Week 14 preview

Posted: December 4, 2014 by djplaymaker in NFL
Hoyer kept his job for now, but for how long? He'll be on a short leash this week #warmupJohnnyFootbal

Hoyer kept his job for now, but for how long? He’ll be on a short leash this week #warmupJohnnyFootbal

Only 4 more weeks left in the regular season. We have some dogfights in divisions as well as the wild card races. Last week, we saw Hoyer vs Manziel revisited, Marvin Lewis bonehead move resulted in a Bengals win, thanksgiving beatdowns in all 3 games, the Jags coming bsck from 21 down to defeat the Giants, the Packers winning the SB preview vs the Pats, & the Dolphins w/ a grind out win on Monday night. It’s coming down the stretch & we will see who will make the postseason cut. Before we break down these games, I wanna say R.I.P. to my uncle Walter Brewster Jr. Always will be loved by the family.


Dallas vs Chicago- Both teams are coming off thanksgiving beatdowns, but the Cowboys lost was vs a Philly team who was tied w/ them for 1st in the NFC East & they won’t see them again til next week in Philly for the rematch. The Bears are playing for pride & trying to save Trestman’s job. It’s December & you know how Romo does in that month. The Cowboys are 3.5 road faves. It’s in Soldier Field & the Cowboys are undefeated on the road this yr, but it’s December. I’m gonna w/ the Bears & take the over (for my buddy Leticia Robinson, remember it’s December)

Randy: Dallas


Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati- AFC North battle here. The best division hands down in the league this yr. The Steelers are coming off a home loss vs the Saints while the Bengals were the only team in the AFC North to win & their lead on the other 3 teams are a game & half. The Bengals win came w/ some controversy as Marvin Lewis throws a challenge under 2 mins left in the 4th & the Bucs driving for a winning fg. He said he couldn’t find an official to call a timeout, so he throws the red flag. Officials found out the Bucs had 12 man on the field & it killed their momentum. 1st match-up between these 2 & they don’t meet again til the final week of the season. Expect a dogfight in both match-ups. The Bengals are fg home faves. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I like the Black & Yellow to win & cover. I trust Big Ben over Andy Dalton in big game situations.

Randy: Cincy

Indianapolis vs Cleveland- My Browns have couple issues. They’re coming a road loss vs the Bils. In that same game, Hoyer was benched after throwing his 2nd int & was replaced by Johnny Manziel. Manziel lead them down the field for their only td & we had Hoyer vs Manziel revisted. Petitne stuck to his guns & said Hoyer will remain the starter, but I know he’ll be on a short leash. For the Colts, coming off a dominating win over the Redskins & they can clinch the AFC South w/ a win or Texans loss. Interesting storyline in this game is the return of Trent Richadson & D’Qwell Jackson. I have nothing but respect for Jackson, but Richardson’s already throwing some bullentin board material saying the organization gave up on him after 2 yrs & he’ll jump in the Dawg Pound should he score. So anxious for this match-up. Colts are 3.5 road faves. I like my Browns cuz they only have 2 home losses & if they can get back to their running game & dominate the time of possession, they can get a close win.

Randy: Indy

Tampa Bay vs Detroit- The Lions enjoyed a great thanksgiving w/ a win over the Bears & Megatron had his best game of the season as well.. They are still in the wild card hunt & still have their eyes on the NFC North because they end the season w/ one more match-up vs the Packers in lambeau. For the Bucs, just playing for pride & I know Lovie wished he had a mulligan in his 1st season back in Tampa. Lions are 10 pt home faves. I like the Lions, but take the under because Tampa will play you tough.

