Week 6 preview

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round 2 between the Burgh & the Land! Hopefully, a different result

round 2 between the Burgh & the Land! Hopefully, a different result

What’s going on people!! We’re 1/3 in the season & we have some surprises so far this season. My Brownies are 2-2 & the AFC North is very competitive, the Bills are 3-2 & tied w/ the Pats in the AFC East & the Saints are a surprising 2-3. Last week, we saw the Browns come back from a 25 pt defecit to defeat the Titans, the Saints needing a dog fight to beat the Bucs in OT, the Cowboys needing OT to defeat Houston w/ Tony Romo using a silent count in his own home field, both undefeated teams (Arizona & Cincy) lost & the Seahawks winning in DC in a game that shouldn’t been close. I wonder what we will have in store for this week games. Let’s break them down.


Indianapolis vs Houston- An AFC South battle here & both teams are tied for 1st in the division. The Texans are coming off an overtime road loss vs the Cowboys. In my opinion, they should had won the game. Arian Foster was dominating that game. I don’t know why they would put it in Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hands. No disrespect to him, but you got keep feeding the hot hand. For the Colts, had a close game win over the Ravens & Andrew Luck was a little bit slow down by that defense. I hope this Thursday night game is competitive because all these games have been blowouts so far this yr. The Colts are 2.5 road faves. I like the Texans to defend their house & win. Take the slight over.

Randy: Indy

New England vs Buffalo- Just when you thought the Pats & Tom Brady were dead, they fooled everyone w/ a dominating performance in their win over the Bengals. That was vintage Brady & Gronk on Sunday night. For the Bills, they got a comeback win in Detroit & I thought they were going stink w/ Kyle Orton under center after benching EJ Manuel. The only thing I didn’t like was them carring Scwatrz off the field. I know he used to coach the Lions, but telling the players to do that was way overboard & his record w/ the Lions was horrible. Both teams are in 1st in the AFC East, but the Bills need this win to get the division’s attention. The Pats are a fg road fave. I like the Pats to win & cover.

Randy: New England

Carolina vs Cincinnati – The Panthers need a couple Bears mistakes to defeat them while the Bengals ran into a Pats team that was getting killed by the media because of the performance so far this season. Basically, wrong place, wrong time. It’s gonna be a defensive battle since both teams have great defenses. It may come down to which qb (Cam or Dalton) makes less mistakes. The Bengals are a td home fave. I see the Bengals winning & covering.

Randy: Cincy

Pittsburgh vs Cleveland- The rivalry continues, but this time round 2 is in First Energy Stadium. The Steelers needed a fg in the final seconds to avoid a Browns comeback in week 1. Both teams are coming off wins. The Steelers played down to their competition & defeated the Jags while the Browns had to come back from a 25 pt defecit to defeat the Titans. Hoyer finally threw an int, but he redeemed himself w/ the game winning td & it was nice seeing Ben Tate going off for 123 yds rushing. The defense is still the problem though. I hope they can turn it around & they might not have Joe Haden play this game. This could the game of the morning. Brownies are 2 pt home faves. I like my Brownies by a fg. The AFC North isn’t no joke.

Randy: Cleveland

Green Bay vs Miami- Ever since Aaron Rodgers told the Packers fan base to relax, they have been on a roll. 2 straight wins, including a beatdown on the Vikings. Eddie Lacy seemed to regain his prowess that game as well & even Julius Peppers scored on a pick 6. For the Dolphins, coming off a bye week after destroying the Raiders the week before in London. So they are well rested. Game’s in South Beach,, so expect the Dolphins to be fired up & the Packers better not take it as a vacation here. The Packers are a fg road fave. I like the Packers by a td.

Randy: Green Bay

Detroit vs Minnesota- NFC North battle here & both teams are coming off losses. The Vikings were destroyed by the Packers & they didn’t have Bridgewater behind center. It was brutal watching Pounder play. For the Lions, they let a 14 pt defecit get away & lose by a fg to the Bills at home. Calvin Johnson is playing w/ pain & they might sit him this game. So expect for Stafford to spread the ball around. Lions are 1.5 road faves. I like the Lions by a fg

Randy: Minnesota

Denver vs N.Y Jets – The Broncos are coming off dominating the Cards at home & Peyton Manning threw his 500 career td pass. Interesting fact is that both DeMarcus Ware & Von Miller have 3 sacks this yr. For the Jets, another beatdown, this time to the Chargers. It was so bad that both Geno Smith & Michael Vick combined to complete 5 passes!! Speaking of Geno, how do you miss your team meeting after going to the movies? It’s crazy in jets nation & if Rex still has a job after this season, I’ll be shocked. Broncos are 9 pt road faves. I like the Broncos & take the over.

Randy: Denver

Baltimore vs Tampa Bay- Both teams are coming off losses. The Bucs played competitive in New Orleans before falling in overtime. I think Lovie read my blogs because I had said he would been the 1st coach canned & the team looks good in their last 2 games. For the Ravens, tough road loss in Indy & Steve Smith was a no show after his redemption game vs Carolina. He was too busy worrying bout the aftermath of the Panthers game that he forgot bout the Colts. Defensive battle here. Ravens are fg road faves. I’ll take the Ravens by a td.

