NBA 2nd round preview

Posted: April 26, 2016 by djplaymaker in zuncategorized

Our 1st 2nd round match-up!! Winner gets the Warriors in the tough Western Conference finals!!

          My oh my, how the NBA playoffs have been going!! We saw my Cavs having to grind out a 4 game sweep to the Detroit Pistons & are in chill mode  while the rest of the Eastern Conference playoff match-ups are tied up @ 2-2. I knew the Eastern Conference wouldn’t be that easy. For the Western Conference, yesterday was a tough day if you were an all-star point guard. It started in the day when it was announced that Steph Curry suffered a grade 1 MCL sprain & will be out for 2 weeks & end w/ Chris Paul breaking his right hand while trying to get a steal, ruining his season & putting the Clippers in doubt to even get out the 1st round. I told everyone Portland could knock them out in the 1st round & everyone thought I was crazy. At least we have a 2nd round match-up to talk about!! Let’s break it down shall we.

Western Conference

2) San Antonio vs 3) Oklahoma City- The Spurs are coming off a 4 game sweep over a banged up Grizzlies team, who everyone thought shouldn’t been in the playoffs with those injured bodies on the sideline (Gasol & Conley Jr. to be exact). Kawahi was the MVP of that series as he not only scored, but defended as well showing why he deserved the defensive player of the yr award. It also gave Tim Duncan (happy 40th birthday) rest because old legs usually don’t last that long. For the Thunder, it took them 5 games to take out the Mavericks ( should had been 4, but OKC’s inability to hold a 4th qtr lead was their demise in their lone lost). Durant was savage on the court (scoring & picking up techs & flagrant fouls in the series) as well as off calling Mark Cuban an idiot when Cuban said Westbrook wasn’t a superstar. Speaking of Westbrook, he sure got in the head of Charlie Villanueva w/ those dance moves he & Cameron Payne was doing, but he backed it up w/ his game. Winner of this series probably would face the Warriors in the conference finals. Both teams split the season series w/ each team protecting their house. Like they say, playoffs don’t get interesting until the home team loses. I like the Spurs in 7.

That was my time on this blog!! Happy birthday shout outs to my extended family  sister Sandra Navarro, Gloriann Lockhart, the homie Luis “Maverick” Toledo, Angelina Rose, Michelle Aragundi, Amanda Ponce, Johnny Vega, Lisa Rico, Jessika Bailey Reyes, Sasi Suresh, & Jay Lopez!! Catch up on y’all when the other 2nd round match-ups are set!! Peace!



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