Randy: Detroit

Houston vs Jacksonville- Before I talk about the Texans, I gotta say this: JJ Watt for MVP. He’s the 1st defensive player in 70 yrs to score 5 tds in one yr. He has same amount of tds as wins for the Jags, Raiders, & Jets combined. Only reason he probably won’t win it because the Texans have a .500 record. Then again, when Adrian Peterson won the MVP, the Vikings had an 8-8 record, made the playoffs & he rushed for 2,000 yds. For the Jags, they made team history by coming back from 21 down to defeat the Giants & spoil Coughlin’s homecoming. It’s still rebuilding mode for the Jags. I think they’re gonna shock some squads next yr. The Texans are 5 pt road faves. I like the Texans to win & take the under.

Randy: Houston

Baltimore vs Miami- A battle of 7-5 teams here & both are in the battle for the postseason The Dolphins had to grind out a close win in New York over the Jets. They were down the whole game & their defense brought them back. Cameron Wake’s a beast people. For the Ravens, a close home loss to the Chargers dropped them to 7-5 & in that logjam in the AFC North. It’s gonna be a defensive battle & it may come down between Tannerhill & Flacco. The Dolphins are 2.5 home faves. I like the Fins to win by a fg because they are at home.

Randy: Miami

NY Jets vs Minnesota- The Jets are a mess, but we already knew that. They almost beat the Dolphins w/ Geno Smith only throwing 13 passes & Rex Ryan’s feeling like he’s going puke after every loss. The Vikings have been playing well as of late & they had 2 tds of blocked punts in their win over the Panthers. Their goal is to finish w/ a better record than the Bears. If only Adrian Peterson was still around & didn’t have his off the field issues. It may come down to which qb (Geno or Bridgewater) makes the less mistakes. The Vikes are 5.5 home faves. I like the Vikes to win & take the under. I trust Teddy before I trust Geno

Randy: Minnesota

Carolina v New Orleans- Round 2 of this NFC South battle, the Saints won the 1st match-up in Charlotte. The Saints are coming off a road win in Pittsburgh & have 5 wins to be in a tie deadlock for 1st w/ Atlanta in the division. It may be someone to finish either 9-7, 8-8, or 7-9 to win that division. For the Panthers, the ship has sinking real bad. From having the best record in the NFC to this, it’s been bad. I wonder if Greg Hardy will be on the roster next yr. Saints are 10 pts faves. I like the Saints to win & take the over.

Randy: New Orleans

NY Giants vs Tennessee- The Giants want to forget bout last week’s game. They had a 21+ lead in Jacksonville only to lose the lead & the game. It ruined the homecoming for Coughlun & they’re wondering if he’ll be back on the sidelines next r. In my opinion, they won’t fire him. He’ll resign before he gets fired. For the Titans, they were manhandled by Watt & the Texans. They’re just hoping for the season to end & see what they can get in the draft because it sounds like they gave up on Locker. The G-Men are 1.5 road fave. I like the Giants by least a td.

Randy: Tenn

St. Louis vs Washington- The Rams are looking to finish strong down the stretch. They put up 53 on the Raiders & got Chris Long back in the process. BTW, to that police commisoner who wanted Goodell to fine Austin & the other 4 guys for doing that ‘Hands Up” gesture to support Ferguson, eat a dick. Let players speak their minds. I had no problem w/ that. For the Redskins, smacked in the mouth in Indy & you probably don’t believe in either qb on your roster (RGIII, Cousins, or Colt McCoy). To quote Desean Jackson’s IG post from couple weeks ago: You can’t do epic shit with basic people. The Rams are 2.5 road faves. I like the Rams by a td.

Randy: St Louis

Kansas City vs Arizona- Both teams are coming off losses. The Chiefs’ losses to the Broncos dropped them in that 7-5 logjam for the final wild card spot & they have a tough 4 game stretch to end the season. The Cards have lost 2 straight & they might have to worry bout Seattle in the NFC West creepin on them as they have a tough stretch to end the season as well. At least both teams have qbs they can ride for. It’s a toss up game as it’s even on the odds. I like the Cards to win since they are at home.

