Week 3 preview

Posted: September 24, 2015 by djplaymaker in NFL
0-2 & they are already panicking in the Big Apple #savethemEli

0-2 & they are already panicking in the Big Apple #savethemEli

Already  3 weeks into the season & we already have some surprises! We saw Manziel finally getting his 1st win as a NFL qb, the Giants blowing another 4th qtr lead, the Chiefs finding a weird way to lose a game, Cowboys losing another offensive player in their win & couple qbs who are already banged. Some teams are already in must win mode going into these games this week. Let’s break them down, shall we.


Washington vs N.Y. Giants- NFC East rivals starting off the schedule. If you would thought the Redskins would have a better record than the Giants so far this season, you would had lost money. The Giants became the 1st team ever to have 10 pt leads heading into the 4th qtr in their 1st 2 games & end up losing both. It’s not the beginning for them that’s the problem, it’s the ending part. They finally getting Victor Cruz to practice on grass this week & if this game was sunday, he’ll probably play. For the Redskins, after suffering a heartbreak loss to the Dolphins in opening week, they shocked the Rams last week. I guess that Matt Jones is the new sensation & great change of pace running back whenever Alfred Morris needs a breather. This has the sound of a close one here & it’s a must win for the G-man. The Giants are 4 pt home faves. I like the Giants to finally get in the win column this week.


Randy: Washington


Cincinnati vs Baltimore- AFC North match-up. Both teams going in opposite directions w/ the Bengals at 2-0 while the Ravens are 0-2.. Both teams faced AFC west teams last week w/ the Bengals getting the home win over the Chargers while the Ravens lost a close one in Oakland. I don’t want to say it’s a must win for the Ravens, but it sounds like it & especially in the tough AFC North. It’s going be a close one & the Ravens are 2.5 home faves. I like the Bengals to steal the close one in B-More.


Randy: Cincy

Oakland vs Cleveland- Both teams are 1-1 coming into the game & having momentum after their young gun quarterbacks leading them to victory. For my Browns, Johnny Manziel finally got that 1st win & despite only throwing 15 passes, he completed 8 of them & 2 of them were long bombs to Travis Benjamin. I guess Travie is looking to be that deep play threat since Josh Gordon’s not around. For the Raiders, nice end of game drive by Derek Carr to lead the Raiders in their home win over Baltimore. I’m anxious to see the match-up of Amari Cooper vs Joe Haden. My Browns have won the last 2 match ups over the Raiders & this might have a nice showing , that is if Johnny’s still starting. The Browns are 3.5 home faves. This is my b-day weekend & all I want is my Browns to defeat the Raiders.


Randy: Cleveland

Indianapolis vs Tennessee- Who would had thought that the Colts would start off the season 0-2! Last night, vs the Jets, Andrew Luck played one of the worst games I ever seen & the team had 5 turnovers. It’s not time to panic for them because they are in the AFC South & they start divisional play this week. For the Titans, after flexing their muscles on the Bucs in week 1, Mariotta & the crew got his feathers ruffled by my Browns. He was sacked 5 times. That’s rookie pains for you. Divisional rivals, so expect a lot of hard hitting. The Colts are 3.5 road faves. I trust Luck over Mariotta. I like the Colts on the road.


Randy: Indy

Pittsburgh vs St Louis- The Steelers didn’t play around last week w/ the 49ers. If you had Big Ben, Deangelo Williams (who filled in very well for Levon Bell), & Antonio Brown on your fantasy squad last week, you were golden. Levon returns this week, but you’re still 2 weeks away from Martivus returning. For the Rams, after that shocking home win vs the Seahawks, they were pretty much man handled by the Redskins. I had a hard time choosing the winner for this game. If the Rams can get to Ben like they got to Russell Wilson, look out. The Steelers are a pt road fave. I like the Steelers to squeak this one out.


Randy: Pittsburgh

Jacksonville vs New England- The Jags are coming off a close home win over the Dolphins in the battle of Florida. Funny part is that both them & the Titans are tied for 1st in the AFC South. It’s still early though. For the Pats. I guess they got tired of the Bills poplin off in the media & they sent a message by scoring 41 on them. Dion Lewis has been a factor in both of their games. They are on a mission this yr. The Pats are 14.5 home faves. I like the Pats, but that’s too high of a spread.


