week 9 preview

Posted: November 5, 2015 by djplaymaker in NFL
The Broncos are hoping that a change of scenery will rejuvante Vernon Davis' career

The Broncos are hoping that a change of scenery will rejuvante Vernon Davis’ career

We are almost to that point we’re starting to separate the real from the fake. We got 4 undefeated teams remaining, a major trade for the Broncos & some coaching casualties in the league last week. What are we expecting for week9? Who knows, but we’ll find out starting tomorrow.


Cleveland vs Cincinnati- The battle of Ohio starts off the week. The Bengals are undefeated having to grind out a close game in Pittsburgh while my Browns had a 20-10 halftime lead on the Cardinals only to get shutout 24-0 in the 2nd half. Only reason to watch this game is Johnny Manziel’s getting the start & he has the other win this yr as starting qb. Last time he faced the Bengals, it was last yr & he got skunked 30-0. He didn’t know the playbook then, hope he knows it now. Bengals are 11 pt home faves. I’m hoping my Browns can pull the upset. Last time we faced the Bengals on a thursday night, it was last yr & they shut them out 20-0.


Randy: Cincy


Miami vs Buffalo- Round 2 of this AFC East battle. The Bills won the 1st match-up 41-14 in South Beach. Buffalo is hoping the return of Tyron Taylor & Sammy Watkins can rejuvenate their offense. They are coming off a lost vs Jacksonville in London while the Dolphins got smacked back to reality by the Patriots & lost Cameron Wake to an ACL tear injury in the process. Both teams are 3-4 & only a half game back of the Jets in the AFC East. Any wins can help both franchises. The Bills are 3 pt home faves. I like the Dolphins to steal this one on the road


Randy: Miami

Green Bay vs Carolina- The Packers & Aaron Rodgers are coming off their worst performances this yr in the loss vs the Broncos. Rodgers only passed for 77 yds as the Broncos’ defense made it like hell for him to get a pass off. For the Panthers, they’re still undefeated & had to eek out an overtime win on Monday night. At some pt, some of the wide receivers will have to hold on those passes that Cam Newton is throwing to them. The Packers are 2.5 road faves. I can see the Panthers squeaking & grinding this one out.


Randy: Green Bay

St. Louis vs Minnesota- Todd Gurley vs Adrian Peterson. The battle to see who’s the best running back so far tis yr. Both teams are over .500, the Vikings are a surprising 5-3, coming off a road win in Chi-town while the Rams are 4-3 after spanking the Rams at home. They have already beaten the teams in their own division, so they have the tiebreakers if needed. It may come down to which qb (Bridgewater or Fowles) can mange the game. The Vikes are 2.5 home faves. I like the Vikings in a squeaker.


Randy; Minnesota

Washington vs New England- The Pats are taking no prisoners this yr as they are on a mission to stick it to the league. Last week, they smack the Dolphins back to reality & the combination of Brady to Gronk is showing they are no joke. The Redskins are coming off the bye week & can’t believe they are sitll in the race for the NFC East title.I wonder if Desean Jackson will play this week. Kirk Cousins could use another weapon. The Pats are 14 pt home faves. I like the Pats to win & take the over.


Randy: New England

Tennessee vs New Orleans- The Titans lost two things last week, the game & they fired their coach couple days after. They should be happy they are in the AFC South, which is a joke of a division. The Saints are on a 3 game winning streak & coming off a video game performance by Drew Brees, who threw 7 td passes in their shootout win vs the Giants. Can they make a last minute push for the postseason? It’s gonna be tough for them since they have both the Falcons & Panthers in their division. The Saints are 8 its home faves. I like the Saints to continue their momentum.


Randy: New Orleans

Jacksonville vs NY Jets- All of a sudden, the Jets are on a 2 game losing streak. We knew they gave the Patriots their all in their loss 2 weeks ago, but last week they were offensively dominated by the Raiders in Oakland. They usually struggle when they are in the West Coast. Fitzpatrick hurts his thumb & we saw Geno played last week. He’s still not the answer for them. At least Fitz will start this week. For the Jags, they are coming off a bye week & still in the thick of the race we call the AFC South. Still young, but that’s baby steps for the league. It may come down to quarterback play & I can see a defensive struggle. The Jets are a touchdown home fave. I like the Jets to win & cover the spread.


