week 16 preview

Posted: December 18, 2014 by djplaymaker in NFL
Can Murray lead the Cowboys to the playoffs w/ a bad left hand?

Can Murray lead the Cowboys to the playoffs w/ a bad left hand?

Down the stretch we come & we have only 2 weeks! Yes, you heard me right, 2 weeks away from the postseason to start & we still have some teams in the hunt. Last week, we saw teams like New England, Denver, & Indianapolis clinched their divisions while the Cards clinched a playoff berth, but lost another qb in the process, Johnny Football wetting the bed in his 1st start, the Cowboys continuing their road dominance this yr & the Saints defeating the Bears so bad bad Cutler was benched for this week. I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for the fans & some of us has fantasy football playoffs starting already. Let’s talk bout this week’s games.


Tennessee vs Jacksonville- Battle of 2-12 teams here & both are in the cellar dweller of the AFC South. Both teams are coming losses, the Jags losing to the Ravens while the Titans lost a close one to the Jets. Nothing to talk bout this game but the loser will have better draft positioning in the draft. Somebody has to win this game. The Jags are fg home faves. I like the Jags to win & cover the spread.

Randy: Tennessee


Philadelphia vs Washington- NFC East battle here. The Eagles were just completely dominated at home vs the Cowboys. Not only they lost the game, but lost control of 1st place in the division. This is the week that Nick Foles will be checked to see if he’s healthy enough to return. They need him. For the Redskins, another loss & RG III will get his job back since Colt got hurt & he’s done for the yr. That quarterback situation is a mess there (Griffin, Cousins, & McCoy) & they’ll need to address in the draft in the off-season. The Eagles are 7.5 road faves. I like the Eagles to bounce back w/ a win & take the over

Randy: Philadelphia

San Diego vs San Francisco- Both teams are coming off losses, but the 49ers’ loss eliminated them from the playoffs. The days of Harbaugh as their coach looks doomed & the Wolverines aren’t playing around offering him a 6 yr, 48 mil contract. It’s so bad for the Niners this yr that they shut down Bowman for the yr a week after activating him & they cut Ray McDonald today after they found out he’s been investigated for a possible sexual assault case. Remember, he was arrested earlier this for domestic violence, but dropped the charges due to insufficient evidence. For the Chargers, they suffered a home loss to the Broncos, but still in the hunt for the playoffs. They need a lot of help though. the 49ers are 2 pt home faves. They end their season w/ 2 home games. I like the 49ers to eek out a close game at home.

Randy: San Francisco


New England vs NY Jets- AFC East battle here. The Pats already clinched the division, but still battling the Broncos for home field advantage throughout the playoffs So Belechik can’t start going into preseason mode & start resting players yet. For the Jets, they defeated the Titans, but their fans weren’t happy bout it because they rather tank & get better draft position. Who are they going to get? Todd McShay thinks it might Amari Cooper from Alabama, but if you get him, then you’re still stuck w/ Geno. The Pats are 10 pt road faves. I take the Pats to win & take the over because it’s going get ugly in Met Life Stadium.

Randy: New England

Kansas City vs Pittsburgh- If the playoffs started today, the Steelers would be in. They are coming off a road win in Atlanta & might clicking at the right time. They could still catch Cincy since they are only 1/2 game back them in the AFC North & still have to finish the season vs them at home. For the Chiefs, they got payback on the Raiders for that embarrassing loss in Oakland. The Chiefs are still in the hunt for the playoffs & they just need either the Steelers or Ravens to lose to get them back in the party. It’s going be tough for the Chiefs, especially in Heinz Field. The Steelers are fg home faves. I like the Steelers to win & cover. If this game was in Arrowhead, I would had said the Chiefs.

Randy: Pittsburgh

Green Bay vs Tampa Bay- The Packers had a bad day in Buffalo & Rodgers struggled. Not only they lost, but the Lions brought themselves back in the division title hunt & they play them in the season finale in Lambeau w/ the Lions already winning the 1st one in Ford Field. For the Bucs, already eliminated from the playoffs, but the team probably want to play for pride since this 1st yr for Lovie didn’t turned out as he wanted. The Packers are 10 pt road faves. I like the Packers to win, but take the under.

Randy: Green Bay

Cleveland vs Carolina- Johnny Football looked more like Johnny Food Stamps last week. The Bengals had him rattled & they dominated us. I’ll admitted that. We couldn’t stop the run, our top 3 corners were banged (I think Haden’s day to day) & I know some people were crying for them to put Hoyer back in, but the front office’s too high on him & he experienced those rookie pains. For the Panthers, they had a close win vs the Bucs & Cam’s back practicing w/ the 2nd team. Rivera doesn’t know who’s going start this game. The Panthers still have a shot for that soft NFC South if they win out & the Saints & Falcons stumble down the end. It may be an ugly game here in Charlotte. The Panthers are 4 pt home faves. I like my Browns & Manziel to rebound & get the win. My goal is to see the Browns finish at least w/ a .500 record.

Randy: Carolina

Atlanta vs New Orleans- At first, this battle could had decided the NFC South since both teams were struggling, but the Saints have picked the right time to start streaking. They went into Chi-town on a cold Monday night & punked the Bears in their own house, proving they could win a big game on the road. For the Falcons, coming off a home loss to Pittsburgh, but only a game back of the Saints & if they win, they would own the tiebreaker in the division . It’s some crazy ish in this race. The Saints are 5.5 home faves. It’s gonna be a shootout, but I like the Saints to win & take the under.