Randy: New England

San Diego vs Minnesota- The Vikings redeemed themselves from that Monday night debacle to defeat the Lions in their home opener. Major difference was they got Adrian Peterson involved in the offense early. He got over 130 yds rushing, but didn’t score a td. For the Chargers, tough road loss in Cincy, but Rivers passed Dan Fouts for most td passes as Chargers qb. I wonder how many more games til Antonio Gates return. Melvin Gordon had a nice showing last week. Vikings are 2.5 home faves. I like the Vikes to win a close game here.


Randy: Minnesota

New Orleans vs Carolina- The Sants are 0-2 & might not Brees for a couple weeks. I understand losing on the road vs the Cards, but at home vs the Bucs? I never expected that. For the Panthers, 2-0 & on that mission to 3 peat as NFC south champs. Words of advice to Cam Newton, next time you do a front flip near the end zone, make sure that no one’s around. The Panthers gave you a lot of money & the last thing the organization needs is another injury since you’re w/o Kelvin Benjamin. it’s a must win game for the Saints since they are 2 games back of both Carolina & Atlanta. The Panthers are fg home faves. I like the Panthers at home by a td.


Randy: Carolina

Atlanta vs Dallas- Both teams are 2-0 heading into this match-up, but the Cowboys are the ones who are banged up. After losing both Dez & Randy Gregory in week 1, they lost Tony Romo to a broken clavicle. Lucky enough he doesn’t have to go under the knife, but the road will be tough for them. Brandon Weeden will be starting this game & they made a move by acquiring Matt Cassell via trade from Buffalo. For the Falcons, they came back after the Giants blew another lead & defeated another NFC East team. Julio Jones has been beast mode to start off the season & I feel bad for that Cowboys secondary to defend him. The Dirty Birds are 2 pt road faves. I like the Falcons to win by a td. I trust Matty Ice more that Weeden. i saw Weeden a lot when he was on the Browns. I know the Cowboys have a better line, but it’s his ability to get the ball off in time when he’s pressured (sorry bout that Letty)


Randy: Atlanta

Philadelphia vs NY Jets- If you thought the Jets would have a better record than both the Giants & Eagles combined. I’ll say you’re high. The Jets & their defense have led the way in  both of their wins. I’m talking bout smash mouth status. On Monday night, Revis Island was in full effect recovering 2 fumbles & intercepting a pass. They caused 5 turnovers & made Andrew Luck’s life a living hell. For the Eagles, where do i begin? Sam Bradford struggles, DeMarco Murrary can’t find no where to run as he had 9 yes on 15 carries & they’re looking at Chip Kelly like he’s a damn fool. Byron Maxwell still getting burned & they gave him $63 mil. It’s panic time for Philly & it’s week 3. Jets are 2.5 home faves. I like how the Jets defense get at you & I like them to make things worse for those Eagles. Give me the Jets.


Randy: NYJ

Tampa Bay vs Houston- Congrats to Jameis Winston for getting his 1st NFL win as they defeated the Saints in the Superdome! Just like Mariotta last week, he’l go through the rookie. For the Texans, 0-2 & don’t know which qb (Hoyer or Mallett) gives them the best chance to win. They’re lucky that JJ Watt hasn’t gone H.A.M on them yet. It’s a must win for the Texans. Texans are 6.5 home faves. I like the Texans to finally get on the win column & Watt, Clowney, & crew going after Winston.


Randy: Houston

San Francisco vs Arizona- The Cards are 2-0 & have the league’s highest rated offense so far. Last week, the exploded on the Bears for 42 its & Larry Fitzgerald must had jumped into the fountain of youth since he had 3 td catches. The defense will get their stuff together. For the 49ers, after the surprise win on Monday night, they ran into a buzz saw that was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though Kapernick went over 330 yards passing & Torry Smith had his breakout game as a Niner, the story was Carlos Hyde having a drop in the running game. I give him a pass because he was suffering from a knee injury. It’s a divisional game & it’s the NFC West, so expect a hard nose battle. The Cards are 6.5 home faves. I like the 49ers to get the upset on the road.


