2nd round main event

Posted: May 1, 2015 by djplaymaker in NBA


To quote the most popular catchphrase: it just got real. I’m so excited to talk about this match-up. The reason why is because these 2 teams were the NBA writers popular choice to meet in the Eastern Conference finals, but it sucks that they had to meet in the semis instead. I call this the 2nd round main event because everyone wanted this match-up like Mayweather/Pacaquio. Let’s preview it

Eastern Conference

2)Cleveland vs 3)Chicago- It’s a Midwest thing gonna on in this match-up. As a Cavs fan, them along w/ the Wizards were the only teams that scared me coming out the Eastern Conference. The Bulls have size w/ Pau Gasol & Joakim Noah w/ Jimmy Butler & I always said if Derrick Rose stays healthy, it would been a problem. Pretty much everyone on their starting line-up, but got healthy at the right time & even though it wasn’t easy, they took out the Bucks in 6. For my Cavs, they were the sexy pick to win it all w/ the big 3 of Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, & Kevin Love. It started out rough w/ a 19-20 record, but everything changed when they acquired Timothy Mozgov, Iman Shumpert, & J.R Smith. They got on a roll & finished w/ the best record of any Eastern Conference team after the all-star break. You already know they swept the Celtics, but won’t have Love for the rest of the postseason & no J.R. for the 1st 2 games after his elbow to Crowder’s head. Someone has to be that 3rd guy to Bron & Kyrie. Could it be J.R when he returns? Like they say, next man up. I like my Cavs in a tough hard fought 6 game series. To my boy Chris Cavanaugh, may the best team win.

That’s my time. I hope that the other series will be conclude by Saturday so I can preview the remaining semis. Before I end this blog, I gotta say 2 things 1) Let’s go Yanks, knock the Dead Sox out & 2) Welcome to THE LAND Danny Shelton & Cameron Irving. Let’s pick up the hometown boy Devin Smith from Ohio St tomorrow. Peace!!



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