Week 9 preview

Posted: October 30, 2014 by djplaymaker in NFL
round 15 of this epic battle! who will get the upper hand #fanttasyownersdream

round 15 of this epic battle! who will get the upper hand #fanttasyownersdream

We’re 8 weeks away from the postseason & we are starting to see the usual suspects make their moves in winning games & some surprises like the Cards at 6-1. Last week we saw Brees, Brady, Manning, & Rothesberger putting up numbers fantasy owners willing to die for, my Browns getting an ugly win over the Raiders, Falcons finding a way to blow a 21 pt lead & lose to Detroit in London & Colt McCoy returning home to Texas & getting an overtime win for the Redskins over them Cowboys. We wonder what we have in store this week. Let’s preview these games.


New Orleans vs Carolina- NFC South battle to start off the week & whoever wins takes over 1st place in the division. The Saints are riding high after a decisive win over the Packers at home. Brees had over 300 yds & 3 tds & got a boost from Mark Ingram. For the Panthers, tough home loss vs the Seahawks & Cam couldn’t pull it out in the end. Good news is that he’ll have help w/ the return of DeAngelo Williams, who hadn’t play since week 3. It’s gonna be a rawkus crowd in Charlotte tomorrow. Saints are 3 pt road faves. I like the Panthers to win & cover. When you get the Saints out the dome, it’s a problem for them.

Randy: New Orleans


NY Jets vs Kansas City- As the Jets turns continues this week w/ news that Vick will be starting this game. Last week, Geno Smith had one of the worst 1st qtrs anyone can ever had. 3 ints in the 1st, eventually got benched & finished w/ a qb rating of 0.0. It’s bad enough now that the GM said he’s not a franchise qb. We knew that after last yr. For the Chiefs, they spanked the Rams & are still in the hunt for the wild card. They get the town now since the Royals’ season is done & they lost game 7 at home. Congrats to those guys by the way for a great season. Interesting storyline for this gsme is Vick going against Andy Reid. Kansas City’s a 9.5 home fave. That crowd wil be rocking. I like the Chiefs to win & take the over.

Randy: Kansas City

Washington vs Minnesota- Borh teams are coming off wins, but the Redskins one was special because Colt McCoy got the start back in his home start of Texas & beat the Cowboys in o.t As a Browns fan, I was happy for him because he showed confidence, something that Cousins couldn’t do when RG III was hurt. Speaking of him, he’s getting the start for this game after recovering from a dislocated ankle. For the Vikings, they needed a fumble recovery from rookie lb & former Bruin Anthony Barr to defeat the Bucs in ot. Bridgewater’s still taking his rookie lumps, but this is his 2nd win as a starter. Like I told my buddies Rob Hernandez (Vikings fan) & Rob Ramirez (Redskins fan), tough choice to call this game. Vikings are a pt home fave. I had chosen the Vikes before I knew RG III was returning. Still sticking to my pick. How’ll RG’s going look this game is the question.

Randy: Washington

Philadelphia vs Houston- The Eagles are looking to shake that tough road loss in Arizona this week. Maclin looked good this game, but I guess they needed Sproles, who didn’t play that game to take some pressure off him. For the Texans, they went into Tennessee & smack the Titans in the mouth. JJ Watt had to put the ‘selfie king” Zach Mettenburg in his place. It’s going be in H-town, so expect a lot of red & blue in the crowd. Philly’s a 2 pt road fave. Foles has to limit his turnovers this game. I like the Eagles to win & take the slight over.

Randy: Philly

San Diego vs Miami- The Chargers are back on the road again this week after that tough loss in Denver. Phillip Rivers had a shaky game last week & I wish he looked at Gates’ way a lil more because I needed those fantasy pts. For the Dolphins, they are coming off smacking their in-state rivals Jags in the mouth. Let’s hope Tannerhill can show the team he can lead them to the postseason since they are over .500 & in contention along w/ Buffalo in the AFC East. Let’s hope the time zone doesn’t affect the Chargers. Miami’s a 1.5 home fave. I like the Chargers by a td.

Randy: Miami

Jacksonville vs Cincinnati – The Bengals got back to their winning ways last week w/ a close one over the Ravens. That’s important because they won the head to head series over them, which could be important in tie-breaking procedures in the tough AFC North. For the Jags, riding high after defeating my Browns, they were knocked back down to earth by their in-state rivals the Dolphins. They are young, but it’s still rebuilding mode in Jacksonville. Cincy’s a 11 pt home fave. I like the Bengals to win this game, but take the under because I hope they don’t take this team lightly.

