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Eastern Conference Finals preview

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Can the Raptors avoid the sweep is the $60 million dollar question? Cavs are on a roll


After a week of resting after the sweep of the Atlanta Hawks, my Cleveland Cavs finally figured who they’ll be facing in the conference finals & nobody expected this opponent. They were the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference, but nobody gave them a shot to reach it this far because of youth & inexperience. However, that’s why they play the games. Before we break down the East finals, who would had thought the Thunder would steal home court from the Warriors in game 1! That had definitely caught my attention & I had to start blogging about the East after the game ended. Let’s break it down

Eastern Conference

1)Cleveland vs 2)Toronto- After another 8 day lay-off, the Cavs finally got an opponent to face other than themselves in practice. In the last sweep of the Hawks, they went 3 pt crazy, setting a record for most 3 pointers made in a 4 game series w/77. Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving were proving what could had been if they were both available for last yr.’s finals along w/ Lebron. For the Raptors, nobody including myself didn’t think they would had beaten the Heat because of lack of playoff experience, their big man Valanciunas being injured (out for game 1, doubtful for game 2) & both Kyle Lowry & Demar DeRozan’s shots weren’t falling. But in the last 2 games, they sorta broke out their slump & Bismack Biyombo provided energy, spark, & toughness to set off the fact Valanciuanas wasn’t playing. The Raptors went 2-1 on the Cavs in regular season w/ Lowry getting his career high in points on them w/ 51. However, the lights are brighter & the Cavs can see they are healthy & are 4 more wins away to making a return to the Finals & Lebron’s 6th straight finals appearance. My dad thinks Cavs in 6, but I say in 5, even though everyone is thinking another sweep.

That’s my time for this blog. Happy b-day shoutouts this week to Truly Odd, Karina Ousley, my girl Candis Madrigal, Mitchie Tista, Elaine Villa, Elaina Soto, Hector Ramirez, my WHS classmate Meranda De La O, Erica Calara, my cousin Ralph Jones, Bezalet Vasquez, my r&b chick Vanessa Loren, & my step sister Maya Grayson. Next time you’ll see the blog, we’ll be previewing the NBA Finals. Peace!!



Western Conference finals preview

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The Warriors are on a historic run, but can the Thunder ruin those plans? #thisiswhyweplay


We’re at that halfway mark ladies & gents! We already have 3 teams who are 8 wins away from reaching their goal as champion. Since the last time I typed a blog, Steph Curry was the 1st ever unanimous MVP and returned from his injury, Scott Skiles resigned as Magic coach after 1 yr, & Chris Bosh lost his chance to play postseason basketball. I know the Heat could use some big bodies after Whiteside’s knee injury & he’s day to day. We’ll talk about the Eastern Conference when we get a chance. Let’s talk about the conference finals that’s already set.

Western Conference

1) Golden State vs 3) Oklahoma City- We knew the Warriors would be back in this position, but not that many thought they would be facing the Thunder. Most people, including myself thought this would be the Spurs in this spot, but the Thunder had other plans. The Warriors are coming a hard 5 game series vs the Trailblazers & they showed they click w/o Steph as Klay Thompson & Draymond Green stepped their games up. When the MVP returned, it was like nothing was missing. For the Thunder, people thought they were left  for dead after game 1 & some were thinking that it was over for Kevin Durant in a Thunder uniform. However, him along w/ Russell Westbrook showed that never say die attitude & some questionable lucky wins (game 2 & 4 anyone) to get the series. Also, give Billy Donovan some credit when he played both Kanter & Adams at the same time & rested Ibeka during some stretches. Expect some high scoring games & it’s going be fun to watch Westbrook & Steph go at for a series. I like the Warriors in 7.

