Super Bowl week!!!

Posted: January 30, 2014 by djplaymaker in NFL, zuncategorized


                               Old school qb vs new school qb!! Who’ll prevail on Sunday!!


       It’s here people!! New York & the Tri- State area, are you ready? We have reached the pinnacle where there could be only one champion. Both teams earned the right to have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs & it got them here. The AFC champions had to dominate a personal nemesis to their quarterback to reach this game while the NFC champs had a nailbiter versus a divisional rival & it came down to literally the final play for the losing team. We have to congratulate the Patriots & 49ers as well for reaching the conference title. However,it’s about the conference champs this week. Let’s break down the Super Bowl.





Seattle vs Denver- The no.1 ranked offense in the NFL meets the no.1 ranked defense in this encounter. Peyton Manning wants to cap off this amazing season of his with a ring. He threw 55 tds & only 10 ints. Who would had thought after having neck surgery 2 yrs ago, he would have 2 great seasons. For the Seahawks, no players on their team have Super Bowl experience, but they are coming in w/ swagger. They’re already making noise at media day & it’s not coming from Richard Sherman. 2 weeks after his postgame rant bout calling Crabtree a sorry receiver, he’s playing the role of church mouse. It’s been Marshawn Lynch playing the role of Gregg Popovich when it comes to the media. He got fined $50k for missing media day & he stiffed them again today. I couldn’t say stiffed them, he spoke to them for 6 mins & yet got an endorsement deal w/ Skittles. It’s a toss up for me to pick a winner for the game. I have my hatred for Denver ever since Elway ruined my childhood by denying my Browns 2 trips to the Super Bowl & my hatred for the Seahawks stems from Pete Carroll’s days at SC. It’s going be cold (under 20 degrees) & we know how Manning does in cold weather. The Broncos are 2.5 favorites. Like I said, it’s a hard choice. One minute, I want Denver to win to have Peyton retire on top, the other minute I want Seattle because of how the media went in on Sherman after the NFC title game. My guts say Denver. If Eli can win the big game in older bro’s old house, then big brother can return the favor in Eli’s house.




Randy: Denver


         Congrats to Randy for picking the conference winners right 2 weeks ago while yours & Noez bombed. Once again, props to him & Noez for a long season of picking games. We’ll be back at again next yr.  Happy b-day shoutouts to Chris Carillo, Steve Lojero, my boy Eric Sanchez (Pico Boys Ent), Desiree Montes, Anthony Garcia, Rod Chrolon, Albert Khella0 won’t be at Sage on Friday, but will be there on Saturday), Chris Adams, Alana Davis, & my aunt Juliette Williams. Thanks to Leticia Rodriguez for putting up w/ my bashing of her Cowboys this season. It’s a long season of the NBA, but it’s easy for me to bash this Lakers season. I’ll be back blogging sometime during the NBA season, probably after all-star break. BTW, bye bye David Stern!! See my fans on my next blog. Peace!!!




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