Week 11 preivew

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Let the Brock Ostweiler era begin #nextmanup

What’s up my NFL fans out there!! We’re almost at that home stretch in the regular season when we are separating the real from the fake. Last week, we had Rex Ryan returning to the Big Apple to defeat his former team the Jets, the Packers & Cowboys sitll on their losing streaks, Peyton Manning throwing 4 ints in the 1st half in a loss, the Pats surviving a scare by the Giants & the Titans knocking off the Bengals from the undefeated ranks, leaving only 2 remaining (Carolina & New England). Seedings will play a part in the postseason. What do we have in store for this week! We don’t know yet, but it’ll be fun to watch all this play out. Let’s break down this week games.


Tennessee vs Jacksonville- AFC South battle here & believe it or not, both teams are still in contention for the division. The Jags should thank Elvis Dumervil for their win last week because had he grabbed Bortles’ face mask, they would had been on the losing end. For the Titans, not only they lost the game vs the Panthers, but their fan base was butthurt  about Cam Newton’s end zone celebration. Like Cam said in the post game, if you don’t like it, stop him from scoring then. Jags are 2.5 home faves. It may come to which qb (Bortles or Mariota) can manage the game well. I like the Jags to win.


Randy: Jacksonville


Oakland vs Detroit- The Lions are looking to get on some winning after defeating the Packers in Lambeau for the 1st time since 1991. They had to hold off a late Packers rally though. The Raiders are trying to snap their 2 game skid after last week’s home loss to the Vikings. They need to get Lativus Murphy back in the game plan. To me, he hasn’t been the same ever since he got that concussion in Pittsburgh. This game will be a homecoming for sorts for Charles Woodson. I know he wants to show for his family & friends. The Raiders are 2 pt road faves. I like the Raiders by a td.


Randy: Detroit

Indianapolis vs Atlanta- Both team are coming off the bye week & hoping to make that push for the postseason. The Falcons have been struggling of late & will need Matt Ryan to snap out of his struggles. For the Colts, they are holding off all 3 teams in the AFC South, which they are tied w/ Houston at 4-5. Also, they will have to rely on Matt Hasselback for the rest of the month to hold it down til Andrew Luck returns from his injury. He’s already won 2 games though. Falcons are 5.5 home faves. I like the Falcons to win a close one.


Randy: Atlanta

NY Jets vs Houston- The Texans should be patting themselves on the back after knocking the Bengals out of the undefeated ranks on Monday. JJ Watt throwing shots at Andy Dalton’s was funny & they’re still in contention for the AFC South. They may be w/o Brian Hoyer’s who under the concussion protocol test. They picked up Brandon Weeden, who was waived by the Cowboys couple days ago. For the Jets, they want to take the taste of losing to Rex outta their mouths & Fitzpatrick still wants to play despite banging up his hand. The Jets are still in the race for a wild card spot. No line here for this game. I like the Texans to win at home.


Randy: NYJ

Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia- The Bucs will try to go 2-2 vs the NFC East in this contest. Jameis Winston lead a last minute drive at home to defeat the Cowboys & I’m surprised the Bucs are 4-5. For the Eagles, they are coming off a home loss to the Dolphins & Sam Bradford getting banged up in the process, meaning Mark Sanchez may get the start this week. Despite the loss, the Eagles are still a half game back behind the Giants in the NFC East. Philly’s a 5.5 home have. I like the Eagles to win, but take the under.


Randy: Philly

Denver vs Chicago- For the time being, let the Brock Ostweiler era begin. He’ll be the next man up as Peyton Manning is sitting out due to plantar faciitis. You could tell after his 5 int performance last week vs the Chiefs. For the Bears, they are coming off a dominating performance in St. Louis & this game will have a special meaning for Cutler as he faces them for the 1st time since they traded him in 2009. He may say it’s just another game for him in the press, but deep inside, he wants payback on them. Bears are 1.5 home faves. I like the Bears to get this win.


Randy: Chicago

St Louis vs Baltimore- Both teams are coming off losses. The Rams were smacked in the mouth at home by the Bears & it was so bad that Case Keenum will get the start this week as they benched Nick Foles, who has been struggling. The Ravens had victory snatched from them last week thanks to Elvis Dumervil committing a personal foul penalty on Jacksonville’s last drive. I wouldn’t think a John Harbaugh could be 2-8. If the season ended today, them & the Browns would have the 1st picks in the draft. The Ravens are 1.5 home faves. I like the Ravens to win at home.


