Super Bowl week

Posted: February 3, 2016 by djplaymaker in NFL, zuncategorized

Does Peyton ride off in the sunset w/ a title or does Cam keep the Carolina momentum that Steph Curry had & make it his time #oldschoolnewschool


That time has arrived ladies & gentleman! The best 2 teams in each conference has arrived in Santa Clara & we’ll see a 60 min battle to see which team will call themselves champion! Interesting story lines here. One team has a sure 1st ballot hall of fame quarterback who might having his last rodeo & the other team has the new breed in quarterback who is enjoying a MVP type season with less weapons around & he’s also African American, so race is definitely an issue, even though we never had this problem in the last 3 super bowls in which Colin Kapernick & Russell Wilson, also of different diversity were starting qbs. Let’s break down the big game shall we.

Super Bowl 50

Carolina vs Denver- The top seeds in the AFC & NFC will meet up in the big game! The Broncos had to grind out an defensive battle to defeat the Pats while the Panthers high powered offense exploded on the Cardinals & made Carson Palmer’s life an living hell w/ 6 turnovers. 2015 has been the year of Cam Newton. 45 total tds (35 passing, 10 rushing) this year & he did a lot w/ little help. When kelvin Benjamin went down in the preseason, everyone thought the offense would suffered, but Ted Ginn Jr., Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olson & Philly Brown have stepped up their game & the defense was tough & top notch w/ Short, Kuechly, Thomas Davis, & Josh Norman. For the Broncos, it was like transition yr for them. Peyton Manning’s arm wasn’t the same & he struggled this yr w/ accuracy. It was so bad that he was banged up & Brock Ostweiler had to start some games for him. Their defense was top ranked & it was the reason they won vs the Steelers & Pats. Can that Broncos defense slow down Cam? Will the Broncos run on the Panthers? Those are some interesting questions for this game. The Panthers are a td fave. I like the Panthers to win & cover the spread. I know most of America would like to see Peyton win & ride off in the sunset, but them Panthers & Cam especially are clicking on all cylinders.



In the conference championship pick’s, all 3 of us went 1-1. Overall, Randy killed us w/ his large margin at 165-100 while I’m looking up at 156-109 while Noez rounds out at 138-114. It was a fun yr doing these picks & thanks to Randy & Noez for their consideration for their picks all season & thanks to anyone who read the blogs all yr. We’ll find out this weekend who’ll makes the hall of fame, but we already had some off season news w/ Megatron pulling a Barry Sanders & retiring, leaving 4 yrs & $15.95 mil on the table while the Browns are parting ways with Johnny Manziel. Happy birthday to my aunt Julietta Williams & Alana Davis. Birthday shootouts rest of the week to David Priest, Gus Sanchez, Regina Barba, Danielle Trento, Mo Chavez, Kopis Georgalos, & Christina Tapia. Catch ya’ll on the next blog when we are NBA oriented!! Peace!!!



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