Week 8 preview

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                                                                  7-0 & the talk of the NFL!! who woulda thought


           Last week was described like in 3stories: injuries, payback & only 1 team left undefeated & nobody would expect this team to still have no loss. The injuries were the biggest stories as 3 players (Reggie Wayne, Brian Cushing, & Sam Bradford) tore their ACL’s, ending their season while Doug Martin ‘s shoulder injury may not be a season ender. The Bears also got the injury bug w/ Lance Briggs out for 6 weeks while Jay Cutler will miss 4. I wonder what we have in store for this week. That’s why they play the game.




Carolina vs Tampa Bay- The  Panther got into the Rams’ head in their win. Steve Smith talking bout poppin’ Janoris Jenkins in the mouth the next time he sees him, Cam Newton having another great game, & the defense murdering Bradford before he tore his ACL. For the Bucaneers, they played their hearts out in Atlanta, but still came out losing. Bright spot was the Mike Gleannon to Vincent Jackson connection. Hope Martin’s injury isn’t that serious. The Panthers are 5.5 road favrs. I like the Pantehrs by a td.




Randy: Carolina





San Franciso vs Jacksonville- Another game in London. The 49ers seem to return to their winning formula that got them to the Super Bowl last yr: defense & running the ball w/ Frank Gore. 3 in a row & they dominated the Titans last week. For the Jags, same old story. 0-6 & we probably won’t know when will they win a game. The Niners are 17 pt faves. I like the 49ers to win & cover.




Randy: San Francisco


Cleveland vs Kansas City- The Texans gave the Chiefs every thing they can handled, even w/ a rookie qb starting over Schaub & Yates. However, the Chiefs’ defense were the key and they are the last team left undefeated this yr. For the Browns, too many dropped pases & Brandon Weeden’s inability to move out the pocket or have a great accurany hurt them in Green Bay. It’s gotten so bad that Jeff Garcia called them about returning to Cleveland as qb since the team has not even thinking bout playing Jason Campbell at this point. The Chiefs are 9 pt home faves. I still ride w/ my hometown team in an upset.




Randy: Kansas City


Miami vs New England- Both teams are  coming off losses, but the Pats’ loss was the craziest. I never heard that penalty about the defensive player can’t run into his own guy on a field goal attempt. Bright spot for the Pats; the retun of Gronk. Brady was happy, but for the 2nd time this season, he didn’t throw a touchdown pass. The Dolphins just couldn’t stop Thad Lewis on his last minute game wiining drive & are on a 3 game losing skid after starting 3-0. Something has to give. The Pats are a td home fave. I like the Pats to win by more than a td. W/ Gronk back, we won’t have to see Brady’s reaction whenever recivers like Thompkins drop passes.




Randy: New England


Buffalo vs New Orleans: The Saints are coming off a bye week, still licking their chops from that final drive loss in New England while the Bills are coming off their last second win in South Beach. Thad Lewis has been doing a great job filling in for E.J. Manuel. I’m just nervous about a quarterback controversy when he returns back. However, the Bills gotten stop overworking C.J. Spiller. His fantasy owners are mad bout his dismal performance so far this season. The Saints are 13 pt home fave. I like the Saints, but not by this much.




Randy: New Orleans


Dallas vs Detroit- The Cowboys are coming off a win in Philly as their defense w/o Ratliff, Ware, & the other injured players  made life rough for Nick Foles & Matt Barkely. The Lions lost a heartbreaker at home vs the Bengals, but Megatron had the catch of the day in that game. Finally, Strafford start looking his way agan. BTW, Dez Bryant thinking he can match Megatron catch for catch? In the words of Ocho Cinco: child please. The Lions are a fg home faves. I like the Lions to win  & cover (I know what’s in store for me should I be wrong bout this  one Letty)




Randy: Dallas


N.Y. Giants vs Philadelphia- The Giants finally got  their 1st win of the season on Monday & Peyton Hillis did a great job filling in for Brandon Jacobs. Speaking of Jacobs, I’ll go MMA on the next fantasy owner who send me death threats on Twitter. He’s probably struggling w/ his squad. For the Eagles, days after the joint conference bout Vick supporting Foles as the starter, Foles looked scared & suffered a concussion in the Dallas game which they lost. Matt Barkely didn’t look that good. So it’s back to Vick to save them. Last time they played the Giants, they won & Vick pulled his hammy in that game. The Eagles are 5.5 home faves. I like the Eagles to finally get a home win.




