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Western Conference finals preview

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The Warriors are on a historic run, but can the Thunder ruin those plans? #thisiswhyweplay


We’re at that halfway mark ladies & gents! We already have 3 teams who are 8 wins away from reaching their goal as champion. Since the last time I typed a blog, Steph Curry was the 1st ever unanimous MVP and returned from his injury, Scott Skiles resigned as Magic coach after 1 yr, & Chris Bosh lost his chance to play postseason basketball. I know the Heat could use some big bodies after Whiteside’s knee injury & he’s day to day. We’ll talk about the Eastern Conference when we get a chance. Let’s talk about the conference finals that’s already set.

Western Conference

1) Golden State vs 3) Oklahoma City- We knew the Warriors would be back in this position, but not that many thought they would be facing the Thunder. Most people, including myself thought this would be the Spurs in this spot, but the Thunder had other plans. The Warriors are coming a hard 5 game series vs the Trailblazers & they showed they click w/o Steph as Klay Thompson & Draymond Green stepped their games up. When the MVP returned, it was like nothing was missing. For the Thunder, people thought they were left  for dead after game 1 & some were thinking that it was over for Kevin Durant in a Thunder uniform. However, him along w/ Russell Westbrook showed that never say die attitude & some questionable lucky wins (game 2 & 4 anyone) to get the series. Also, give Billy Donovan some credit when he played both Kanter & Adams at the same time & rested Ibeka during some stretches. Expect some high scoring games & it’s going be fun to watch Westbrook & Steph go at for a series. I like the Warriors in 7.

That’s my time for this week. Happy , belated birthday shootout to my girl Vanessa Fernandez. Happy b-day shootouts this week to my girl Cassandra Chavez (see you tomorrow), Yolanda Garcia, Mary Bait Polanco, Maru Sanchez, Kimberly Bianchi, Klaudia Macias, my girl Samantha Jo Fox, David Sanchez, Charm Valenzuela, Darlene Rowley, Irene Anderson, Louis Romo, & Raquel Guzman. Next time I’m blogging, we’ll be talking about the next victim for my Cleveland Cavs & make sure you check out “Believeland” tomorrow night!! Peace!!