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Posted: April 16, 2015 by djplaymaker in NBA
#1stto16wins #NBAplayoffs

#1stto16wins #NBAplayoffs

What’s up everybody!! I’m back ladies & gents. I know you missed me & I missed y’all. I was waitng for the right time to come back to chat w/ everyone. Last time we chatted, it was during the Super Bowl. Now, I picked the right time to come back & boy oh boy, it’s my favorite. Yes, it’s the NBA playoffs!! 16 teams fighting for 1 goal & it’s the Larry O’ Brien trophy. We have a 1st timer in the postseason & we have a returner for the 1st time in 4 years. Remember, 1st to 16 wins the trophy. Let’s break the postseason in each conference.

Eastern Conference

1)Atlanta vs 8)Brooklyn- No one expected this team to win 60+ games, but they got hot. Their coach (Mike Budenholzer) is a Popovich disciple & 1st year coach. They had 4 all stars in Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Al Horford & Paul Milsap & they shared Eastern conference player of the month in February. Even though they don’t have a go to guy, they won w/ a team effort. For the Nets, their fans wished that they missed the postseason to enter the lottery. It came down to them & Indiana tonight to clinch the final spot. This wasn’t the same Nets team we saw last yr when they went all in w/ Pierce & Garnett to go along w/ Joe Johnson & Deron Williams. They lost in the 2nd round, Jason Kidd bounced to Milwaukee, Pierce left for Washington, & they traded Garnett to Minnesota at the deadline. However, Thaddeus Young along w/ a rejuvenated Williams & Brook Lopez led them down the stretch to make it in. The Hawks won the season series & it looks like the Nets are just a blip in the Hawks’ radar. Nets swept the season series 4-0 I like the Hawks in 5 games.

2)Cleveland vs 7) Boston- The Cavs have returned to the postseason for the 1st time in 4 yrs, when Lebron was around for his 1st go- around. Now that he has returned & he has a better talented Cavs squad w/ Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love, who both will be making their playoff debuts, it looks good for him. In the beginning of  the season, it was shaky, but everything changed when they acquired Timothy Mozgov, J.R. Smith, & Iman Shumpert. They cliqued on all cylinders & had the best record after the all-star break. Their opponent had the 2nd best. For the Celtics, they were playing to tank the season in my opinion with Brad Stevens in his 2nd yr as coach & Rondo was in trade rumors. When the Mavericks took the bait on Rondo, they were playing for the future. However, with players like Avery Bradley, my guy Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynek, Evan Turner,   Marcus Smart, & Isaiah Thomas, they were making noise. Both teams split the series, but the Cavs had already clinched their spot while Boston was playing for theirs when they won the last 2 games. I like the Cavs in 6 games.

3)Chicago vs 6)Milwaukee-The Bulls went through a lot this year w/ the injuries to Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, & Jimmy Butler, but they managed to keep winning like they usually do when the odds are against them. They are getting healthy & I thought they would be the Cavs’ biggest threat in the East. Not only that the roster was going through issues, but the coach Thibedu was going through the same thing. He’s talking exploring options if the Bulls don’t want him anymore. For the Bucks, Jason Kidd leads them to the playoffs in his 1st yr there like he did in Brooklyn last yr. Sad part is that I wished that Jabari Parker never tore his ACL or else, he’ll be in the playoffs & running for rookie of the yr. Expect the Bulls to travel well since it’s not that far from Milwaukee. Bulls won season series 3-0. Nothing to change here. I have Bulls in 5.

4)Toronto vs 5)Washington- The Raptors won their division, but gets the 4th seed because the Bulls had a better record than them. They are hoping for a better result than last yr when they were eliminated at home in game 7 vs the Nets. Let’s hope their mayor don’t pop like he did in their rally last yr. For the Wizards, they made it to the 2nd round last yr, but added Paul Pierce for his leadership experience to go along w/ John Wall, Bradley, Nene, & Gortat. This series may come down to inside play. Raptors won the season series 3-0, but it’s a new season, so everything starts from scratch. I like the Wizards in 7 games.

