Week 10 preview

Posted: November 5, 2014 by djplaymaker in NFL
Patrick Perterson & the Cards are riding high w/ the NFL's best record @ 7-1

Patrick Perterson & the Cards are riding high w/ the NFL’s best record @ 7-1

How’s my football’s fan doing out there!! Already here at week 10, & we have some parity in the NFL. We have the usual suspects (Broncos, Pats, Steelers,, Seahawks, & Packers) & we have the new booties aka the surprises ( Browns, Cards, Dolphins, & Bills). Last week, we saw life w/o Romo would look like for Dallas, my Browns w/ another ugly win, Sanchez coming off the bench to relieve an injured Foles to get a win for Philly, the Chargers getting spanked in South beach, Brady getting another win over Manning, Kaep fumbling a qb sneak at a crucial time, Big Ben w/ another 6 td pass game & Andrew Luck going H..A.M on the Giants. I wonder what we have in store for the next 7 weeks. Let’s break down this week games.


Cleveland vs Cincinnati- The battle of Ohio round 1 & divisional game for 1st place in AFC North here. Both teams are coming off wins, the Browns had to grind aout an ugly one at home vs Tamps while the Bengals had to hold off Jacksonville at home. How the Browns are winning w/o a running game & Hoyer’s accurancy issues are surprising to me.. Plus, they have 2 more games til Josh Gordon’s return. The Bengals are finding ways to win as well w/ their star receiver A.J. Green being injured & Giovanni Bernard struggling. BTW, why is Greg Little popping off w/ bullentin board material? He was know more for drops than big catches!! It’s gonna be a loud night in tha ‘Natti. Bengals are 6.5 home faves. Even though we are 0-17 in divisional road games, that’s the past.! We’re the new Browns. I like my Browns to win & cover the spread..



Tennessee vs Baltimore – The Ravens would like to take that taste of the Steelers’ ass whooping out of their mouth. Too much Ben Rothesberger was their demise. Titans are coming off a bye week. Bad timing for them to go into Baltimore. Wrong place, wrong time. The Ravens are 10 pt home faves I like the Ravens to win & take the over.


Kansas City vs Buffalo- Battle of 5-3 teams here. The Bills are coming off a bye week while the Chiefs completely over powered the Jets at home. Both teams are in the hunt for the wild cards, but are fighting off another team in their respective divisions. I guess the Kyle Orton experiment is panning out very well in Buffalo since they are winning games while the Chiefs are finally finding their niche. It’s gonna be a great game. It may come down to qb play & which qb (Orton or Alex Smith) makes less mistakes. Chiefs are 1.5 road faves. I like the Bills to win a close one at home.


Miami vs Detroit- The Dolphins are looking to ride that momentum of that 37-0 shutout of the Chargers w/ them when they head to Detroit. They along w/ the Bills are still in the hunt for the AFC East title & still have one more game vs the Patriots. So they can gain grond & if Ryna Tannerhil plays like the way he played the rest of the season, look out. The Lions are leading the NFC North & coming off the bye week. They could have Megatron back this game & he needed to rest that knee. He’s due for a breakout game. Detroit is a 5 pt home fave. I like the Lions to win & cover the points.


Dallas vs Jacksonville – The 3rd game this yr London. The Cowboys showed what life looked w/o Romo last week as they only managed to scor 10 pts 7 losing another home game, this time to the Cards. If any Cowboys wanted to know about Weeden’s game, this should had asked me. My browns had o deal w/ his timid play for 2 yrs. For the Jags, they gave the Bengals a scare before eventually losing the game, but they are young & starting to show signs of a future The Romo factor will be huge. If he plays, how will he look. The game is pretty much an even pick. I like the Cowboys by a fg. Just let Murrary run the ball.


San Francisco vs New Orleans- Qucik question: what the hell’s going on w/ the Niners.? 4-4, might miss the playoffs & these harbaugh haters are back at it again. Now, you got Jerry Rice saying the team doesn’t believe in his college mentality. The Saints are leading the NFC South w/ a .500 record. They finally won a meaningful road game last week in Carolina & Mark Ingram has giving them that running game they lacked earlier in the season. It may be a close game here. Saints are 4.5 home faves. I like the Saints because they hardly lose at home.


