Divisional round time

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                                  It’s down to 8 teams!! Which 4 teams will advance for conference championship week?



         How’s my football fans doing out there! I know everyone enjoyed wild card weekend. I sort of did because I had to spent the time moving. I missed the early games, but I was fortunate to watch the late ones. Last week, we saw 3 of the 4 road teams win the games. It could had been a clean sweep if the Chiefs didn’t blow a 28 pt lead. We also saw the Saints finally winning a road playoff game, the Bengals w/ Marvin Lewis as coach & Andy Dalton still haven’t won a playoff game yet & wondering who’s the lame duck, & the 49ers w/ some last min magic defeating the Packers in Lambeau Filed, thus making Colin Kaepernick 3-0 vs the Cheeseheads. What do we have expected for the 2nd round! Only the fans know. Before I start, congrats to Winston & the Florida State Seminoles on that great BCS title win along w/ Auburn for making it a great game.




New Orleans vs Seattle- The Saints finally got that monkey off their back. All week, they were hearing bout their troubles oustside the Superdome & cold weather games. They surprised everyone in Philly w/ that win & they did it w/ Mark Ingram rushing for 91 yds. We’re used to Brees putting up big numbers in wins, but he struggled this game. They are facing a Seahawks team who doesn’t know if Percy Harvin’s going to play. This is a rematch of the Monday night affair earlier this yr & Seattle put the beat down on them earlier this yr. I expect a closer game this time around. The Seahawks are 7.5 home faves. I’m calling my shots & picking the Saints to win & cover.






Indianapolis vs New England- What a comeback win by the Colts. They were left for dead after trailing by 28 at home vs the Chiefs. Props to Andrew Luck for not letting his team give up. They now have to go to Foxborro to face a well rested Patriots team, who found ways to win games even after injuries to Gronk, Spikes, Wolfolk, & Kelly. The funniest storyline for this game is the Colts & Pagano pulling a Belechik by signing Deion Branch, knowing he knows the Patriots personal. This use to be Manning vs Brady, but it’s now Luck vs Brady. I expect a close game here as well. The Pats are 7.5 home faves. I like the Pats to win & cover as well.









San Francisco vs Carolna- The Game of the week in my opinion. The 49ers are coming off an emotional win vs the Packers in Lambeau. Kaepernick used his legs as well as his arm to win that game & is 3-0 vs the Packers. They are going into Carolina to face a team that defeated them in a defensive battle in Candlestick earlier this yr. The Panthers are coming in banged up, but Steve Smith says he’ll play this game. This will be a low scoring affair like the game earlier this yr. It’s a pick’em game, but they have the 49ers a 1 pt road fave. I like the 49ers by a fg.






San Diego Vs Denver- Round 3 of this AFC West battle. The Chargers won the last match-up they played 4 weeks ago in Invesco Field. The Chargers are on a roll after defeating the Bengals in Cincy. They forced 4 Bengal turnovers. The Broncos have homefield & will have Wes Welker back for the postseason. However, the storyline will always be bout Peyton Manning & his performances in the postseason. He hardly does well in the cold weather. Division rivals always play close games, so expect it to be clos. Broncos are 9.5 home faves. I like the Broncos to win & take the under. To letty, I hope your boyfriend doesn’t get mad bout this pick.







         Last week, yours truly & Randy went 2-2 in wild card weekend while Noez went 0-4. We hope we have better results in the divisional rounds. Happy b-day shoutouts to Michael Varciag, David Tang, Faby Obispo, Aaron Ramos, Yvette Garcia, Daniel “Dumpty” Garcia, my girl Nancy Bolanos (see you on Friday), my nephew Jerimiah Grayson, Erin Ferrer, Antoinette Diaz, Michael Vargas, & last but not least, my lil bro Terrance Brewster. Rest in Power, it’s still love over here. Catch everyone on the next blog for conference championship week. Peace!!





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