Randy: Arizona

Buffalo vs Denver- After a great win in their return to Buffalo vs my Browns, the Bills have to travel to Denver to face the Broncos in a late match-up. The Broncos are coming off a tough road win in Kansas City & are looking to have homefield advantage in the postseason. However, they have to play catch-up to the Pats. 1 or 2 would do for them. The Bills are in that 7-5 logjam, so every game is important to them. The return of Kyle Orton is a small storyline here. He was runned out because of Tebow, who was runned out because of Manning. The Broncos are 10 pt home faves. I like the Broncos, but take the under because the Bills will make it a game if that defensive line gets to Peyton Manning.

Randy: Denver

San Francisco vs Oakland- Battle of the Yay Area here. Both teams are coming off losses, but the 49ers are having issues. Not only losing to Seattle at home was bad, the rumors bout they were willing to trade Harbaugh for a draft pick & the Raiders were one of the teams in the rumor. Jim’s wife wants to stay in the West, but I wonder what Jim wants to do. The organization has been dick him around bout his contract since last off-season. He may want to stay or bounce to maybe Michigan, who fired Brady Hoke yesterday. For the Raiders, 1-10 & got smacked in the mouth by the Rams 53-0 last week. They have been on the clock ever since week 1. Not only they are worrying bout their future on the field, they’re worrying bout what city will they be in after this yr since their lease at the O’ ends this yr I think. The 49ers are 8 pt road faves. I like the 49ers to win & cover the spread.

Randy: San Francisco

Seattle vs Philadelphia- Both teams are coming thanksgiving wins over divisional rivals and on the road may I add. The Eagles went into Dallas & dominated the Cowboys while the Seahawks went into San Francisco & just punked the 49ers, pretty much got in their head. It’s the high powered offense vs the Legion of Boom. Something gots to give here. It’s a pick’em game here. I like the Eagles to win by a fg because they are the home team, but something tells me that Sanchez may be rattled by the Seahawks defense.

Randy: Seattle

New England vs San Diego- NBC’s game of the night. The Chargers are coming off a come from behind road win over the Ravens in B-More while the Pats saw their 7 game winning streak snapped in Green Bay. It was closed, but the Pats defense, which was dominating for majoarity of the season just couldn’t stop that bad man Aaron Rodgers. The Chargers are leading the wild card race, so whatever loss they get is huge. The Pats are 3.5 road faves. I like the Pats to win & cover the spread on the road.

Randy: New England


Atlanta vs Green Bay- The Monday night affair. Both teams are in 1st place in their respective divisions. The Packers ended the 7 game winning streak of the Pats w/ home win in a Super Bowl preview while the Falcons continue to keep their eyes on the NFC South title w/ a home win over the Cards. I would never the Falcons to still have hope for the postseason despite their fanbase wanting Mike Smith to be fired. Great match-up here at qb between Rodgers & Matt Ryan. It may come down to the defense. The Packers are 13 pt home faves. I like the Packers, but take the under.

Randy: Green Bay

Last week, yours truly & randy were tied for the top spot w/ a 10-6 showing. It’s stll a dogfight for the overall spot w/ yours truly w/ a 123-68-1 showing while Randy has a 122-69-1 showing. In fantasy footbal, my 3 game winning streak was snapped, however still in 2nd behind Mega 7981 who lost last week as well. Happy b-day shoutouts to Payton Claiborne, Tanya Ramos, Emily Yasutomi, Estee Chico, my boy Steven Arreloa aka DJ Luxury, Jamie Duchesneau, the homie Noe Macias aka Noez (we missed you this yr on the picks), Manuel Fierros, Jonathan Holguin, Lisa Valles, Rosie Godinez, Arthur Mendoza, & my cousin Garnetta Dansby. Congrats in order to Mary & Christopher Polanco on their marriage. Good luck to my Ohio St Buckeyes, who are in the Big 10 title & have a lot of things going on w/ them w/ Glenville’s own Carndale Jones filling in for JT Barrett & the suicide death of their lineman Kosta Karageorge. Make sure you follow the homie Screws on his podcast Screws U on ITUNES! Until, I catch ya’ll on the next blog! Peace



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