Eastern Conference showdon!!

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         Time to settle the score in the East!! We  finally got our two teams who will battle for Eastern conference rights for the NBA finals. This is a rematch from last yr’s semifinals. It resulted in like a total of 12 techs in that series. Before I preview this series, prayers thrown to the way of the Oklahoma area, who was hit by a devasting tornado yesterday.


Eastern Conference


1)Miami vs 3)Indiana- The rematch of last yr’s conference semifinals. Last yr, the Pacers were up 2-1 in the series before the Heat won the last 3 games to finish them. Last yr, the Pacers tried to bully their way on the Heat & the ringleader was Danny Granger, who was tryinn his best to get in Lebron’s head. However, the MVP wasn’t having that. Fast forward to this yr. Granger’s injured, but they have the promising star in Paul George & Roy Hibbard controlling the paint & they made likework on the Knicks in 6 games while the Heat had to go 5 hard games to knock out a Bulls team who looked like a M.A.S.H w/ no Deng, Hinrich, & Derrick Rose didn’t think bout dressing up or helping the Bulls out. That’s another time & place for his story. I’m talking bout Heat/Pacers. The Heat is winning even w/ Dwayne Wadw being injured. It helps that you have Lebron & great supporting pieces (Chalmers, Ray Allen, Battier, & Chris “Birdman, Birdman” Anderson). I see a 7 game battle, but I think the Heat will prevail again, meaning they’ll make another Finals appearance & 3 in a row in the new Big 3 era.


         My time’s up for this blog. Happy belated b-day to Meranda De La O & this week’s b-day shoutouts (my cousin Ralph Jones, Bezalet Vasquez, Maya Grayson, Issac Medrano, Vanessa Loren, Nelly Chavez, Chrissy Alarid, Yvonne Velasquez, Gina Martin, & Mary Ann Santos). Congrats to my buddy Crystal Aguilar, who’s graduating from Rio Hondo college this week & props to the homie Screws. See everyone on the next blog when we breakdown the NBA finals!! Peace.





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