Randy: Baltimore

Dallas vs Miami- Good news Cowboys fans. Tony Romo will be back for this game. Trust me, they need him because things haven’t been the same for them ever he got hurt. They have lost 6 straight & they don’t know if they still have a chance for the postseason. For the Dolphins, coming off a win in Philly & looking much better ever since Campbell took over as coach. They also looking at a wild card spot. Must win game for both teams. No line so far for this game. I like the Cowboys to win to turn a miracle around.


Randy: Dallas

Washington vs Carolina- The Panthers are one of the two remaining teams undefeated in the league. They are coming off the win in Tennessee & not only has Cam Newton has been receiving consideration for MVP, but he’s also getting criticize for his antics such as his td celebrations. Just stop him to avoid the dances. For the Redskins, Kurt Cousins has been on a hot streak & they’re also in the race for the NFC East title & that fan base is probably like “RG who”. It’s Cousins’ contract yr & I know the Skins will want to keep him long term. Carolina is a td home fave. I like the Panthers to win & cover the spread.


Randy: Carolina

Kansas City vs San Diego- AFC west battle here. The Chiefs are in a log jam for one of those final 2 wild card spots in the AFC. The defense made Peyton Manning’s life miserable last week in Denver & if they could get more offense from Alex Smith & his weapons, look out. For the Chargers, coming off a bye week, but at a dismal 2-7 mark, looking up at all 3 teams in their division. Should they finish in last place, it’ll make that impending move to L.A. much easier. It’s bad enough the opposing teams fan base take over that stadium. Chiefs are fg road faves. I like the Chiefs to win.


Randy: Kansas City

Green Bay vs Minnesota- Big game in the NFC North with the Vikings hold a game lead over the Packers. The Packers are in a struggle, losing their last 3 games after starting off 6-0. The offense is struggling & they want McCarthy to call the plays, but he won’t. For the Vikes, coming off their win in Oakland in which Adrian Peterson went over 200 yards rushing & Bridgewater finding ways to making no name receivers into vital weapons. The defense is ranked 6th & not getting that much recognition. Big game for the Vikings if they want to get respect from the league. Minnesota is a pt home fave. I like the Vikes to win by a fg.


Randy: Green Bay

San Francisco vs Seattle- The 49ers are coming off their bye week & looking to carry momentum from their win over the Falcons in which Blaine Gabbert got the start. For the Seahawks, another 4th qtr blown lead & that makes it the 8th time ever since the Super Bowl. The Legion of Boom is suddenly not putting fear in other teams anymore. The way they look, they might not even make the postseason. Seahawks are 13 pt home faves. I like the Seahawks to win, but take the under.


Randy: Seattle

Cincinnati vs Arizona- A great Sunday night affair. The Bengals are coming off their 1st loss on Monday vs the Titans & Andy Dalton decided to wet the bed again in primetime. He needs to shake that off & win a playoff game to be recognize as an elite quarterback. For the Cards, they had to comeback & defeat the Seahawks in the Link in a primetime affair. Carson Palmer played a hell of a game & Larry Fitzgerald looked like he jumped into the fountain of youth & dominate the game. It’s gonna be a defensive affair. The Cards are 5 pt home faves. I like the Cards by a td.


Randy: Arizona


Buffalo vs New England- AFC East battle for the ESPN crew. The Pats had to claw & scratch their way back to defeat the Giants last week, but suffered a tough loss when Julian Edelman broke his foot & is now out 6 to 8 weeks. I think that’ll be a big blow for the Pats. Just ask how the Packers are doing w/o Jordy Nelson. For the Bills, they are riding high after that win vs the Jets in Rex’s return to the Big Apple. This is the 2nd match-up between these 2 teams w/ the Pats winning the 1st match-up in Buffalo. The Bills are in the wild card race as well. I hope this game is close like last week’s Pats/Giants affair. The Pats are 7 pt home faves. I like the Pats to win & cover the spread.


Randy: New England

Last week, Randy took the top spot w/ a 7-6 record while Noez & myself had dismal showings at 2-11 & 1-12 respectively. In the overall standings, randy has tooking over w/ a 87-58 affair while I dropped hard to 2nd at 81-64 & Noez closes it out at 73-70. Our happy b-day shoutouts this week goes to Jennifer O’Neil, Andy Rodriguez, Nicole Vasquez (have fun at your party tomorrow), Robin Rodriguez, my girl Arlene “Red” Salazar, Johanna Loustaunna, Jose “Memo” Pastora III, Amanda Apodaca, Michelle Morales, & last but not least, my “lil sis” Dez Claiborne as well as here anniversary to her husband Chris!! This is also a fight weekend as Miguel Cotto & Canelo Alvarez duke it out. This was a tough decision to make, but i like Cotto by decision. Hope everyone has a safe weekend & I’ll catch everyone on the next blog. Peace!!



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