That’s my time for this week. Happy , belated birthday shootout to my girl Vanessa Fernandez. Happy b-day shootouts this week to my girl Cassandra Chavez (see you tomorrow), Yolanda Garcia, Mary Bait Polanco, Maru Sanchez, Kimberly Bianchi, Klaudia Macias, my girl Samantha Jo Fox, David Sanchez, Charm Valenzuela, Darlene Rowley, Irene Anderson, Louis Romo, & Raquel Guzman. Next time I’m blogging, we’ll be talking about the next victim for my Cleveland Cavs & make sure you check out “Believeland” tomorrow night!! Peace!!


Raptors/Heat preview

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Updated playoff brackets! 1st to 16 wins it all!


Finally, the last semifinal is set & it’s for the Eastern Conference! So far in the other semifinals, we saw the Cavs overcome an 8 day lay-off & grind out  a home win vs Atlanta, the Warriors still on their mojo even w/o Steph as they held served vs the Blazers, & the Thunder & Spurs are knotted up at 1-1, thanks to the wildest 13 seconds I ever seen in my life! Dion Waiters straight got away w/ a push off! Never mind that, let’s break down the remaining semifinals.

Eastern Conference

2) Toronto vs 4) Miami- For the 1st time since 2001, the Raptors got out the 1st round. However in game 7, it looked like they want to give the game away as they blew a 16 point lead & both Kyle Lowery & DeMar DeRozan were struggling w/ their shots. However, they were getting key contributions for individuals like DeMarre Carroll, Corey Joseph, UCLA’s own Norman Powell, & Jonas Valanciunas. For the Heat, I thought they were left for dead after being down 3-2 to Charlotte after winning the 1st 2 games in South Beach. However, in the game to save their season, Dwayne Wade put the team on his back w/ some clutch shots in the 4th & the deciding game, their experience just put the smash down on them. The Heat are facing a lithe situation involving Chris Bosh. He hasn’t played a game since the all-star break after suffering another blood clot incident. He was sidelined for the same thing last yr. He wants to play, but the Heat organization won’t let him, fearing another incident could be catastrophic. He says he feels fine & may get involved w/ the players union to seek justice. Bad timing & I hope this isn’t a distraction to this series. Fun part about this series is that Drake probably be in both the 6 & South Beach for these games (congrats on Views by the way). I like the Heat in 6 games because I don’t trust both Lowery & DeRozan if both their shots aren’t falling.

That’s my time for this blog! Happy birthday shootouts this week to Peter Antunez, my girl DJ Crystal Ellis, Deziree Juarez, my poke war buddy Veronica Madrid, Ilsie Guerrero, Vivan Garcia, my beautiful friend Lianna Ponce, Aurelio Vela, the homie Sammy Sam, Yvonne Gonzalez, Paulita Ram, & my girl Regina Cortez aka DJ Vixen. It’s also Cinco De Mayo weekend as well as Mother’s Day weekend, so happy mother’s day outta to all the mothers out there especially my mom Shannon! My thoughts also on Canelo vs Khan, it’s tough to choice. If Khan wins, that messes up the payday for Canelo/GGG! That’s all I have to say! Catch up w/ ya’ll when we starting discussing conference finals!! Peace!!


Blazers/Warriors preview

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Expect this series to be exciting #ripcity #strentghinnumbers


Western Conference

1)Golden State vs 5)Portland- We have a surprising & fun 2nd battle here! The Warriors, who haven’t played since eliminating the Rockets in 5 finally get their opposition & are hoping that Steph Curry can get healthy soon to at least get back in game 2. He was suppose to miss 2 weeks, but I’m hearing he may be back sooner as you think. The Warriors stepped their game in his absence, especially Klay Thompson, who had 7 three pointers in both game 4 & the closeout game. For the Blazers, I called this series as they eliminated the Clippers in 6, even before the injuries to Blake Griffin & Chris Paul happened. Damian Lillard & CJ McCallum stepped up & give credit to Mason Plumnee, who channeled his inner Jerome Kersey (R.I.P.) & brought energy w/ his rebounding & passing skills. Question is can the Blazers get a split in the Bay before Steph Returns. The Blazers gave the Warriors their worst loss this season & Dame scored 51 in that game. Dame returns home as well! I like the Warriors in 6 games!!