Randy: New Orleans

Detroit vs Chicago- NFC North battle & both teams are going in opposite directions. The Lions got two wins last week. They defeated the Vikings & the Bills did them a favor w/ their win over the Packers. They finish their season in Lambeau vs the Packers & that could decide the division title. For the Bears, it’s getting ugly for them. Not only they lost to the Saints on MNF, they benched Cutler in favor of Jimmy Clausen & it looks like Trestman’s out the door as well. They just want the season to end already for them. Lions are touchdown road faves. I like the Lions to win & cover the spread.

Randy: Detroit

Baltimore vs Houston- The Ravens are in the play-offs if the season ended today. They could only go in as a wild card & not the division winner since Cincy owns their tiebreaker. They are coming off a close win over the Jags & like the Steelers, they are clicking at the right team & you don’t want to face them in the postseason. For the Texans, tough road loss to the Colts, but still in the hunt for the play-offs as well. If Clowney could had played more than 4 games this yr, they would be controlling their destiny in the wild card race. It’s still JJ Watt for MVP for me. The Ravens are 5 pt road faves. I like the Ravens to win & take the over because that Savage qb for H-Town is going be scared for his life when he sees T- Sizzle & CJ Mosley in his grill all day

Randy: Baltimore

Minnesota vs Miami- Both teams are coming off losses, but the Dolphins are still in the hunt for the playoffs. The Vikings can finish at .500 by winning out the remaining games. Both teams have something to play for down the stretch. The Dolphins are 6.5 home faves. I like the Dolphins to win & cover the spread.

Randy: Miami

NY Giants vs St Louis- The Giants are on a 2 game winning streak & Odell Beckham achieved some personal best last week. Speaking of Beckham, thanks for the 35 pts & trophy last week in my f.f quarterfinal. A great fill in for Brandon Marshall when he got hurt. For the Rams, tough home loss to the Cards, who was down to their 3rd qb when Shelton got hurt. The Rams can finish 8-8 again if they win out. Let’s see if that defense could slow down Eli & Beckham. The Rams are 5 pt home faves. I like the G-Man to win & take the under.

Randy: St Louis

Indianapolis vs Dallas- Both teams are coming off wins & the Clots have already clinched their divisions. The Cowboys are 7-0 on the road & they dominated Philly, but at what cost. DeMarco Murrary breaks his left hand & had surgery this week. The big question is will they sit him before the playoffs or will they play him knowing the risk. Remember, he had trouble in the 1st half of games fumbling the ball. It’s gonna be a good match-up between Romo & Luck.. Whoever has them on their fantasy teams, watch the points pile up. The Boys are fg home faves. The Cowboys are undefeated at home, but 3-4 at Jerry’s world. I like the Colts to win & cover, thus bringing the Eagles back in the NFC East picture (how you like that answer Letty)

Randy: Indianapolis

Buffalo vs Oakland- The Bills shook up the world last week by defeating the Packers at home last week & they made Aaron Rodgers’ day a living hill. They are still in the hunt for the wild card at 8-6, but would need help to make it to one of those 2 seeds. For the Raiders, they just got smacked in the mouth by the Chiefs in Arrowhead. They just want the season to end & see what they’ll get in the draft. The Bills are 6 pt road faves. I like her Bills to win & cover

Randy: Buffalo

Seattle vs Arizona- NFC West battle & it could decide the division. The Cards already clinched a playoff berth, but can solidify the division by winning out. They defeated the Rams last week, but lost another qb & down to their 3rd string (sounds like my Buckeyes). For the champs, they are back on their Super Bowl swagger & are peaking at the right time. If they win out, take the division & have a playoff game at the Link, it’s a wrap. It’s a primetime affair in Glendale, Arizona & could that 3rd string qb had that pressure. The Seahawks are 5 pt road faves. I like the champs to win & cover the spread.

Randy: Seattle


Denver vs Cincinnatti- The season finale of MNF & it could be a good one. The Broncos have clinched their division, but they are battling the Pats for home field throughout. The Bengals could clinch a playoff spot w/ a win, the division w/ a win & both the Steelers & Ravens lose. A lot of scenarios here. What a week a difference makes for the Bengals. Last week, it was Johnny Manziel. this week, it’s Peyton Manning. In the word of Meek Mil: they’re levels to this quarterback ish. I wonder if Dalton can match-up to Manning’s level. The Broncos are fg road faves. It’s the home finale for the Bengals this week & I know they want to send their fans home happy. I like the Bengals to win & cover.

Randy: Denver

Last week, yours truly took the top spot for week 15 w/ a 11-5 showing while Randy round it out w/ a 10-5 showing. It’s still a dog fight for that overall spot as I have a game lead w/ a 149-79-1 record while Randy’s at 148-80-1. In the fantasy football world, I dominated my quarterfinal match-up & now I’m in the semis knowing a win gets me in the title game & I could go back to back. Happy b-day shootouts to Lydia Avila, Elidio Avila, Stacy Ciesa, Amanda Ramirez, Diego Abraham, Nitanna Villasenor, Robbie Uyeno, Jeff Dowell, Monica Villar Cruz, Jade Monge, Rosemary Prieto, Blank Dee, Moises Hurtado aka DJ Deck a Rec, Christy Inoferio, Myra Viado, Anthony Araya, & last but not least, my favorite WHS class of 95 alumni Tina Juarez. Big shout out to my boy Alex “Campaign Life” Reyes on his new gig on that podcast “Happy Fun Time Sports w/ Kevin & Melissa” Make sure you check out that podcast & also make sure you check out Screws U on ITunes. I wish everyone a safe X-mas & I’ll see everyone on the next blog. Peace!!



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