Week 10 preview

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                                             Would you want to still have this guy as your teammate?

      10 weeks in the season & some teams that are leading their division can’t seem to shake off their competition.  It’s a dog fight in the NFC East, which might take a team to win 7 games to win that division.  Last week, we had more off the field stories than on the field ones. We saw John Fox have a mini heart attack while golfing on his bye week, resulting in Jack Del Rio filling in for him for 3 weeks. Another coach (Gary Kubiak) passed out during halftime of his game & now Wade Phillips filling in for him. However, nothing can top the craziness which was the Miami Dolphins. I would like to talk bout how they ended their 4 game losing streak w/ a walk-off safety, but no. We have to talk bout the situation between Jonathan Martin & Richie Incognito. Martin leaves the team after a bad prank, but we started to find out that Incognito was bullying him, making him pay for a trip that he didn’t go & Richie probably showing his dumbass side by leaving a message on Martin’s voicemail which he dropped the N- word. My thoughts on this: I’m on Martin’s side. I know they say Martin should had stood up for himself & took care of it, however the last thing he needed was if he swung his helmet & cracked Incognito’s head, that’s assault & the media would had said “he had a negro moment”. Do the smart thing & use your head & let the legal system get him. As for the Dolphins organization & the players, shame on you!! Nobody knew bout this & the worst thing is that they rather stand by Incognito than Martin. The city of Miami’s making themselves look bad. 1st, the Trayvon Martin vrdict, now this. Clean up you city!! That’s my rant, now let’s get back to football.





Washington vs Minnesota- The Skins are coming off an overtime home win over the Chargers while the Vikings suffered a nailbiting loss in Dallas. Bright spot for the Vikings in that game was that Adrian Peterson ran for over 140 yds & Pounder looked good except for some crucial mistakes. For the Redskins, their defense, which is at the bottom of the league, picked a right time to have a goaline stand to force the Chargers to kick a fg to send the game in ot.  Reason to see this game is to catch the traits of Peterson & RG III. The Redskins are 1 pt road fave. I like the Skins by a fg.




Randy: Washington





Seattle vs Atlanta- The Seahwaks survived another close game, this one in which they were down 21-7 to an 0-7 Tampa Bay team to comeback & win in ot. I see the Sidney Rice injury is playing a major part. They better get Percy Harvin quickly because the 49ers are starting to get healthy. For the Falcolns, they were popped in the mouth in Charlotte by the Panthers & it looks like they probably on the clock in the 2014 draft. They shoulda trade Tony Gonzalez when they had a chance. The Seahawks are 6 pt road fave. I like the Seahawks in a close game.




Randy: Seattle


Cincinnati vs Baltimore- AFC North battle here. Both teams are coming off losses. The Bengals lost in ot on a safety vs the Dolphins. 4 turnovers were their demise. The Ravens just lost to my Browns & Ray Rice was held to 17 yds on 11 carries. How bad do the champs look now.It’s gonna be a defensive battle. I think Geno Atkins’ injury is gona hurt them long term this yr. The Bengals are 1.5 road faves. I like the Bengals by a fg.




Randy: Cincy


Detroit vs Chicago- The Lions are coming off their bye week ( thank god because of the Lions, Broncos, & 49ers having bye weeks last week, I got murdered in fantasy football). The Bears are coming off a victory in Lambeau over the Packers. It helped that Aaron Rodgers got hurt in the 1st half. This was the game that Cutler was gonna make his return. Don’t rush it because I don’t he’s got his mobility back & you’re going to be facing a line of N’damukong Suh & Nick Fairley & those are some big boys. The Lions won the 1st battle this yr in Ford Field. W/ the NFC North in a 3 way logjam, this game is big. The Lions are 2.5 road faves. I like the Lions by a field goal.




Randy: Detroit


Philadelphia vs Green Bay- The Eagles & Nick Foles are coming off a big win in Oakland. Foles joined Peyton Manning as the 2nd guy to throw 7 td passes in a game this yr. He could had 8, but Chip didn’t want him to be greedy. The Packers not only lost to the Bears last game, but their MVP qb Aaron Rodgers hurt his left shoulder. It’s a dilemma for them to decide who’s gonna start this game. Seneca Wallace looked rusty & there are rumors of them bring back Matt Flynn, who was waived by Buffalo. My man can’t catch a break. They gotta figure who’s gonna hold the fort down til Rodgers returns. They have a running game, so they shouldn’t be worried. The Packers are a pt home fave. I’m choosing the Eagles, but I’m nervous if Foles gonna carry the momentum from Oakland to Lambeau.




Randy: Philly


St. Louis vs Indianapolis- The Rams have been competive the last 2 weeks, but they could never get that final push or td needed to win. It happened to them last week vs the Titans at hom. For the Colts, they had to overcome a 21-3 halftime score to comeback & score 24 pts to defeat the Texans. T.Y. Hilton surely has filled in nicely for Reggie Wayne, however when the hell is Trent Richardson going to have a breakout game? The Colts are 9.5 home faves. I like the Colts by a td.




Randy: Indy


Oakland vs N.Y.  Giants- The Raiders made Nick Foles look like a hall of famer last week as he threw 7 tds on them. It was so bad for the Raiders that both Pryor & McFadden got hurt. The Giants are coming off their bye week & they are looking to turn their season. Only 2-6, but 2 back of the Cowboys in the NFC East. The G-Men are 7.5 home fave. I like the Giants by a td.




