NBA Playoffs 2014 preview

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                                      that time of year. 16 teams. 1st to 16 call themselves champs


          I’m back Ladies & Gents. Did you miss me? I know I missed y’all. A lot of crazy things has happened since my last blog. We had UConn men & women b-ball winning the NCAA tourney, baseball season starting & Jeter announcing his retirement after this season. However, my time of year has approached. It’s weird this yr because we have no Lakers, Celtics, or Knicks in the postseason. However, we got some great 1st round match-ups. Let’s break them down shall we.

    Eastern Conference

    1)Indiana vs 8)Atlanta- The Pacers got what they wanted & that was the no.1 seed in the East. However, they struggled near the end of the season. Great frontline of David West, Roy Hibbert, & Paul George will have to deal w/ Paul Milsap. I would like the Hawks chance if they had a healthy Al Horford in their line-up. This will be a low scoring series & the Pacers better not overlook them. I have the Pacers in 6 games.

    2)Miami vs 7)Charlotte- The champs have the 2nd seed, but it doesn’t matter to them. All they talked bout going into the season was entering the postseason healthy. Wade had his usual bumps, but looked impressive this season. Lebron was having an MVP season & Bosh balled out his mind this yr. However, they struggled w/ the bench play, especially Ray Allen, who was struggling w/ his shot. For the Bobcats, 1st postseason appearance in 4 yrs & they were the surprise of the East. Al Jefferson & Kemba Walker lead that team to this goal. Not bad for a team whose record for the last 2 yrs was 28-120. Last time the Bobcats were in the postseason, they were swept in 4 games. This yr, I can see them at least winning 1 game, but the Heat advances in 5 games.

    3) Toronto vs 6)Brooklyn- The Young Raptors facing the old Nets. In the words of Kanye West, it’s Drake season. Something was in the air when they hired the hometown artist to be ambassador of the team. Everybody was thinking the Raptors were in the category of tanking games for draft positioning, but they played hard for Coach Casey & Demar Derozzan showed why he deserved to be an all-star & Kyle Lowery was on everyone’s request list during the trading deadline. Thank goodness, they didn’t trade him. For the Nets, they were assembled to win right away when they acquired Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett. They also hired Jason Kidd to coach the team a yr removed from playing in the league. He started slow & it looked like he’s bout to be runned out. Remember, this is the N.Y area & if you can’t win here, you’re screwed. Injuries played a part in the 1st half struggle, but they responded well right after the break. This series will rely on playoff experience & the Raptors pretty much don’t have none. I like the Nets in 6 games. Jigga’s team knocking out Ms. Drizzy’s team

    4) Chicago vs 5)Washington- The Bulls making the postseason again w/out Derrick Rose. Pretty much, everyone was marking them for dead after Rose’s injury & when they traded Luol Deng. However, Thibideu had them playing never say die basketball & Joakim Noah played like a MVP candidate, carrying the team. Carlos Boozer played his part & Taj Gibson was playing in the conversation for 6th man of the yr. The Wizards are making the postseason for the 1st time in 6 yrs & it’s the postseason debuts for John Wall & Bradley Beal. The only Wizards who have postseason appearances are Andre Miller & Nene when they were in Denver & Trevor Arizia & he won a ring w/ the Lakers. This has 7 games all over it, but I like the Bulls to advance.

    Western Conference

    1) San Antonio vs 8)Dallas- The battle of Texas in this 1st round battle. The Spurs are looking to return to the finals & this time, have a better result. Pop’s got them ready & he proved it by not playing his old guys over 30 mins a game. The trio of Parker, Duncan, & Ginobli always found a way to turn back the clock w/ their performances, plus the emergences of young guns like Gary Neal, Danny Green, & Kwali Leonard got them this top spot. For the Mavs, everything still goes through Dirk Nowizkti, however he had help w/ the acquisition of Monta Ellis on the team. Get ready for a battle here. I like the Spurs in 7 because the Mavs won’t go down w/out a fight.

    2) Oklahoma City vs 7)Memphis- This is a rematch from the 2nd round from last yr. The Grizz eliminated the Thunder in 5 last yr, but the Thunder had lost Westbrook in the 1st round due to his ACL injury. The Thunder are ready this time. Kevin Durant & Lebron James were having a competitive duel to see who’s the MVP for this yr & Westbrook had to step his game back a lil after having 3 surgeries this yr. They made a great move by acquiring Caron Butler after the Bucks bought out his contract. The Grizz struggled earlier this yr, but turned it around when Marc Gasol returned from his injury. Despite winning over 50 games, they still finished w/ the 7th seed. That shows the Western Conference is tough. I like the Thunder in 6 games.

    3)L.A. Clippers vs 6) Golden State- The series I’m anxious to see. These teams don’t like each other & went 2-2 in the head to head series w/ the x-mas having Blake Griffin getting tossed after receiving 2 techs. Expect a lot of extra play after the whistle. great guard match-up between Chris Paul & Steph Curry. I hope the injuries to David Lee & Andrew Bogut don’t affect the Warriors’ chance. However, last yr Lee was hurt & they still defeated the Nuggets in 6 games. As a Lakers fan & since they aren’t in the playoffs, you already know who I’m going for. Plus, Steph’s the cousin from another. I like the Warriors in 6 games (hate on me Lob City fans)

    4)Houston vs 5)Portland- The Rockets of James Harden & Dwight Howard start their postseason run against a TrailBlazers team who hasn’t seen the postsesason in 3 yrs. They’re young & Lillard, Aldrige, Lopez, & Batum started all 82 games this yr. The Rockets won the season series 3-1, but the Blazers are hot winners of 9 out of 10 games. The Rockets better hope these games aren’t close because if it has to come down to free throws to win, I like the Blazers because Dwight Howard’s a liability in that department. I’m calling my shot & saying the Blazers will knock out the Rockets in 6 games.

    That’s my time for the 1st round. Happy b-day shootouts once again to Eloisa Magdaleno & Steven Screws (bring back the blog homie). Happy incoming b-day shootouts to Maria Hodge, Jessica Carlos, Veronica Papazian, Joey Lojero, Mike Mcquarrie, Chris Adams, Ivana E, Nikki Garcia, Stan Vielma, Ana Garcia, Vanessa O’Neil, & Yadhira Seijas (see you on saturday). Hope everyone have a safe Easter weekend & see you on the next blog. Peace!!



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