week 7 preview

Posted: October 22, 2015 by djplaymaker in NFL
Even though they are on a bye week, Peyton Manning isn't the reason the Broncos are winning #defense

Even though they are on a bye week, Peyton Manning isn’t the reason the Broncos are winning #defense

Already seeing some great competitions & teams so far this season. After 7 weeks, we have 5 remaining undefeated teams, which is a lot for me. Last week, we saw the Falcons fall from the undefeated ranks, the Lions get their 1st win, Denver eking out a win in Cleveland despite Peyton Manning throwing 3 picks, another qb (Landry Jones) leading the Steelers to a win, the Colts w/ the weirdest fake play ever & the NFC East remaining wild open. What shall we expect for week 7! We’ll find out starting on Thursday & before I start, prayers going out to my uncle Omar “Miller” Curry as he’s battling cancer & it doesn’t look good.


Seattle vs San Francisco- NFC West battle to start off the week. Few years, this use to be the best rivalry in the league w/ the coaches (Jim Harbaugh vs Pete Carroll), the defenses & their dislike for each other. It was like looking in the mirror. However, things are changing. The Seahawks aren’t that threatening team that everyone fears as the Panthers proved last week in the Link & it’s gotten so bad that Fred Jackson wrecked his car racing Marshawn Lynch in the parking lot. For the 49ers, they are coming off a win vs the Ravens, however’s it been tough on Tomsula being it’s his 1st yr coaching. The Seahawks are 6.5 road faves. I like the Seahawks to win & cover the spread.


Randy: Seattle


Buffalo vs Jacksonville- The NFL goes back to London for the 2nd time & it’ll make history this time as this game will be shown on yahoo.com, the 1st time for that website. The Bills are coming off that beatdown vs Cincy & they hope that Tyrod Taylor will start this week. At least Shady got his moments last week. For the Jags, they got worked at home vs the Texans. At least they’ll be the home team in this contest. Bills are 5.5 faves. I like the Bills to win & take the over.


Randy: Buffalo

Minnesota vs Detroit- We got a NFC North battle here. Both teams are coming off wins. The Lions finally got their 1st win over the Bears, but it took overtime to do it. Calvin Johnson made some big plays down the stretch. For the Vikings, they won a close home game vs the Chiefs & they are a surprising 4-2 team. I told you that Peterson would take some slack off Bridgewater. Can the Lions keep some momentum going into this game, that’s the question. They would need to protect Stafford to do that. The Vikings are 2.5 road faves. I like the Vikings to win.


Randy: Minnesota

Atlanta vs Tennessee- Both teams are coming off losses, but at least the Falcons will still have Matt Ryan under center this game unlike the Titans who won’t have Mariotta for a couple weeks. Zack Mettenberger least knows some part of the offense, so don’t expect him to do some read option plays. For the Falcons, they had a bump in the head in New Orleans & Julio Jomes didn’t do that much. At least Devonta Franklin’s keeping his hot streak going. ATL is a 5.5 road fave. I like the Falcons to win & take the over.


Randy: Atlanta

New Orleans vs Indianapolis- The Colts are wondering what the hell happened to them at home vs New England & what was up w/ the trick play. I goes Pagano was doing anything to out coach Belichik & get the win. For the Saints, they had the home cooking working for them vs the Falcons last week. However, which team will show up, the ones who showed up for the 2 wins or the ones who showed up for those 4 losses. Indy is 4.5 home faves. I think Luck’s gonna have a great game this week. I like the Colts to win this one.


Randy: Indy

Tampa Bay vs Washington- The Bucs are coming off their bye week & hoping that momentum from their win over the Jags 2 weeks carry into that game. The Redskins were just dominated by the Jets last week & I wonder when Desean Jackson will ever see the field again. If things gone right this would had been Jamesis Winston vs RG III, the 2nd Heisman trophy winner he would had faced. The Skins are 3.5 home faves. I like the Redskins to win & cover. Kirk Cousins has better weapons than Winston.


Randy: Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh vs Kansas City- Landry Jones looks like he’s the next man up as Michael Vick suffered a hamstring injury last week & Jones relieved him in their win over the Cards. Ben wanted to play this game, but the pain is probably too much for him. The Chiefs started their post Jamal Charles season w/a  loss vs the Vikings. I wonder at some point when will Chiefs nation starting crying for Andy Reid to be fired. Sad part is that they are in last place in the AFC West. Steelers are 2.5 road faves. I like the Steelers to win a close one in Arrowhead.


Randy: Pittsburgh

Houston vs Miami- Both teams are coming off wins last week. I guess a new voice in the Dolphins coaching system paid off as they dominated the Titans & knocked Mariotta out the game. For the Texans, DeAndre Hopkins continued his hot streak & good Brian Hoyer showed up for them in Jacksonville. How long will that Hoyer show up or how long will it take til they put back Mallett in, we don’t know. It’ll probably be a defensive game here. Miami are 4.5 home faves. I like the Dolphins to protect their home turf w/ a win.