Randy: N.Y.G.


Buffalo vs Pittsburgh- The Bills are coming off a close loss vs the Chiefs, but received great news as E.J. Manuel was cleared to return & he’s back. I know they missed his poise. Tuel Time was garbage & Thad Lewis held his own, but Manuel makes them much better. For the Steelers, they scored 31 pts vs the Pats, however the defense gave up 55 points to them. As a Browns fan, I wonder how last place in the AFC North feels. Enjoy being on the clock. The Steelers are 3 pt home fave. I have the Steelers to win & cover.




Randy: Pittsburgh


Jacksonville vs Tennessee- The Titans had to shake off the Rams to get a win. Chris Johnson played like he was CJ2K w/ that 100 yd game. The Jags had a bye week, so that was their time to relax. Denard Robinson spent his bye week wathing his Michigan Wolverines get their ish pushed in by the lil brother aka Michigan St Spartans. The Titans are 11 pt home faves. I like the Titans to win & cover.




Randy: Tennessee


Carolina vs San Francisco- The game of the week in my opinion. Both teams have hell of a defense mind set. Both teams are on a roll. The 49ers are on a 5 game winning streak, coming off a bye week & starting to get healthy. Mario Manningham, Michael Crabtree being cleared to practice & Aldon Smith returning from his rehab means trouble for the league & the Seahawks. For the Panthers, 4 straight wins & they’re only a game back of the Saints in the NFC North. Cam Newton, even though he made some mistakes last game, has been playing like he’s back in Aubrun. I can’t wait to see this game. Cam vs Kaep!! Choose your weapon. The 49ers are 6 pt home fave. I like the 49ers by a fg.




Randy: San Francisco


Houston vs Arizona- The Texans not only blew their game last week, but Kubiak’s fainting affected them very much. Case Keenum had another great game & we were reintroduced to Andre Johnson. If only Arian Foster can stay healthy is the next question for their offense. For the Cardinals, coming off their bye week & at 4-4, still in the running for a wild card spot. Question is which Carson Palmer would show up. He’s a turnover machine like my boy Andy Clark would say, but he still has Fitz!! The Cards are 2.5 home fave. I love Keenum, but that Cards defense will be tough on him. I like the Cards by a fg.




Randy: Arizona


Denver vs San Diego- The Broncos are coming off their bye week, but they won’t have John Fox coaching them for the next 3 weeks. He had a mild heart attack & Jack Del Rio will be filling the reins as coach for the time being. Right off the back, they get a divisional battle on the road vs the Chargers. The Chargers are coming off an overtime loss in D.C where they never got a chance to play offense in the overtime period as the Redskins smashed the ball down their throat. They made mental mistakes in regulation like failing to score when they were inches from the goaline w/ 4 downs & under 30 secs left in regulation. The Broncos better not look at this as a trap game because they’re facing Kansas City next week. The Broncos are 7 pt road faves. I like the Broncos to win & cover, however be afraid of the trap game mentality.






Dallas vs New Orleans- Expect a shootout in this game. The Cowboys needed a Tony Romo game winning drive to defeat a 1-6 Vikings last week. Oh yeah, to Jerry Jones, tell Dez Bryant to chill out w/ his passion as his taking off the helmet penalty cost them 15 yrds. For the Saints, Rob lost to older bro Rex again. Get the Saints out of the Dome & they don’t look the same. Brees could control that wind. Oh yeah, good luck w/o Jonathan Vilma, who’s done for the yr. The Saints are 6.5 home faves. I like the Saints to win by a td (love to see your reaction Letty).




Randy: New Orleans




Miami vs Tampa Bay- The battle of Florida right here. Both teams are coming off crazy week. The Bucs couldn’t keep a 21-7 lead vs the Seahawks on the road & eventually lost in overtime. The Dolphins won in ot on a safety vs the Bengals at home, but the Incognito/Martin storyline has completely stole the storyline for them. Bad enough that this game is on Veterans’ Day. Seriously, I would like to talk bout how Cameron Wake winning AFC defensive player of the week last week, but the orginzation can’t seem to clean up their fuck-ups. Don’t think that we didn’t forget bout the Bucs are still winless like the Jags. The Dolphins are 2.5 road faves. I like the Dolphins to win, but we know this distraction has tore up team morale.




Randy: Miamii


      Last week, Randy ended the streak of Noez-a-mania as the top dawg at 4. Randy finished w/ a 9-4 record, yours truly finished in 2nd w/ a 8-5 record while Noez rounded it out w/ 7-5. Overall for Mega’s bonus, Randy’s leading w/ 88-45 while myself in 2nd w/ 82-51, however Noez’s giving me a running for 2nd spot w/ 81-51. Happy belated b-day shoutout to my lil cuzzo Nieko Bush. Happy b-days to Melissa Marie, Cami Jewel, Rosie Sosa, Marisol Carlos, Sean Randle, Brandi & Summir Holguin (I’ll be there on Saturday), Chris Romash, & Anthony Valdez. Congrats to my class of 95 classmate Raquel Ibarra, who’s expecting another child. I hope everyone have a safe Veteran’s Day weekend (salute to all my Veterans). To the homie who does those Itsreal Videos, happy b-day dawg. Those videos make me lol & I got my peeps on them. Also, I’m still keeping up on the NBA & the Pacers are looking good.  Catch everyone on the next blog!!




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