Pittsburgh vs NY Jets- I guess the elite qbs list were forgetting bout Big Big 2 weeks ago. Ever since my Browns demolished him & the Steelers, they have been resurrected, he’s had 2 straight games of 6 td passes & I guess it’s all lovey, dovey w/ Tomlin & Haley. For the Jets, they seem to can’t get anything right. 1-9, another loss & GM’s in the hot seat iike Rex!! My advice, just play Matt Simms the rest of the way. What do you have to lose? Steelers are 5 pt road fave. It’s gonna be a funeral in Met Life Stadium. Steelers & the over


Atlanta vs Tampa Bay- Battle of the bottom feeders in the NFC South.I would never though that the Falcons wold have back to back seasons of futality. At least they ae coming off a bye week. For the Bucs, they had my Brownies n the ropes before losing. Thye don’t know which qb is the man (McKown or Glennon). At least McCoy s giving their fans something to watch. Ugly game to watch here. Falcons are pt road faves. I trust Matt Ryan over any of those Bucs qb anytime. I like the Falcons by a td.


Denver vs Oakland- Both teams are coming off losses, but it’s a divisional game as well as a rivalry. The Broncos were just manhandled by the Pats in Foxborro, making Peyton Manning 5-11 vs Brady. How will he ever shae that kryptonie? For the Raiders, gave the Seahawks a scare in their house before the loss. Like the saying goes, wrong place, wrong time for the Raiders. Broncos are 11.5 road faves. I like the Broncos to win & take the under.


St Louis vs Arizona- NFC West battle here. Both teams are coming off wins Who would had thought the Cards would have the best record in the NFL after 9 weeks. 7-1, Carson Palmer’s making less mistakes, Larry’ Fitzgerald finding the fountain of youth & defense has still haven’t giving up a 100 yd game by a running back. For the Rams, had to grind out a road win in San Francisco & the defense had found the qb w/ 8 sacks last week. They may be 3-5, but 2 of those wins came against both the Seahawks & 49ers. Divisonal game here. It’s gonna be a close game. Cards are a td home fave. I like the the Cards to win & cover.


NY Giants vs Seattle- The Giants haven’t looked themselves for the past 2 games. They were popped in the mouth at home vs the Colts. Andrew Luck had them at their mercy & Eli struggled that game. Too many drops by his receivers & no running game whatsoever. They lost Ankurima for the yr when he tore his triceps. For the Seahawks, a close game win over the raiders, but they haven’t looked good all yr. Russell Wilson struggles on 3rd down & they might be suffering from a Super Bowl hangover. Seahawks are 9 pt home faves. I like the Seahawks to win & take the under.


Chicago vs Green Bay- The Sunday night game & rivalry game. Both teams are coming off the bye week, so they are mentality prepared. The Packers last game, they were just ran out the dome by the Saints. Aaron Rodgers had a lil slight cramp in that game, He’ll be okay though. For the Bears, last game they had,, he Pats put boots to their asses. The fanbase already mad at Trestman & Cutler. It’s bad enough the Bears have to chase both the Packers & Lions in their division, plus Minnesota’s showing a lil heartbeat even w/o Adrian Peterson. Expect maybe amid scoring game. Packers are a td home fave. I like the Packers to win & cover.



Carolina vs Philadelphia- Mark Sanchez gets his opportunity to shine & it’s under the lights. He looked good relieving Foles after he got hurt last week in Houston. Now the keys are handled to him now Foles is out for a month w/ a brokne collarbone. Barkely’s the back-up, so he can’t blow this. It reminds of how Vick got his opportunity when Kolb got hurt. For the Panthers, they are struggling & they lost at home vs the Saints. Only in 2nd place by ½ game in the NFC South, but their offense needs to wake up. Let’s hope the Philly crow don’t eat up Sanchez like the Jets crowd use to. Eagles are 6 pt home fave. I like the Eagles by a fg.


Last week, Randy won the top spot for the week w/ a 10-3 showing while I brought up the rear w/ a 8-5 showing. I also won my match-up in fantasy football, moved up to 3rd place in the league. I know I can’t catch up to Mega 7981, but I know I can at least move up to the 2nd spot. Happy belated b-day shoutout to “Mama” Krissy Delgado & Miguel Galvez. Happy b-days to my cousin Nieko Nicole, Paulette Martin & her twin Pauline, OG Overgold, Gabriel Luna, Tatiana Richardson, Melissa Marie, Rosie Sosa, Cami Jewel, Marisol Carlos, the homie ItsReal85, Sean Randle & Brandi Holguin & Summir Shier (see ya’ll Saturday at Seta). Make sure you follow the homie Screws w/ his blogs on Sondcloud. I’ll catch everybody on the next one. Peace!!



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