week 8 preview

Posted: October 29, 2015 by djplaymaker in NFL
Ever since they fired Philbin, the Dolphins have turned into world beaters #theCampbelleffect

Ever since they fired Philbin, the Dolphins have turned into world beaters #theCampbelleffect

At the halfway point of the season, we still have 5 undefeated teams. Last week, we saw the Seahawks pretty much dominated the 49ers, Kurt Cousins showing his emotions in a comeback win over the Bucs, the Dolphins starting to turn into world beaters on a weak AFC South team in Houaton & Arian Foster tearing his ACL in the process, the Pats grinding one out vs the Jets, Greg Hardy almost wanting to kill his own teammates &coaches, & the NFC East is still wide open. What do we have in store for week 8? I don’t know, but we’ll find out starting tomorrow. Since I have a short week & very busy, we’re joing make this blog short by just choosing our picks.


Miami vs New England- I got New England


Randy: New England


Detroit vs Kansas City in London- My choice is KC


Randy: Detroit

Tampa Bay vs Atlanta- I have Atlanta


Randy: Atlanta

San Diego vs Baltimore- I like the Chargers


Randy: Baltimore

Minnesota vs Chicago- I choose Minnesota


Randy: Minn

Arizona vs Cleveland- Even though I want to choosee my Browns, I even know the Cards are going to win.


Randy: Arizona

Tennessee vs Houston- Brian Hoyer doesn’t have Ryan Mallett looking over his shoulder, but no Foster. He still has Hopkins though. I like the Texans


Randy: Houston

NY Giants vs New Orleans- Both teams are Jekyll & Hyde like, however JPP will make his return this week I like the G-Man


Randy: New Orleans

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh- Divisonal battle & Big Ben might be back. he’ll be rusty though. I like the Bengals


Randy: Pittsburgh

San Francisco vs St Louis- I like the Rams. I don’t know what the hell has happened to the 49ers.


Randy: St Louis

NJ Jets vs Oak- I like the Jets to steal this one in Oak-town


Randy: NYJ

Seattle vs Dallas- The Cowboys haven’t been the same since Romo got hurt, but Dez may be back this game. I still like the Seahawks though.


Randy: Seattle

Green Bay vs Denver- Future Super bowl preview. I like the Packers because they are complete unlike the Broncos, who are struggling offensively.


Randy: Green Bay


Indianapolis vs Carolina- I like the Panthers because the AFC South is a joke like the NFC east.


Randy: Carolona

Last week, Noez was the top dawn are 11-3 while yours truly & Randy tied ar 8-6. However, in the overall race, I have a slight lead 65-40 w/ randy on my tail at 64-41 & Noez riding out at 54-49. NBA started yesterday & it’s going be a long season. Happy b-day shootouts to Gina Olmedo, my family Richet curry, Julie Bivens, Natalie Garcia, Josh Anchondo, Ana Marie Howell, Laina Gomez, my fan Mark Matthews & my girls Cindy Ordonez & Brittany Brickner. Hope everyone has a safe Halloween weekend & don’t forget to set your clocks back. Catch ya’ll on the next one. Peace!!



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