Cavs/Hawks series preview

Posted: April 29, 2016 by djplaymaker in NBA, zuncategorized

Cavs/ Hawks meet again in the postseason. Cavs swept them 4-0 last yr, what will the outcome be this yr!!


Man, it seems like it was a couple days ago, I was breaking down a Western Conference 2nd match-up between the Spurs & Thunder. Well surprise, I’m back to break down another series, this time from an Eastern Conference’s point of view. Before I start, I definitely gotta give shootouts to the Buckeyes who were selected in the 1st round of this yr.’s NFL draft (Joey Bossa, Ezekiel Elliot, Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, & Darron Lee) & a big “Dawg Pound” welcome to Corey Coleman. I’m glad they didn’t go offensive tackle shall we.

Eastern Conference

1) Cleveland vs 4) Atlanta- A rematch of last yr.’s conference finals in which the Cavs, who had lost Kevin Love already in the 1st round & Kyrie was banged up, still managed to sweep the Hawks 4-0. Funny part was that the Hawks were the top seed last yr. My Cavs are coming off a tough 4 game sweep of the Pistons with the Big 3 all healthy, averaged 80 pts & Kyrie Irving was the MVP of that series, taking the big shots & taking some pressure. I hope the week off doesn’t get them rust. For the Hawks, they finally got that road win needed to eliminate the Celtics in 6. The league’s no 2 defensive team played a mayor part holding the Celtics to 38% shooting during the series & it was a team effort from either Milsap, Bazemore, or Horford. The Cavs won the season series 3-0 winning each game by an average of 29 its, but postseason play is different. I like my Cavs in 6. I don’t think thy’ll sweep them again like last yr.

That’s my thoughts of this 2nd round series. Next time, we’ll blog, it’ll be about the remaining semifinals for the Eastedn Conference & Western Conference. Until then, I’m out. Peace!!


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