It’s Super Bowl time

Posted: January 29, 2015 by djplaymaker in NFL
Super Bowl week & we're wondering who's the best cornerback #teamrevis or #teamsherman

Super Bowl week & we’re wondering who’s the best cornerback #teamrevis or #teamsherman

We’re here ladies and gents The Big game has arrived & we have our final 2 teams remaining. One is the defending champs & the other team is making their return to the big stage for the 1st time in 3 yrs. The Champs had to fight off Green Bay @ home in OT to advance while the Pats dominated the Colts, but had some controversy in the game. Both teams headed into media week w/ some issues: The Pats w/ Deflate Gate & the Seahawks w/ Marshawn Lynch’s non talking issues w/ the media & btw, he’s killing it there. Let’s break down the game shall we.

Super Bowl XLIX

New England vs Seattle- The champs are looking to make history as the 1st team since the Pats to repeat as champs. They had to come back from a double digit defect at home vs the Packers to win in ot. Russell Wilson was struggling throughout the whole game,but never gave up & hit the big plays down the stretch. For the Pats, it was a no contest vs the Colts, but made some news after some Colts players found some of the football were deflated. That’s why we had “Deflategate” stealing the headlines before they arrived in Phoenix & Belechik throwing Brady under the bus was classic. The Seahawks’ issues heading into arriving in phoenix was the NFL ganging up on Lynch because of his antics, whether it’s crotch grabbing in the end zone or not talking to the media. He’s already killed it w/ 2 statements: ‘I’m here so I won’t get fined” & “You already know why I’m here”. Funny thing bout this is that Goodell already fined him, but it was for the hat he wore yesterday. It’s been a tough yr for the commish w/ the off the field issues (Ray Rice, Adrian peterson, & the other domestic violence issues). All I want is a good game & not a blow out like last yr. It’s a pick ’em game. The Pats are 1 pt faves. I hate both teams, but I hate Pete Carroll w/ a passion. I gotta go w/ the Pats.

Randy: Seattle.

In the conference title pick’ems. Randy was the only one who got both games right & went 2-0 while yours truly went 1-1. For the overall standings. I have that 1 game lead w/ 176-94-1 while Randy’s at 175-95-1, which means if Randy’s pick is right, we’ll have a tie. I wonder how we’ll do the tiebreaker. Happy b-day shootouts to Chris Carrillo. Steve Lojero, Anthony Garcia, Desiree Montes, the homie Eric Sanchez aka Pico Boy, Rod Chrolon, & the manager at Sage, Albert Khella. Definitely turn-up time at Sage this weekend for him & I’m deejaying their Super Bowl party. Also happy b-day to my aunt Julietta Williams. I see my Cavs are on a roll, continue that streak. Make sure you check out the ‘hood picks” w/ Campaign Life on Happy Fun Time sports w/ Kevin & Melissa on iTunes & make sure you check out Screws U on that as well. check ya’ll out on the next blog probably around all-star break. Peace!!



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