Randy: Cincy

Tampa Bay vs Cleveland- My Browns are coming an ugly win over the Raiders at home. It was a nailbiting game til the key play was Whitner causing a fumble & Haden recovered it in mid-air & returned it 32 yds. Offense scored 3 plays. The defense stepped up lately, but the running game has disappeared lately & why did Isaiah Crowell only get 1 carry. I know it’s running back by committee w/ him, Terrance West, & Ben Tate, but he had 4 tds & we need a spark in the running game. For the Bucs, tough home loss in ot vs the Vikings, but give Lovie & his team time. I hope this doesn’t look like “trap game material” because they have to travel to Cincy on a short week. Cleveland’s a 6.5 home fave. We need a total team effort (both sides of the ball) this week as well as some of that Cavs magic since the Cavs open the season on Thursday. You already know my pick #THELAND

Randy: Cleveland

Arizona vs Dallas- The top 2 teams in the NFC face off this week. Who would had thought the Cards would be 6-1 after 9 weeks! The Cards needed a defensive stand in the final seconds to defeat the Eagles at home. Ever since Carson Palmer has returned, Larry Fitzgerald has found the fountain of youth & bought in Bruce Arians offense scheme. For the Cowboys, tough home loss to the rival Redskins along w/ Romo hurting his back made it a tough week for Cowboys fans. Weeden showed a lil glimpse in his time in, but I know a lot of Tuesday morning cooler talk was “Why they put Romo back in & you knew he wasn’t 100% after that hit. He couldn’t shake that Redskins jail break blitz all night. If he thought the Skins was tough, just wait til he meets that Cardinals’ defense. Cowboys are 4 pt home fave. If Romo’s not at least 80%, Dallas’ in trouble. I like the Cards to win & take the slight under (told you won’t like this pick Letty).

Randy: Arizona

St Louis vs San Francisco- Round 2 of this NFC West battle. 49ers won the 1st match-up in the Lou. The Niners are coming off the bye week & want that taste of Peyton Manning torching them outta their mouth. They are also starting to get healthy & getting some bodies back soon (Glenn Dorsey, Patrick Willis, Navarr Bowman, & Marcus Lattimore). They hope it’s gonna help them because they are 2 back of the Cards in the NFC West & are on the outside looking in in the postseason chase. For the Rams, got spanked in the mouth by the Chiefs & the injury bug hit them again, this time Jake Long & Brian Quick’s the victim. It’s gonna be a tough day for Austin Davis. 49ers are 10 pt home faves. I like the Niners by a td.

Randy: San Francisco

Denver vs New England- The main event for Sunday. No disrespect to Baltimore/Pittsburgh, but NBC should use the flex schedule plan & have this game in prime time. Both teams are coming off wins & both Manning & Brady put impressive numbers in their games. It’s the 15th time they’ll be facing each other head to head w/ Brady holding a slight advantage. Game’s in Foxborro, where Manning usually has trouble there ever since his time w/ the Colts. Belichick usually has his number. Denver’s a 3 pt road fave. I like the Pats at home by a td.

Randy: Denver

Oakland vs Seattle- Last week, the Seahawks had to deal w/ more drama in the media. A week after the Percy Harvin trade, they were reports rumbling that Marshawn Lynch was the next casualty, not returning. The team then had to face a tough Panthers team, the offense wasn’t clicking until the qb who they said wasn’t “black enough” led them down the field to score the game’s only td to get the win. Way to stick for Russell guys. For the Raiders, 0-7, took a tough loss to my Browns, but Derek Carr ‘s the future for them. Seahawks are 15 pt home faves. It’s gonna be ugly. I like the Seahawks & take the over.

Randy: Seattle

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh- Bring your hard hit & lunch type of game. Other than the 49ers/Seahawks battle the last couple of years, this has become the best rivalry in the last decade. The Steelers are coming off a beatdown on the Colts in which Big Ben completed 40 -49 passes for over 500 yds. This is his 2nd 500 yd game in his career & the offense has came on strong ever since that 21 pt 2nd qtr outburst vs Houston. For the Ravens, tough loss in Cincy & they felt they were cheated by the officials w/ that offensive pass interference call on Steve Smith. I felt they were & it was one of those moments where you didn’t want the officials to determine the outcome of a game like that. It’s under the lights & round 2. The Ravens blew them out in Baltimore in week 2. Ravens are a pt road fave. I hate both teams, but I have to choose a team to pick. I choose the Ravens by a fg.

Randy: Pittsburgh


Indianapolis vs NY Giants- The Colts were just pump-handled by the Steelers in Pittsburgh last week. The defense didn’t know how to stop Roethesberger’s passing antics. For the Giants, coming off the bye week, but at 3-4, still in the race for the NFC East. Luck vs Eli. What a way to end week 9. Indy’s a fg road fave. I like the Giants to protect Met Life stadium & get the win.

Randy: Indy

Last week, yours truly had the top spot again w/ a 10-5 showing while Randy finished up w/ a 8-7 showing. In the fantasy football spotlight, I lost round 2 vs Mega 7981, which has me in 4th place, still in the hunt for the playoffs. Quick thoughts on the NBA’s return: Long season for the Lakers (prayers for Randle), Anthony Davis’ the truth, anxious to see how Golden St & Portland will do & #THELAND will be rocking tomorrow w/ Lebron 2.0 homecoming. Happy belated b-day shoutouts to Gina Olmedo, Natalie Garcia, Julie Bivens & Richet Curry. Happy b-days this week to Josh Anchondo, Ann Marie Reyes, Laina Gomez, my girl Cindy Ordonez (Sinful), my cousin Mark Matthews, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kiki Perez, Joseph Lara, & Elisha Peralto. Special belated b-day shoutout to my girl Brittany Brickner (hope you like your b-day mix this yr). Make sure you check “Screws U” on Soundcloud & follow Screws as well. Should I congrats the Giants on winning the World Series? #NAH Check y’all on the next blog. Peace.



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