NBA Finals preview

Posted: June 5, 2013 by djplaymaker in zuncategorized



LeBron vs. 'Le Parker'

Will Lebron & the Heat overpower Parker & the Spurs? we’ll find out thursday


         We have finally made it people. The last 2 teams remaining. Only one of them can call themselves champion. One of them is the defending champs while the other team is making a return to this stage for the 1st time in 7 yrs. This same team has the same respect factor as the Lakers in their conference & their franchise player is looking for his 5th ring to tie Kobe for most rings in this generation. Also, this is the final NBA finals under David Stern’s tenure since he’ll be retiring after this season.  Let’s break it down shall we.



NBA Finals


1)Miami vs 2) San Antonio- The Finals everyone wanted & they got. Both teams were favored throughout the season. The champs are looking to repeat while the Spurs are looking for another banner for Pop & the trio of Duncan, Parker, & Ginobli. The Spurs are rested after sweeping the Grizzlies which shocked me while the Heat had to go the distance in 7 games w/ a Pacers team whose size gave them trouble & trust me the Pacers will be back in the conference finals. For the 1st time in the Spurs’ final appearance, they are the underdog. The Heat w/ the trio of Lebron, Wade, & Bosh are the favorites, but don’t count the Spurs out. They’ve been here before & know what it takes to bring home that Larry O’ Brien trophy. If they win, I think Duncan will call it a career & go out on top. It will go the full 7, but I would like to see the Spurs win it all. Plus, it’ll be the 1st time both teams played each other w/ their full starting line-up since both coaches were resting their stars in the head to head series this yr. Nobody’s going preseason mode here.


       That’s it for this blog. Happy belated b-day shoutouts to my cousins Kurtis & Kenneth Curry & Ruben Waters. B-day shoututs this week to Pete Baez, Grace Lopez, Gracie Gonzalez, Rachelle Shaw, Marisa Lopez, & Genesis Espinosa. To the homie Screws (get well from the surgery) & everyone else, I catch up to ya’ll whenever the next blog pops up. Peace






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