Randy: NYG


Pittsburgh vs Oakland- Look who’s on a 2 game winning streak. The Steelers & they finally doing w/ a commitment to the running game. Raiders are coming off the bye week. The Raiders have owned the Steelers the last 2 meetings in Oakland. The Steelers are 2.5 road faves. Game’s in Oakland, only time I’ll ride w/ Pryor




Randy: Oakland


N.Y. Jets vs Cincinnati- The Jets have the better record of the N.Y. football teams. Somethins’s wrong w/ this pic. After Rex told his guys not to take out the trash, they avoided being swept by the Pats in the head to head series. The penalty helped them & making Geno Smith a game manager in ot was great. He threw a pick 6 in the 1st half & the last thing he needed was a raucous MetLife Stadium to get in his ass if he struggled more vs the Pats. The Bengals are coming off a Mike Nugent game winner in Detroit. Best picture of that game was A.J. Green & Calvin Johnson exchanging jersey after the game. It was a great game by both players & teams. The Bengals are a td home fave. I don’t like Geno’s chances in the ‘Natti. I take the Benagls to win & cover




Randy: Cincy


Atlanta vs Arizona- The Falcolns got back to their winning ways  after the bye week, but it should hadn’t been that close as their defense once again found a way to have their opposition make a late run. For the Cards, they were manhandled by the Seahawks at home & Carson Palmer’s still a turnover machine. I feel bad for Fitz. The Cards are 2.5 home faves. I take the Falcolns to win by a td. Who cares if they don’t have Julio Jones, I still trust Matt Ryan before I trust Palmer.




Randy: Atlanta


Washington vs Denver- The Skins had a shootout win vs the Bears, but Brandon Merriweather’s still a douchebag w/ his helmet to helmet hits. He received a 2 game suspension for 2 hit on Alston Jeffery & Brandon Marshall, however he’s appealing them. I hope they don’t overturn them & I don’t care what Merton Hanks going to think. He’’ll be taking food outta players’ mouth if they get career ending injuries. For the Broncos, Peyton didn’t get the win in his homecoming to Indy. The Colts’ defense had him rattled. Speaking of the Colts, hoping for a speedy recovery for Reggie Wayne. How they gonna respond to the loss will be an interesting question. The Broncos are 13.5 home faves. If the Redskins’ defense can’t get Manning & the offense off the field, it’s gonna be ugly. I like the Broncos to win.




Randy: Denver


Green Bay vs Minnesota- The Packers made my Browns look like bitches in their win. They rattled Weeden & Boykins looked like a Pro bowler filling in for Randall Cobb. They’ll have James Jomes back this game, but I doubt bout Jermichael Finley. For the Vikings, last night’s game for them can be described by one word: ugly. Josh Freeman’s inability to complete a pass made it look like the Vikings were setting him up to fail. I was wonder if Frazier would had tooking him out  & brought in Ponder. I know who’s gonna be in a pissed off mood in this game: Adrian Peterson. He usually dominates the Packers because of their lack of run defense. The  Packers are 10.5 road faves. Frazier’s says Freeman’s starting again, but I can see a short leash on him. I like the Packers in this game.




Randy: Green Bay





St. Louis vs Seattle- For the Rams, they were rattled in their loss to the Pantehrs. Chris Long (Howie’s son) got ejected, Janoris Jenkins pissed off Steve Smith & it got worse when Sam Bradford tore his ACL. Prepare to have a battle to see who finishes in 3rd in the NFC west between them & Arizona. For the Seahawks, they punked Arizona in their own house & have the best record in the NFC. No need to say that much bout this game. Seahawks are 11.5 home faves. Have fun w/the 12th man w/ Clemmens as your quarterback Rams. Seahawks  to win big.




Randy: Seattle


       Last week, Noez & Randy tied for the top spot w/ a 9-6 showing while I rode the coattails w/ a 7-8 finish. In the overall standings for Mega’s bonus, Randy’s still leading w/ a 68-39, I’m in 2nd w/ 64-43 while Noez’s creeping on me in 3rd w/ 62-45. Noez’s on a hot streak w/ 3 lead dawgs in a row & I couldn’t be mad. Myself & D-Side showed him love by deejaying the Cut-A-Thon at Head Games in La Puente to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Happy b-day shoutouts to my hookah peep Claudia Hernandez, Cindy Silva, my cuzzo Jerome  Spann, Julia Gonzales, Mindy Carmgo, my other cousin Lachelle Reynolds, Amber Vera, Marcy Onsurez, Abdey Bebe, Brian Good, Joseph Anderson, Michelle Perez,  Jason Ramirez (time to turn up on Friday), Javion Liu, Gina Olmedo, my cousin Richet Curry & last but not least, my favorite girl & the only reason I love smiling on Friday nights Brittany Brickner. I’ll have your mix done by Friday & at least take one shot w/ you. NBA season starts next week (so anxious). I’ll catch everyone on next blog. Peace!!




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