2nd round match-up

Posted: April 30, 2015 by djplaymaker in NBA
It just got real for the Warriors! Jumpshots vs size

It just got real for the Warriors! Jumpshots vs size

How’s everyone enjoying the NBA playoffs!! I’m liking it, especially w/ some surprises so far. We have the Warriors, Raptors & Cavs as the only teams who swept their 1st round opponents, but the Cavs’ road just got tougher w/ no Kevin Love the rest of the way as he suffered a dislocated shoulder thanks to Kelly Oylenek yanking his arm. We have the Hawks having a hard time w/ the Nets, but have a 3-2 series lead, same situation w/ the Bulls over the Bucks despite having a 3-0 lead, then losing the last 2 games. In the other series in the West, the Rockets have advanced & just waiting for the Clippers/Spurs to end, which means we already have a 2nd match-up to talk about & break down.

Western Conference

1)Golden State vs 5)Memphis- It just got real for the Warriors! Yeah, I know they swept the Pelicans, but the Pelicans played them tough the 1st 3 games & if the Pelicans didn’t choke game 3, this series would have ended in 5. Steph’s averaging 33 pt & 7 acts this postseason while Draymond Green’s having a great postseason averaging a double double w/ 15 & 12. They are bout to face a tough Memphis squad, whose size of Randolph & Gasol gave the Trailblazers trouble & add to the fact that Portland was already banged up w/ injuries. Speaking of injures, Mike Conley’s eye injury maybe a factor & I wonder will he even make an appearance in this series. I think he might go Westbrook & wear a mask. This has 7 written all over. If the Warriors have one of those series that the outside shooting isn’t falling, they are in trouble. However, I like the Warriors to barely edge out Memphis.

By the time everyone sees this blog, we’ll probably have the rest of the 2nd round series set. Speaking of spots, this is a crazy week for it with the NFL Draft, NHL playoffs, Kentucky Derby, & the Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacaquio. My thoughts, I would like to see Floyd win, but don’t be surprised if it ends in a draw. Happy b-day shootouts to Johnny Vega, Jess Lopez, Linda Ramirez, Liz Gutierrez, Nathan Ponce, Peter Antunez, my girl Lorraine Lopez, Ilsie Guerrero, Crystal Ellis, Aureilo Vela, & Lianna Ponce. I’ll catch everyone on the next blog to break down the other 2nd round match-ups. Peace



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