Randy: NYJ

Oakland vs Pittsburgh- I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but the Raiders look like a playoff team. They are 4-3, the young pieces are starting to gel, veteran experiment w/ Charles Woodson, who leads the league in ints. The Steelers are coming off a tough home loss to Cincy. The week they get Ben Rothesberger back, they lose Leveon Bell to an ACl injury, which means DeAngelo Williams will be the featured back. The Steelers are looking up at theBengals in the AFC North & there hope should be a wild card appearance. The Steelers are 4 pt home faves. I like the Raiders to win by a Sea Bass field goal.


Randy: Pittsburgh

Atlanta vs San Francisco- Both teams are coming off losses, but not one of them is disarray more than the 49ers. Not only the 49ers got spanked by the Rams, they traded Vernon Davis to the Broncos & benched Kapernick, meaning Blaine Gabbert is the man under center. The season’s a disaster for them. For the Falcons, a tough home loss to the Bucs. they deserved to lose when they have 4 turnovers in the game. Why is Matt Ryan starting to struggle as of late. They need to wake & they are 2 back now of Carolina in the division. They still control their destiny in the wild card chase. The Falcons are 7 pt road faves. I like the Falcons to win & take the over.


Randy; Atlanta

NY Giants vs Tampa Bay- The Giants are coming off the shootout video game loss in New Orleans despite Eli throwing for 6 tds, 3 of them going to Odell Beckham. They may get JPP back for the game. I wonder when Victor Cruz will make his 2015 debut. For the Bucs, they are coming off a overtime road win in Atlanta & I’m shocked they are 3-4 & Jameis Winston is starting to show why the Bucs made the right decision to draft hime number 1 overall. This could be anyone’s ball game. The Giants are 2.5 road faves. I like the G-Man by a fg.


Randy: Tampa Bay

Denver vs Indianapolis- Peyton Manning returns to Indy for a 2nd time as a visitor. The last time he brought the Broncos into Indy, he lost the game. However, the Broncos are still undefeated & the defense is playing lights out. Just ask Aaron Rodgers last week. For the Colts, they got credit for overcoming that deficit in Carolina to force that game in overtime, but still got the loss. They fired the offensive coordinator yesterday, which mean that Coach Pagano is on thin ice w/ Irsay & the front office. At least they are 3-5 & tied w/ Houston for 1st place in the AFC South, but they own the tiebreaker. The Broncos are 5.5 road faves. I like the Broncos by a td.


Randy; Denver

Philadelphia vs Dallas- Round 3 of this NFC East battle, Cowboys won the 1st match-up in Philly. Oh my oh my how things have changed ever since that 1st match-up. Romo got hurt in that game & they haven’t won since. They gave the Seahawks a battle until some late minute panics by Cassell cost them the game.The Eagles are coming off the bye week & find out they still have a chance for the NFC East crown. Who wants that division? It seems it’s like a hot potato. At least they’re photos of Romo throwing the ball, but he can’t activated til thanksgiving weekend. Eagles are 2.5 road faves. I like the Eagles to squeak this one out & expect a big game from DeMarco Murrary.


Randy: Philly


Chicago vs San Diego- The Monday night affair. Both teams are coming off losses & both only have 2 wins this season. Only reason to watch this is because of the rivalry between Jay Cutler & Phillp Rivers. Expect some trash talking from Rivers directed to Cutler. The Chargers are 4 pt home faves. I like the Chargers to win & take the over.


Randy: San Diego

Last week, Noez went back to back as the top dawn w/ a 10-4 showing while yours truly & Randy tied at 9-5. In the overall standings, I still have that slight lead at 74-45 while Randy’s creeping up on me at 73-46 & Noez rounds out the field at 64-53. Happy b-day shout outs to “Mama” Krissy Delgado-Guerrero, Miguel Galvez, Annette Iglesias,my lil cousin Tanieko Bush, Gabriel Luna, Paulette Martin, Cami Jewel, Melissa Marie, Tatiana Cerna Richardson, the homie who does the videos on Its Real, & Marisol Carlos. I’ll catch everyone on the next blog. Peace!!!



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