Conference Finals preview

Posted: May 16, 2014 by djplaymaker in NBA, zuncategorized


             It’s here ladies & gentleman. The final 4 in the NBA meet up to see who represents each conference in the Finals. As expected, it’s the top 2 seeds in each conference & the top seed in the Eastern Conference wanted this match-up & they wanted homecourt advantage. Like the saying goes, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Before I start, I’m glad the Clippers are eliminated because I don’t have to hear bout them & the racist slumlord Donald Sterling stealing their spotlight. To the owners, hurry up & vote his ass outta the league. Let’s preview the conference finals.


                                                                       Eastern Conference


             1) Indiana vs 2) Miami- A rematch of last yr.’s conference finals that the Heat won in 7 last yr. The Pacers played them tough last yr & some players felt if they had game 7 on their home court instead of Miami, it would been a different story. The Heat have only lost 1 game so far & they are coming off a hard fought 5 game series vs Brooklyn while the Pacers have been like Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde through the postseason. It took them 6 games to knock out the Wizards, but they advanced. Lebron has done his thing for the Heat & for the Pacers, it’s been like one minute Paul George & Roy Hibbert shows up, the next minute they’re  playing like they belong on a milk carton. In the season series this yr which was split 2-2, the home team protected their house. It’s going be a 7 game series. I’m confused for my choice, but I wonld like to see the Pacers win the East. The Heat has been in 4 straight conference finals & have played past June so much that I think Lebron’s body might wear down.


                                                                 Western Conference


            1) San Antonio vs 2) Oklahoma City- Both teams are on a mission. The Spurs want to finish off the payback tour w/ a championship while the Thunder want another crack at the team that beat them in the Finals 2 yrs ago. Both teams are coming in w/ key players getting injured in their closeout games. Tony Parker having a hamstring strain while Sergei Ibeka hurt his calf. Let’s hope both of them be ready for game 1. I know the Thunder has the MVP in Kevin Durant & the sidekick Russell Westbrook, but the Spurs have a team unit w/ Parker, Duncan, Ginobli , & the supporting cast of Kwali Leonard, Danny Green, & Patty Mills. I know the Thunder swept the season series 4-0 in the regular season, but the playoffs are a different story. This series would come down to the point guard play of Parker vs Westbrook. At some pt, there will be some games that Westbrook will have to fall back & be a pass point guard 1st than a shoot 1st point guard. He better not make it a 1 on 1 battle w/ Parker. It has 7 games written all over, but I see the Spurs advancing.

    I hope everyone has been enjoying my blogs. I love doing this. Before I go, I have to do the usual b-day shootouts. Happy b-day to Raquel Guzman, Candis Madrigal (see you tomorrow), Karina Manzo Ousley, Elaine Villa, Hector Ramirez, Elaina Soto, & Meranda De La O. I see my Browns cut Greg “Butterfingers” Little. Hope Miles Austin & Earl Bennett pick up the slack should Josh Gordon get suspended. I’ll see everyone on th e next blog when I review the NBA Finals. Peace!!



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