Randy: Miami

Cleveland vs St Louis- My oh my, why are my Browns are always in these predicaments? Despite having 4 turnovers as a team & forcing 3 Peyton Manning ints, one of them a pick 6, they couldn’t get the job done at home. Bad enough that Johnny Manziel, who hasn’t played since week 2, became a distraction w/ his off the field incident w/ his girlfriend & now the league is going to look into it. The front office has to do something about this. For the Rams, it was their bye week, but if you’re a fantasy football owner, I’ll advise you to pick up Todd Gurley since the Browns can’t stop the run. Rams are 5.5 road faves. I’m s& I hope McCown can outplay Nick Foles.


Randy; St Louis

NY Jets vs New England- To me, the game of the w& it’s a divisional battle. For like 8 yrs, it was Rex Ryan vs Bill Belichick & Bill always had the upper hand w/ the wins & mind games. However, this Jets team is different w/ Todd Bowles. Yes, they had that tenacious D, but their swagger is different & I didn’t expect them to be 4-2 at this point. For the Pats, another convincing victory, this time over the Colts & they didn’t want to use the revenge card in the post game conference. If this was the time the Jets wanted to get the Pats’ attention, it’s now. The Pats are 9.5 home faves.  I like the Pats to win, but take the under.


Randy: New England

Oakland vs San Diego- AFC West battle here & the Chargers are looking to shake off that lost in Green Bay. Philip Rivers set a team record w/ 43-65 for 503, but he wished he could have that pass back on 4th down. If they could get some production from Melvin Gordon, that’ll be nice. For the Raiders, coming off the bye week & looking to regroup after that tough home loss to the Broncos. At least they’re still in the race for playoff contention. Chargers are 4 pt home faves. I like the Chargers by a td.


Randy: SD

Dallas vs NY Giants- Like I said earlier, the NFC East is wide open & the Cowboys & Giants play for the 2nd time this season. The Cowboys won the 1st match-up in week 1, but that was like 6 weeks ago & they are coming off the bye week w/ Matt Cassell now the starting qb & rumors of Dez Bryant might playing this game. For the Giants, after that thrilling victory over the 49ers at home, they get shellshocked in Philly on Monday night, resulting in them being tied w/ the Eagles for 1st in the NFC East. That’s going be a dogfight for that title. One question for the Giants: when will we see Victor Cruz on the field? The running game is suspect & Odell’s seeing more double teams. The Giants are 3.5 home faves. I like the Giants to win & cover.


Randy: Dallas

Philadelphia vs Carolina- The Sunday night match-up & both teams are coming off wins. The Eagles won an ugly fest at home vs the Giants despite Sam Bradford throwing 3 ints while the Panthers won a big game in Seattle keeping them undefeated & holding a game lead over the Falcons in the NFC South. A lot of people are sleeping on Cam & crew because he doesn’t have a big play receiver since Kelvin Benjamin got hurt in the preseason. However, Ted Ginn Jr. & Greg Olson has played their part & Jonathan Stewart has been rejuvenated. Carolina is 3.5 home faves. I like the Panthers to win & take the over.


Randy: Carolina


Baltimore vs Arizona- The Monday night affair & I wonder will anyone watch this game. The Ravens are that same team that used to imitated their opponents back in the day. Hell, they couldn’t beat a struggling 49ers team & John Harbaugh’s already hearing rumors that he’s interested in the SC’ job. For the Cardinals, they are coming off a road loss in Pittsburgh. At least they got the Ravens at home this week. The Cards are 7.5 home faves. I like the Cards to win & cover.


Randy: Arizona

Last week, Randy was the top dawg w/ his picks with a 10-4 showing, yours truly came in 2nd w/ a 9-5 record while Noez rounded it out w/ a 5-8 record. In the overall standings, however I have a slight lead at 57-34, Randy’s right behind me w/ 56-35 & Noez rounds it out w/ 43-46. Happy birthday shootouts to my home DJ Volotyl, my girl Jennifer Docks, Maribel Sandoval, Melanie Godinez, Robert Change, Adam Sol, Christina Valdez, my cousins Lachelle Reynolds & Jerome Spann, Julia Gonzales, Claudia Hernandez,  Abdey Bebe, Amber Vera, Alex Gago, Brian Good, my cousin Gwendolyn Davis, Joseph Anderson, Javon Liu, & Fida Alyn. The NBA starts next week & finally Tristan Thompson got signed. I hope he has a breakout season & prove that he’s worth the money. Before I go, I have to say RIP to my uncle Omar Curry. Cancer has took another family member of mines & I’m getting sick & tired of it. I hope they find a cure. See ya’ll on the next blog. Peace & love you Unc’.



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