wild card weekend

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The postseaon party starts this weekend & out of these 4 qbs’ pictured, only 2 of them have rings to prove it #bigboypants


What time is it, it’s playoff time! Yeah, I said it, it’s the postseason. The time of year where 12 teams fight over one goal & that’s to be called champion. Last week, we saw the Bills do the Steelers a favor by spoiling the Jets’ chance to join the party, the Texans & Vikings clinching their respective divisions on the final week & we saw 7 teams already looking for new coaches (6 fired, Lovie Smith the one that shocked me & Coughlin resigning). What do we have in store for the wild card weekend? We”ll find our starting on Saturday! Let’s break down these games.


Kansas City vs Houston- The Chiefs are the hot team rolling in the postseason winning their last 10 games, but they haven’t won a playoff game in 22 yrs. So they are looking to break that slump. You may say Alex Smith’s a game manager, but he’s getting the job done & the defense has been on point. For the Texans, they handled their business by winning the AFC South on the final week & they have been finding ways to win games, whether if it’s going through 4 abs (Mallet, Hoyer, Weeden, Yates back to Hoyer) or Arian Foster having another season ending injury. This is also a rematch of week 1 in which the Chiefs won by a score of 27-20. The Chiefs are a fg road have. I like the Chiefs to win & cover the spread.



Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati- Round 3 of this AFC North battle in which both teams have won on the opposing team’s field. For the Steelers, they did their job by spanking my Browns, despite it was played ugly & Deangelo Williams spraining his ankle & his availability is uncertain.They should also thank Rex Ryan & the Bills for knocking out the Jets from the postseason. For the Bengals, they are coming off a home win over the Ravens & they might have Andy Dalton back for this game. Funny part is that ever since they drafted him, they haven’t won a playoff game yet. Could this be the yr they shake that monkey off? The Steelers are a fg road fave. I like the Bengals to finally get this win for Dalton & Marvin Lewis




Seattle vs Minnesota- The Vikings got  to host this game by defeating the Packers in Lambeau, thus clinching the NFC North title. This will be the 1st playoff game for Bridgewater & the 2nd one for Adrian Peterson, so they are young to this experience. For the Seahawks, they came into this game w/ momentum after spanking the Cards in their house in the last game of the season. This is also another regular season rematch w/ the Seahawks spanking them in  Minnesota as well. The Seahawks should have Marshawn Lynch back & that would take the pressure off Russell Wilson from carrying this team. The weather conditions for this weekend is like in the 10’s. It’s going to be cold! The Seahawks are 6 pt road faves. Something is telling me that the Vikings could steal this game. The Seahawks have been this far in the postseason the last 2 yrs & it might get to them.



Green Bay vs Washington- The Redskins get to host this game by winning the NFC East & they are also streaking, winning their last 4 games. This will be Kirk Cousins 1st playoff start (he did relieve RG III in the game in he tore his ACL). However, in the win over the Cowboys last week, they were getting banged up & hope some of those bodies have healed up. For the Packers, they blew the division w/ that home loss to Minnesota & they have a lot of questions entering the postseason (slow receivers & which Eddie Lacy would show up). They need a balanced game to defeat the Redskins. It’s a pick ’em for this game as the Packers are a pt fave. I like the Packers to win this one (experience factor in the postseason)



Last week, Randy closed out the regular season w/ a 9-7 showing while myself & Noez finished at 8-8. Overall, Randy’s at 158-97 while I’m looking up at him at 149-106 & Noez rounding out at 139-108. Hope everyone had a safe New year’s! Happy belated b-day shootouts to my girls Natalie Guzman & Brittney Lynn. Happy b-day this week to Mel Newberry, my cousin Nikki Reynolds, Jessica Lara, Rebecca Waters, David Tang, Faby Obispo, Daniel ‘Dumpty’ Garcia, Yvette Garcia, my girl Nancy Bolanos, & last but not least, the lil bro Terrance Brewster. We still miss you lil bro. Congrats to Ken Griffey Jr. & Mike Piazza on making the baseball hall of fame & I’ll catch everyone on the next blog. Peace!!


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