Randy: Arizona

Buffalo vs Miami- AFC East battle here & the return of Richie Incognito in South Beach. it’ll be the 1st time he’s in Miami since the bullying scandal 2 yrs ago. Don’t get me started on that topic. Both teams are coming off losses. After surprising the Colts in the opener last week, I was drinking the Bills’ kool-aid. They were hosting the champs & they were poppin their mouth, pretty much that Rex Ryan putting a battery in their back. Like Chris Berman says, that’s why they play the game. The Pats were sending them a message & knock them back to reality. For the Dolphins, after a close road win in D.C., they lost another close road game, this time in Jacksonville & now you’re already hearing reports that N’Damukong Suh is going rogue. He got away w/ kicking somebody in opening week. It’ll be a matter of time til he kicks a lineman or slams a qb. Divisional game & both teams looking up at New England & the Jets in the division. The Fins are 2.5 home faves. I like the Bills on the road.


Randy: Buffalo

Chicago vs Seattle- Both teams are 0-2, but at least one of these teams may have a moral victory & the game has kicked off. For the Seahawks, another close lost, this time in Green Bay 7 Jimmy Graham is complaint about his touches. At least that Kam Chancellor ended his holdout, but at what cost? He lost half a mil for those 2 games he missed out. For the Bears, two embarrassing home losses & Cutler’s banged up, meaning he’s going miss some games & Jimmy Clausen is the next man up. At least the Bears are on the road this week. Seahawks are 14.5 home faves. I like the Seahawks to win & take the over.


Randy: Seattle

Denver vs Detroit- The Broncos are coming that comeback win in Kansas City & Peyton Manning pretty much shut up those critics who thought he was done w/ that last drive to tie the game. He knows that he doesn’t have that much time left in his career, but he probably thinks this is his last hope for a ring & kubiak’s a different coach that John Fox. For the Lions, there are 0-2 & Stafford is getting banged around. The defense isn’t the same either w/out Suh & Nick Fairley.  It’s probably panic time for the Lions. The Broncos are fg road faves. I like the Broncos to win & cover.


Randy: Denver


Kansas City vs Green Bay- The Chiefs will look to get that embarrassing loss off their face on Monday night. I understand the call to run the ball since they want to go into to, but Jamal Charles has to hold on to the ball. It was his 2nd fumble of the night & that mortalize that team despite him having over 130 yards rushing that game. For the Packers, they got the revenge on the Seahawks last week in Lambeau. Rodgers had a hell of a game & he threw a lil shade at Russell Wilson’s way in the post game conference, which I had no problem with. Interesting plot of this game is that both Rodgers & Alex Smith were both drafted in the same yr, only Rodgers dropped 20 something spots while Smith was no. 1 overall. Packers are 6.5 home faves. I like the Packers to win & cover.


Randy: Green Bay

Last week, Noez was the weekly winner w/ an 8-8 showing, yours truly came in 2nd w/ a 6-10 showing while Randy finished w/ 5-11. Overall, it’s a close battle w/ Randy leading w/ 15-17 while myself & Noez are right behind him w/ 14-18. Anyone’s ball game here. Happy belated b-day shoutouts to my girl Jacqleen Marie, Allister Carlos, & Joaquin Delgado. Happy b-days this week to my niece Deja Irving (uncle loves you), my aunt Denise Brewster, Crystell Coronado, Paul Velasquez, Lucy Zuzu, the homie Kane Guervara, my cousin Omar Rushdan, Manny Limon, Rob Hernandez, my girl Gina Rival, Ismael Chino Franco, Monique Garcia, John Lanza, Monique Antionette Patino, Domerice Jefferson, Melody Monroe & last but not least, me!! 39 yrs old, one more yr til I hit 40. Defintely going have a busy weekend. Before I go, definitely gotta send a R.I.P to Yogi Berra, who died last night. It ain’t over til it’s over. Catch ya’ll on next blog. Peace!!



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