no. 1 magazine in the U.S. The reason he did is because he had an older brother (Vaughn, who died in 2006 of stomach cancer) who was gay. He was kinda quiet about it because he was focusing on his career, now he thinks he’s in a different place to deal w/ it. In the article, he said his Cowboys title teams would had accept a player who was gay. I use to be homophobiac, but their people just like us, but have different orientation to who they have sex with. Props to Irvin for doing this. I know this is a controversial topic, but if the governor of California can pass a bill requiring gay studies be taught in high schools, then times have changed in America.

That’s my thoughts of this week. Before I bounce, got some belated shoutouts to my boy Raul Ramos & pre b-day ones to Leticia Robinson aka Letty Bear, who hits 31 next week. Any opinions & feedback, you can either leave it @ my facebook page @ or @


The week that was

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How’s it going out there in the social network world! I know I mostly have my blogs up around on Wednesday, but since it was the 4th of July weekend, I gave myself a couple of days to load up. Also, I couldn’t think of a topic, so I thought of a few topics that caught my attention this week. So here we go

1) MLB all-star voting- The votes came in for the all-star game which is next week. For the A.L, there were 4 Yankees voted in (Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, & Mariano Rivera), but Cano’s going to be the only Yankee representing as A-Rod, Jeter(congrats on 3,000 hits) & Rivera pulled out because of injuries. As for the N.L, for how bad the Dodgers’ situation is, they are going be represented well by Matt Kemp, Andre Eithier, & Clayton Kershaw. Kemp & Kershaw were selected while Eithier was an injury replacement since Shane Victorino went on the 15 day dl. The only thing that caught my attention for the All- stars is C.C. Sabathia getting snubbed. He’s tied w/ Justin Verlander in wins & yet he gets snubbed! C’MON SON!!

2) NBA players thinking overseas- We are already a week past in the lockout & some players, notably Deron Williams have decided to take their talents overseas if the lockout extends longer. Some think he’s doing it to piss off the union, however he’s not going to get paid by the Nets in case he gets injured in Turkey. Melo & Amare were looking into insurance protocal while Kobe’s name has popped up from either playing for China or Turkey. Message to the owners & players: get this lockout over because I can’t last a whole yr w/out basketball

3) Roy Williams- Wow, what a yr for Mr. Williams. It started in training camp when Dez Bryant stiffed you during his rookie yr by refusing to carry your shoulder pads. I love the payback though when you & the veterans stiiffed his ass w/ the high ass dinner bill. Now, your name is back in the news when Brooke Daniels, a former Miss Texas winner that you were dating for a yr, turned down your marriage. I understand a woman turning down a proposal, but she refuse to return the ring, that you mailed her & you want to sue! Eventually, she’s going return back so she wouldn’t want the lawsuit. Advice to Roy: propose to the girl in her face & make sure she says yes!!

That’s my time for this week. Before I bounce, I would say RIP to the sports legends we lost this week: John Mackey, Armon Gilliam, Dick Williams, & a specail one to Shannon Stone. He was the fan that fell out of the stands trying to catch a ball tossed to him by Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. Sad way to go out. Also, I got a special middle finger for the Florida judicial system for letting Casey Anthony off the hook. This lady isn’t a real mother. One more shoutout, to my girl Adriana Alba Porpiglia, thanks for the trail walk in the Hollywood Hills. Had a great time w/ you, your sis, & daughter. Any replies or opinions, you can leave them @ either my facebook page @ or @