week 15 preview

Posted: December 10, 2014 by djplaymaker in NFL
Here's Johnny!!! He's finally making his 1st start. Could he be the Browns'  for that wild card #draftday

Here’s Johnny!!! He’s finally making his 1st start. Could he be the Browns’ for that wild card #draftday

Down the stretch we come for the regular season. We’re starting to separate some space for the divisional winners as well as the wild card. It’s still going be a dog fight, especially in the AFC for the wild card. Last week, we saw the Browns blow a great opportunity to make the AFC North race more messier, the Cowboys dominating the Bears so they won’t finish 8-8 this yr, Saints & Falcons both losing making the NFC South a complete joke, Seahawks on a roll, the 49ers losing to the Raiders & the Pats redeem in themselves from the Packers’ debacle. 3 weeks til the “real party” begins. Good luck to all potential playoff teams. Let’s preview week 15!!


Arizona vs St Louis- NFC west battle to start the week. The Rams are the best 6-7 team I’ve ever seen & they are looking to finish the season strong. They smacked the Redskins in D.C & Fisher did a lil trolling on them in the process by bringing all 6 players they received from the RG III trade out for the coin toss. For the Cards, they snapped their 2 game losing streak w/ a win over Kansas City at home & they still find to win games, despite what the injury bugs hits them with. They have a tough stretch down the road if they want to keep their lead in the division. It’s gonna be a defensive battle. The Rams area 4.5 home faves. I like the Rams to win & take the under.



Oakland vs Kansas City- round 2 of this nasty divisional rivalry. The Raiders got their 1st win over them in the 1st match-up in Oakland. The Silver & Black are coming off a win the battle of the Bay over the 49ers & it was weird for them to face a guy in Jim Harbaugh, who’s name was in a rumor for them to coach next year. They have a couple things other than a new coach to worry bout like where will they play next yr since the lease in the Stadium is up. For the Chiefs, still in the dog fight for the wild card, but will need help & they are limping down to the finish. It’s going be loud in Arrowhead. The Chiefs are 10 pt home faves. I like KC to win & take the under.


Miami vs New England- Round 2 of this AFC East battle. The Dolphins won the 1st match-up in South Beach in the opening week. The Dolphins lost a great opportunity to keep ground in that wild card picture
w/ that home loss to the Ravens. They would need a lot of help to make the postseason like the other teams still in this race. The Pats came off that loss in Lambeau w/ a great performance vs the Chargers on the road. They were down 14-3, but didn’t panic & got going to come back & win. The Pats are in the race for home field w/ Denver, so every game is big for them. I wonder what the weather will be in Foxborro. The Pats are 7.5 home faves. I like the Pats to win & cover the spread.


Washington vs NY Giants- NFC East bottom feeder match-up here. 1st of all, welcome to my squad Odell Beckham Jr.!! The Giants redeemed themselves from that blown game in Jacksonville w/ a shutout win over the Titans. Odell’s making his name for the offensive rookie of the yr race. For the Redskins, you got trolled & blanked at home vs the Rams & now RG III’s back in the starting line-up since Colt got hurt. The Skins don’t know who they want to play qb since Gruden doesn’t want Griffin behind center. The Giants goal for this yr is to not finish last in the NFC East. The G-Man are 6.5 home faves. I like the Giants to win & take the over.


Cincinnati vs Cleveland- Round 2 of the battle of Ohio & it’s special because it’s the beginning of the Johnny Football era. Yes, it’s true, Johnny Manziel will make his 1st career start this week. Petitine decided to make this move because Hoyer’s has been struggling lately & his performance last week killed us. The defense played their heart out & caught Andrew Luck on a bad day. However, seven 3 & outs in the 2nd half killed us & the offense didn’t do their job. For the Bengals, just when you thought they were going to run away w/ the division, the Steelers had other plans by scoring 21 unanswered pts in the 4th qtr. Even though the Browns are 7-6 & Cincy’s 8-4-1, another loss by them makes them panicky. By the way, thanks for the bulletin board material Marvin Lewis. Not only you pissed off our qb, but you pissed off the little people. The Browns won the 1st match-up in Cincy w/ a defensive effort. it’s a pick ’em game. i like my Browns to win because Johnny will provide a spark..


Houston vs Indianapolis- The Colts already clinched the division w/ the win last week in Cleveland, but I know they want to move up to that 3rd seed in the AFC playoff positioning. They won the 1st match-up in H-town, but the Texans are in the hunt for the wild card race. Speaking of the Texans, they came off a win over the Jags & should they already put the “bust” label on Clowney since he’s done for the yr. He’s only played 4 games all this yr. At least you have a great superstar match-up w/ Andrew Luck vs JJ Watt. The Colts are 6.5 home faves. I like the Colts to win & cover the spread.


Jacksonville vs Baltimore- The Raven put themselves back in the race for the AFC North title w/ a road win over the Dolphins. Even though they were swept by the Bengals in the head to head match-up, the Bengals could struggle down the end. For the Jags, got smacked in the mouth at home vs the Texans, but it’s still rebuilding mode for them. The Ravens are 14 pt home faves. I like the Ravens to win & cover the spread.


Green Bay vs Buffalo- The Packers are the hottest team w/ 5 straight wins & Rodgers is playing like a MVP. Last week, they dropped 42 on a piss poor Falcons secondary. For the Bills, they held Peyton Manning w/o a td pass last week, but still lost the game. Buffalo’s in that 7-6 log jam & will need help to make the wild card push. Packers are 4.5 road faves. I like the Packers to win & take the slight over.


