The Final 4

Posted: May 18, 2015 by djplaymaker in NBA

We’re almost there ladies & gents!! We have reached the conference finals & to those who said they were boycotting the postseason because their favorite team isn’t in the dance, shame on you. I know we had a couple of duds in the 1st round, but the semis redeemed everything. We had them go at least 6 w/ today’s game 7 of the Clippers/Rockets series. Now, we have bothe top 2 seeds in each conference competing for the goal to represent their conference in the finals. Before I start previewing these conference finals. I gotta tip my hat to Paul Pierce. Even thought the Wizards got eliminated, he should he still had the clutch gene & it sucked that replay took away that tying buzzer beater. He’s talking about retiring, but I wish he stays one more yr & if the Wizards part ways w/ him, the Clippers should pick him up. With that, let’s talk conference finals.

Can Lebron make that final hump to carry the Cavs to that Finals appearance?

Can Lebron make that final hump to carry the Cavs to that Finals appearance?

Eastern Conference

1) Atlanta vs 2)Cleveland- The top 2 seeds in the East meet up for that East crown. for the winner, it’ll be something different for the league. For the Hawks, they haven’t won a title since 1958 while the Cavs haven’t won a title, but made a Finals appearance in 2007. The Hawks journey was tough, having 2 6 game series w/ both the Nets & Hawks while the Cavs  had swept Boston, but lost K Love for the rest of the postseason when he dislocated his shoulders. They managed to take out the Bulls in 6 & had great role play help from guys like Iman Shumpert, who filled in nice when J.R. Smith was suspended for the 1st 2 games & he found his role back when he returned & don’t forget about Matthew Dellavedova aka Delly for short. He was the only Cavs player I rode all season & he earned my respect this series, especially after the game 5 incident when he made Taj Gibson loose his composure. The Hawks won the season series 3-1, but the Cavs will be favored for this series because of the Lebron factor & they want to know if the Hawks have what it takes to reach the next level. I have Cavs in 6 just my father.

Who would had thought the Warriors would make the conference finals w/out facing either the Clippers or the Spurs?

Who would had thought the Warriors would make the conference finals w/out facing either the Clippers or the Spurs?

        Western Conference

1) Golden State vs 2) Houston- Interesting story lines for this series. No.1, they are the top 2 seeds in the West & no. 2, you have the MVP in Steph Curry vs the runner-up in James Harden. The Warriors survived a scare from the Grizzlies to take them out in 6. The Grizz had their fan base in panic after taking a 2-1 lead, but give credit to Steve Kerr & his coaching staff to get those guys back to playing their style. The jumpshot were falling again & the defense was getting stops. For the Rockets, they became the 9th team to come back from a 3-1 defect to defeat the Clippers. As a NBA fan, I thought the Rockets were done when they lost game 4 about a week ago (thank you Bobby Schmurda). But , they got momentum w/ that game 5 win & how the hell the Clippers blow that 19 pt lead at home in a closeout game & Harden was on the bench in game 6 surprised me. 2 guys who surprised me this series were Dwight Howard & Josh Smith. Howard was getting outplayed by Deandre Jordan for the 1st 4 games & it look like reputation was coming back to haunt him (he’s soft, & he disappears in key moments), but he manned up & played like he was back in Orlando before the injuries. Smith saved them in game 6 w/ his shooting & it carried one to game 7. The Warriors swept them in the regular season, but the Rockets weren’t healthy in those match-ups. I think Goldenn St will take them out in 5.  This series has a     WWE appeal to it. You have Dwight Howard, who I call the John Cena of the NBA because he smiles too much & most fans hates his guts & would like to boo him out the building except when the Rockets are at home & Steph Curry playing the role of Daniel Bryan, the popular guy who has his own movement like the YES movement.

That’s my time for this blog. Happy b-day shootouts today to Candis Madrigal, Truly Od & Karina Manzo-Ousley. For the rest of the week, happy b-day to Monique Michelle Bautista, Elaine Villa, Elaina Soto, Hector Ramirez, Meranda De La O, Erica Calara, my fan Ralph Jones, my stepsister Maya Evette Grauson, Bezalet Vasquez, my r&b queen Vanessa Loren, Chrissy Alarid, Nelly Chavez, & Diane Alvarado. For my homie Screws, good luck w/ your Rangers in the conference finals in the NHL & R.I.P to BB King, blues legend. I’ll catch up w/ y’all when the Finals hit. Peace!!



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