NBA Finals 2014 preview

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                                        And there was only 2! who will call themselves champs? 1st to 4 wins


          Ladies & Gentleman, we’re here!! We have reached that point that we have only 2 teams left & only 1 of them can reach 4 wins to call themselves “champion”. This is the match that the world was saying was bound to happen since last yr. These teams met last yr in a classic 7 game series. The Western Conference champs felt they didn’t get the job done. Now they are back to right the wrong that happened last year. Let’s break it down shall we.

    NBA Finals

    1) San Antonio vs 2) Miami- What is there to say? These 2 teams know each other. Judging from Tim Duncan’s words in the post game interview on Saturday, this is the match-up they wanted & they got it. The Spurs will be coming in banged up w/ Tony Parker & his sprained ankle. They said he’ll be ready for game 1, which is on Thursday (2 days away people). The Spurs had the hardest road through the Finals while the Heat had the easiest route w/ only 3 losses this postseason. We thought the Pacers would had gave them a challenge, but they were dysfunctional ever since the All-Star break ended & their performance heading into the playoffs didn’t look like championship material. The Heat joined the Celtics who did it twice & Lakers as the only teams that made 4 straight Finals appearance. The Heat has been getting help for Lebron w/ a fresh Dwayne Wade, who missed 20+ games w/ bad knees. He’s looking like Scottie Pippen to Bron being Jordan. A lot of people thought last yr.’s Finals was boring, but I enjoyed it. Let’s hope we have another masterpiece like last yr. My predictions: Spurs in 6. I would to see Tim Duncan surprise everybody by announcing his retirement after they win, go out on top like David Robinson. I know some Lakers fan don’t want see Duncan get his 5th ring to tie Kobe, but you gotta respect the Big Fundamentel

         I hope everyone has enjoyed my blogs throughout the NBA playoffs & shootouts to everyone who reads them. Happy belated b-day to my girls Alyssa Hernandez, Maricruz Hernandez & still my sis-in law Georgia Simmons. Happy b-day shootouts to Joey Nunez, my cousin Kurtis & Kenneth Curry (family love), Ruben Waters, Pete Baez, Jennifer LeDuff, Amanda Salas, Romika Faniel aka ROE Bunnie (need more songs to play on my mixes), the homie David Chavez aka DJ IllTekNeek, Grace Moranga Lopez, Rachelle Shaw, Gracie Gonzalez, Marisa Lopez, Genesis Espinosa, & last but not least, my “Lois Lane” Gina Bucci. To the homie Steven Screws, we got our wish w/ the Kings & Rangers duking it out for the Stanley Cup. I got the Kings in 6. Also, this saturday, we have Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez at Madison Square Garden. I’ve been tossing & turning about who to root for. i like Cotto because the fight’s in NY & the Puerto Rican fan base out there. I’ll catch everyone on my next blog in 3 months when we get back to NFL football. Peace!!



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