Western Conference

1)Golden State vs 8)New Orleans- The Warriors were the fun team to watch last yr. Last yr, they won 52 games w/ Mark Jackson as their coach & lost in the 2nd round to the Clippers. I still think they would had beaten them if Bogut was healthy. This yr, w/ Steve Kerr in his 1st time coaching led them to 67 wins. The Splash Bros (Steph Curry & Klay Thompson) showed why they were the league’s best backcourt all year & Steph played to a MVP level this yr. Matter of fact, they might have 4 individuals in line for awards (Steph for MVP, Andre Iguodala for 6th man, Steve Kerr for coach of the year & Draymond Green for defensive player). For the Pelicans, it’s the 1st time they’ve been in the playoffs ever they traded Chris Paul. It’s the postseason debuts for guys like Tyreke Evans & the future of the league Anthony Davis. Monty Williams, despite all the talk bout him losing his job there, led this young team & fought the Thunder, especially Russell Westbrook for the final spot. The Warriors won the season series 3-1, but the Pelicans won the last match-up & Davis felt disrespect by them thinking it was going be a scrimmage. I like the Warriors in 6 games.

2)Houston vs 7)Dallas- The battle of Texas here. The Rockets earned this spot because it was a log jam between 2 thru 6. James Harden was in the MVP conversation as well & he led that team when Dwight Howard pretty much missed most of the yr. However, they lost some key players before the playoff stretch in Patrick Beverly & Donatas Motiejunas, which hurts their team depth. For Dallas, they went all in when they acquired Rajon Rondo & figured he would be a major piece for their roster to complement Dirk Nowizkti, Chandler Parsons, & Monta Ellis. However, he has had trouble fitting in w/ their system & some people already saying he’s leaving after the season since it’s his contract yr. Let’s hope he finally fit in the “real season”. Rockets won season series 3-1. I like this to go 7 w/ Houston taking it.

3) l..A. Clippers vs 6)San Antonio- Sucks to be a Clippers fan, Good news, you get the 3rd seed, bad news is that you get the champs. Both teams were coming in hot heading into the playoffs. The Spurs could had the no. 2 seed had they’ve beaten New Orleans. For the Clippers, CP3 & Deandre Jordan were the only guys on that team to play all 82 games because everyone was banged up some part of the season (Blake Griffin, J.J. Reddick. & Jamal Crawford). They are coming in w/ a chip on their shoulder because everyone remembers last season when the Donald Sterling situation was the biggest distraction for them. For the champs, everyone was throwing dirt on their graves earlier this yr, saying they’re too old & long playoff runs will tired them out. Add to the fact that Kwali Leonard & Patty Mills were injured earlier, meaning too many minutes for their Big 3 of Duncan, Parker, & Ginobli. However, they flipped the switch, winning 11 out of their last 12 games & the teams in the West were getting nervous. Both teams split the season series. I can see this going the full 7 w/ the champs advancing. The reason I like the Spurs because the Clippers will get exposed in these categories (small forward play, defense & the bench).

4)Portland vs 5)Memphis- The Blazers won the divison & the higher seed, but will have to start the series in Memphis because the Grizz had the better record . For the Blazers, they are coming in banged up w/ Nicolas Batum, Arron Affalo, Chris Kaman, & you know they were going have a hard time when Wesley Matthews went down. However, when you have Damian Lillard & LaMarcus Aldridge, who both had their coming out parties vs Houston in the 1st round last yr, anything can happen. For the Grizzlies, they’re having injury issues as well w/ my guy Mike Conley being banged. If he’s back to his regular self to go along w/ Marc Gasol & Zach Randolph, they’ll give any team in any conference trouble. They did swept the season series 4-0, but like Lilard said on his Twitter page, it’s hard to beat a team 8 times in one yr. This is gonna be a tough decision to make, but I like Memphis in 7.

I hope everyone likes my picks for the 1st round & forgive me for taking too long to blog again (like I was gonna talk bout baseball) Happy b-day shoutouts to my girl Leticia Anaya, Maria Hodge, Jessica Carlos, Veronica Papazian, Joey Lojero, Chris Adams, & Mike Mcquarrie. Make sure you follow my homie Screws (happy belated) when he brings back Screws U & be on the lookout for my homie Campaign Life when he gets his page popping up. I’m out!! Peace!!



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