Conference Semifinals preview

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                                                  the bracekts so far


          How’s it going out there my NBA fans!! I know you enjoyed that exciting 1st round like I did. We saw 5 series that went 7 this weekend, a lot of overtime games & close games & buzzer beaters by Vince Carter & Damian Lillard. Even w/ all the Donald Sterling fiasco, one monkey didn’t stop no show. Now, everyone’s ready for the 2nd one & I hope it’s exciting like the 1st. Before I start previewing, my thoughts on the fight: I was rooting for Mayweather to win, but I think Maidana won. Mayweather’s cut man earned his pay & Floyd was surprised when he heard he won the fight. With that said, let’s preview the conference semis.

    Eastern Conference

    1) Indiana vs 5) Washington- The Pacers saved Frank Vogel’s job w/ that game 7 win. In my lifetime of watching NBA basketball, I had never seen a no.1 seed play so shaky like the Pacers did to enter the postseason. Thank goodness that Paul George had 30 pts, Lance Stephenson had a double double, & Roy Hibbert finally showed up w/ his best game in the postseason. For the Wizards, they gave the Bulls fits w/ the size of Nene & Gortat along w/ the quickness of John Wall & Bradley Beal. Also, they have been resting since they eliminated the Bulls in 5. At least the Pacers don’t have to go small on the Wizards. This series has 6 or 7 written all over it. If I had a choice to pick a winner, I like the Pacers even they are a shaky team.

    2)Miami vs 6) Brooklyn- The series the Nets wanted. They swept them in the season series 4-0 in the regular season, but that’s the regular season. The fun begins. The Heat has been fully rested since they swept the Bobcats while the Nets had a grueling 7 game series w/ the Raptors & it took a Paul Pierce blocked shot on Kyle Lowery to advance. Other than the Pacers, the Nets gave the Heat trouble this season. The Nets will go as far as which Deron Williams would show up. This has 7 games & for some reason, I can see the Nets ending the Heat’s hope for a 3 peat.

    Western Conference

    1) San Antonio vs 5) Portland- The cinderalla team so far in the postseason the TrailBlazers get a tough test as they face the top seed Spurs in the semis. For Portland, LaMarcus Aldridge & Damian Lillard made themselves this postseason’s version of Jordan & Pippen. They are giving Durant & Westbrook some competition as who’s the best combo in the Western Conference. Lillard’s walk off shot in game 6 made the Blazers fan reminisce of Brandon Roy’s buzzer beater on Houston in ’08. The Spurs had a tough 7 game series w/ their in-state rivals the Mavs. When you still have Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, & Manu Ginobli on your squad, you have hope. This series has excitement & 6 games written all over. I see the Spurs winning this series, but watch out for Portland in the near future as long as Lillard & Aldridge’s healthy & Aldridge’s stays in Portland.

    2) Oklahoma City vs 3) L.A. Clippers- The MVP’s in the 2nd round. Couple days after his local newspaper called him “Mr Unreliable”, Kevin Durant made them eat their words in 2 must win games & it helped that Russell Westbrook got a triple double in game 7. Pretty much, Memphis was done when Z-Bo got suspended. For the Clippers, the “so called America”s team” for the moment survived a tough 7 game series w/ the Warriors & now they have to face a team that can match them. The Clippers have been getting nationwide sympathy because of Donald Sterling showing his ass thanks to his recorded conversation w/ his girlfriend V. Stiviano, which resulted in Adam Silver dropping the hammer on him w/ the banned for life & fined 2.5 mil. Gotta give Doc Rivers credit for keeping his team focused on the main goal & that’s a championship. 7 games written all over it. I see the Thunder winning this series & that stops Sterling’s money going to his pockets.

    I hope everyone’s having a great Cinco De Mayo weekend. Happy b-day shootouts to Yvonne Gonzalez, Sammy Sam, Regina Cortez, my cousin Rita Mixon, Luka Nijia, Carissa Lopez, Jennifer Huerta, Estebean Leyva, & the sexiest mom that I know Vanessa Fernandez. To all mothers out there (single or married), have a great Mother’s day weekend. I’ll catch everyone when I preview the conference finals. Go Kings Go & I’m out.



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