Randy: Baltimore

Jacksonville vs Tennessee- Bottom feeder game here in the AFC South. Both teams are a combined 1-9. The Titans blew a 25 pt lead & lost to the Browns. Everything changed for them when Lockear got hurt again. This guy just can’t catch a break. For the Jags, tough home loss to the Steelers. It’s growing pains for Bortles like I said last week. I wonder who’s gonna watch this game. The Titans are 6 pt home faves. I like the Titans by a td.

Randy: Tennessee

San Diego vs Oakland- AFC West battle & the 1st game for Coach Sparano ever since he took over for Dennis Allen after he got fired. They’re coming off a bye week & his way to motivate his 0-4 team was to bury a football, pretty much telling them whatever happen in the past, leave it there. For the Chargers, another win for them vs the Jets & Phillip Rivers is playing like a MVP candidate. I know he rather have a Super Bowl ring than the MVP. Team goals before individual goals. Chargers are td road faves. I like the Chargers by 10.

Randy: San Diego

Washington vs Arizona- Another game w/ both teams coming off losses. For the Redskins, they kept it close w/ the champs before losing by 10. Bright spot in that game was Kurt Cousins not throwing an int. For the Cards, they ran into a buzzsaw that was the Broncos. Couple of questions for them: When will Carson Palmer return? Will Skeleton return this week? And have we seen the demise of Larry Fitzgerald. He’s been more decoy than main guy this yr. I know he’s professional & I respect him for putting the team on blast in the media, but it sucks that his pops has to do it. Cardinals are 3.5 home faves. I like the Cards by a fg.

Randy: Arizona

Chicago vs Atlanta- Both teams are a surprising 2-3 to me. The Falcons are coming off a road loss to the Giants, who are on a roll while the Bears had turnovers hurt them in their loss to the Panthers. Forte is holding it down if you have him in fantasy football, but Cutler & his turnovers come at the wrong time. Interesting plot for this game is that Devin Hester gets to face the Bears for the 1st time since they let him go. He said they never offer him a new deal. I wonder will they punt to him. I might want to watch that game on Red Zone for that. Falcons are fg home faves. I like the Bears to steal this one on the road.

Randy: Atlanta

Dallas vs Seattle- Both teams are 4-1, the Cowboys being that has me in shocked. They had a battle w/ their in state rival Texans in which they had to overcome more Texan fans in Jerry’s house resulting in Romo going off on a silent count. They got the win in ot, but it’s embarrassing for the Cowboys to have the opposing team’s fanbase make their presence felt in your house. For the Seahawks, they got the win vs the Redskins, but if you had Percy Harvin on your fantasy squad last week, you were probably pissed. 3 td’s taken away because of penalties hurts!! It’s gonna be a good game in my opinon. 12th man will be riled up. Seahawks are 7.5 home faves. I like the champs to prevail by a fg.

Randy: Seattle

N.Y Giants vs Philadelphia- NFC East battle here. The G-men are on a roll ever since they lost their 1st 2 games. Last week, they defeated the Falcons at home & Odell Beckham Jr. made his presence felt in his rookie debut. Only downside in their win was the injury to Rashad Jennings, but lucky enough he doesn’t need surgery. For the Eagles, they had to hold off a late rush to defeat the Rams at him. Lesean McCoy has been struggling the last 3 games, mainly because a lot of teams have been focusing on him Foles has been taking a beating as well. Under the lights in Philly & it’s going to be huge. Eagles are 2.5 home faves. I like the Eagles by a fg. To Burt & Tony, have fun at the game.

Randy: Philly


San Francisco vs St. Louis – NFC West battle here for the Monday night audience. The 49ers suddenly are finding ways to win games & this week, Ned York had to answer questions bout rumors of Harbaugh not returning after the season, even if they win the Super Bowl. In my opinion, he’s a great coach. His 1st 4 yrs there, he’s tooking them to least the conference title game. This yr, he’s dealing w/ the distractions about his contract as well as no Aldon Smith & Navor Bowman. For the Rams, they lost to Philly, but they’ve been hit w/ injuries ever since the preason. 49ers have won the last 6 MNF contests. Niners are 3 pt road faves. I like the 49ers to win & cover.

Last week, yours truly & Randy were tied again for that top spot, this time w/ a 12-3 showing. I wonder who’s gonna take the lead this wek. Also, I’m creeping on Mega7981 in the fantasy football league. It may come down to our rematch to see who gets the belt. Happy belated b-day shoutouts to Lisa Franco Mendoza, Ruben Benitez, & Rossana Bianchi. Happy b-days to the CEO of Luxury Soul Sean Quintana (turn up on Friday), Jesse Espinoza, my Nathaniel Dunn III, the twins Jennifer & Jacyln Reza, Antonie Boulos (have fun at the game on Sunday w/ Burt), Viviana Vigil, John Steele, Frank Benavidez, Jewelz Agulia, Andrea Diaz, Vanessa Montes, & my aunt Deborah Dicks. Congrats to the Dodgers on a great season. Make sure you follow the homie Screws w/ his Screws U blog on Soundcloud.com. Until then, I’ll catch everyone on the next blog. Peace



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