Pittsburgh vs Atlanta- The Steelers went 0 to 100 real quick in the 4th qtr last week on the Bengals last week. If they make they make the playoffs, I feel sorry for any team who’ll face them. For the Falcons, despite Julio Jones big game (259 yds receiving) & scoring 37 pts, they still lost to the Packers. Only bright spot for them is that they still own the tiebreaker over the Saints in the sub .500 known as the NFC South. The Steelers are 3 pt road faves. i like the Steelers to win by a td.


Tampa Bay vs Carolina- Cam’s truck over 3-4 times yesterday & he suffered 2 transverse process fractures in his lower back. It’s the same injury Tony Romo had earlier this yr. Derek Anderso will get the start this week & he got the 1st win in week 1 this yr when Cam was recovering from his ankle injury. For the Bucs, despite getting toyed by the Lions, they are still in that race we call the NFC South as well as the Panthers. The Panthers are fg home faves. I like the Panthers to win & cover. #getwellcam


Denver vs San Diego- AFC West battle here. The Broncos are still in that race for home field advantage for the AFC playoffs w/ the Pats. They defeated the Bills at home, despite Peyton not throwning a td pass. They finally got a running game so they won’t be one dimensional. For the Chargers, home loss vs Pats, which made Philip Rivers 0-6 vs Tom Brady. However, they are 8-5 & would be in the dance if the season ended today. They control their own destiny here. The Broncos won the 1st match-up in Denver, so the Chargers would like to even the head to head match-up here. Broncos are 4 pt road faves. I like the Broncos to win by a td.


NY Jets vs Tennessee- Bottom feeder game right here. Both teams are coming off losses & combined record of 4-22. The Jets had a tough overtime loss to the Vikings & Geno Smith made me laugh by saying he’s making stride to be a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback. Yeah right. For the Titans, they got shutout at home by the G-Man & you lose Metteberger in the process. I guess the ‘Suck for the Duck” campaign is still alive. Somebody has to win this game. The Jets are 2 pt faves. I like the Titans to win. Any qb for them is better than Geno!!


Minnesota vs Detroit- NFC North battle here. The Lions are still winning games & still on the Packers’ tail for that division crown. They still have that final match-up to end the sea on in Lambeau & still control their destiny in the wild card race. For the Vikings, coming off a overtime win vs the Jets & are a game under .500. They’re looking to finish strong. If only they had Peterson, they’ll be in the wild card race. The Lions are 8 pt home faves. I like the Lions to win & take the under.


San Francisco vs Seattle- Round 2 of this NFC West match-up. The Seahawks dominated the thanksgiving match-up 2 weeks ago in the Bay. The Seahawks are starting to find their Super Bowl swagger back. In the last 3 games, they held their opponent their season lows. Last week, they held Chip Kelly’s high powered offense to 14 its. For the 49ers, losing to the Raiders pretty knocked them out the play-off race & Harbaugh’s counting down the days his coaching tenure is numbered. They activated Bowman, but won’t play him this week. The Seahawks are 10 pt home faves. I like the Seahawks to win & take the over.


Dallas vs Philadelphia- The game of the week. Round 2 of this match-up, the Eagles dominated the Cowboys on thanksgiving 2 week ago in their house. Philly ran into a buzz saw called the Seattle Seahawks. Can’t blame them for that. For the Cowboys, they dominated the Bears in Soldier Field insuring them they won’t finish 8-8. They also kept their undefeated record on the road to 6-0 this yr. The Cowboys aren’t in the postseason if the season ended today. Hostile territory & under the lights equals great game. Philly’s a fg home fave. I like the Eagles to win round 2 & take the over. Here’s your answer Leticia Robinson soon to be Sprague. It’s still December & I had you guys finishing 2-2 that faithful month. #flyeaglesfly



New Orleans vs Chicago- The Ditka Bowl for ESPN. Both teams are coming off losses & are in disarray. The Saints got popped in the mouth figuratively & literally by the Panthers. It was so bad that Coach Payton had 10 players in his office for personal evaluations, benched Kenny Vacarro, & cut Josh Morgan. However, they are still tied for 1st w/ the Falcons in the piss poor NFC South. For the Bears, home loss to the Cowboys & got worse when Brandon Marshall suffered broken ribs & a lung injury, thus ending his season. It hurt me in fantasy football, but thank goodness Odell Beckham was on the waiver wire. i know it’s going be a cold night in Chi-town & the Saints have trouble winning outside the dome. I wonder who Ditka would be pulling for. The Saints are fg road faves. I like the Saints to win & cover.

Last week, Randy took the top spot w/ a 11-5 showing while I finished w/a 10-6 showing. However, in the overall showing, we are both tied w/ a 133-74-1 record. It’s going be a dog fight down to the end. Happy b-day shootouts to Natalie Madigal, Jennifer Herman, Louie Vasich, Veronica Hernandez, Marissa Janeen Avendano, Esmeralda Rodriguez, Catherine Maya, Amber Garcia, Kassie Eileen, & Christine Henshall. Congrats to the Ohio St Buckeyes on winning the BIG 10 title game & making the 4 team playoff. Make sure you follow Screws & check out the blog Screws U on iTunes!! I holler at you guys next blog. Peace!!



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