NBA Playoffs fever

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         What’s good my sports fans!! I know it’s been a while since I typed a blog (super bowl anyone). It was probably laziness on my part. My bad & I apologize. However, I’m back because this is my favorite time of the year. Yes, it’s NBA playoff time. 16 teams (8 from each conference) compete to reach 16 wins to call themselves champion. Last yr, Lebron James finally got that elusive ring w/ the Heat, but it was during a lockout season. The champs are back & they are the proverbial favorite to repeat again this yr. However, 15 other teams are saying over my dead body. Before we start, I would like send my prayers to the families of victims who got hurt or killed during that explosion near the finish line @ the Boston Marathon. 617 strong.


            Eastern Conference

            1)Miami vs 8)Milwaukee- The defending champs were the talk of the season. They won over 60+ games, including 27 straight & they were giving the 72 Lakers squad a great chase to break that 33 winning streak. Lebron had another MVP type season & the supporting cast clicked on all cylinders. For the Bucks, they were the only under .500 team to make the playoffs. All they got is Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings, & leading candidate for most improved player of the yr Larry Sanders. He lead the league in blocked shots. This isn’t much of a series. I see a clean sweep for the Heat here.


           2)New York vs 7) Boston- Wow, New York picked a wrong time to play a professional sports team from Beantown after what happened on Monday. They have all of the U.S. behind. For the Knicks, they got this high seed because they won the Atlantic Divison for the 1st time since the 93-94 season. Carmelo Anthony pretty much put the team on his back & he got help everywhere, whether it was J.R. Smith, a 6th man of the yr candidate, experience from Jason Kidd, & of course, the defense & rebounding of Tyson Chandler. For the Celtics, they were old, but still have that dog in them. They never tucked their tails in when Rondo tore his ACL & when you have KG & Pierce, never count them out.  A bitter rivalry here. Coulda gotten ugly when the whole Melo/Garnett fiasco popped off. However, it’s competive. I see the Knicks knocking them off in 6 games.


         3)Indiana vs 6) Atlanta- The Pacers were one of the teams that would give the Heat a run in the East, but they have struggled of late. Paul George made himself an all-star this yr & I thought Danny Granger would had been available to help this squad w/ George, David West & Roy Hibbard. For the Hawks, they’re a fly under the radar team. As a b-ball fan, I thought Josh Smith would had been traded by the deadline, but they were no takers & he continued to have his typical yr. Al Horford made the all-star again & it would help hadn’t Louis Williams’ injury didn’t shut him down for the yr. Pacers play defense, so expect some low fg percentage shooting games from the Hawks. I see the Pacers advancing in 5 games.


             4)Brooklyn vs 5)Chicago- Both teams have intriguing seasons. For the Nets, they fired Avery Johnson after 20+ games & replaced him w/ P.J. Carlisemo. He turned them around & Brook Lopez made the all-star team. Deron Williams started slow, but has came on late & they have a go to scorer in the clutch w/ Joe Johnson. For the Bulls, this whole season was based on one thing: the return of Derrick Rose. Apparently, he never returned & I’ll be shocked should we see him this postseason. Remember, he did tear the ACL in game 1 of last yr’s playoffs. This Bulls team was a team effort, whether it was all star Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, or the energy boost of Nate Robinson. This has 7 games written all over here. I see the Nets winning at the end.


            Western Conference

            1)Oklahoma City vs 8)Houston- This is an intriguing series here because James Harden gets to face his former team in a best of 7 series. Last yr, he was the 6th man of the yr & along w/ Durant & Westbrook, they were a scoring trio that made it to the finals where they lost to Miami. That was the West’s version of a triple threat, but Harden didn’t want to take a pay cut, so he was traded to Houston for Kelvin Martin, Hassim Thabeet, & draft picks I think. Anyways, Harden got paid & along w/ Jeremy Lin formed one of the highest scoring backcourt duos. The Thunder never lost a step w/ Durant & Westbrook scoring & Ibeka adding some scoring as well as his defense. They brought back Fisher for veteran leadership & found a gem in Reggie Jackson. It’s going be a high scoring series. I see the Thunder in 6 games.


           2)San Antonio vs 7) L.A Lakers- The most story filled 1st round series here. They’ve met 6 times before in the postseason during the Tim Duncan/Kobe Bryant era w/ the Lakers having a 4-2 advantage. However, things will be different. For the Lakers, this has been a Hollywood filled yr. Started off by firing Mike Brown after 5 games & replacing w/ Mike D’Antoni. The starting 5 only played 5 games together as an unit w/ each one missing time w/ injuries. Kobe was having a phenomal yr in his 17th season & he tears an Achilles tendon while helping the team trying to clinch a playoff spot. We also can’t forget bout the death of Dr. Jerry Buss (R.I.P). However, things sorta turned around after a team meeting in Memphis before the break. They finshed w/ a 28-12 post all-star break & got that 7th spot. For the Spurs, they had the top seed, but it never matter to Popovich. Tony Parker was playing like a MVP candidate til he tweeked his ankle & hasn’t been the same since. Tim Duncan still has game, however other players have gotten hurt like Ginobli, Boris Diaw, & they waived Stephen Jackson a week ago. In his place, they signed Tracy McGradey, a player who has never advanced pass the 1st round of the playoffs in his career. This was the match-up I wanted because the Spurs are vulvernable. I’m calling my shot: Lakers in 6. I know they have a weak road record, but they are on a roll winning 5 straight & it only takes 1 game to steal home court.


        3)Denver vs 6) Golden St. – Get your popcorn & track shoes ready because this series will be a fun one. Both teams like to run & gun. The Nuggets are pretty much automatic at home & George Karl pretty much desereves consideration for coach of the yr. The Nuggets have no true superstar on their team & they still know how to win games. It may be tough now that Galinari is done for the yr, but they have great bench rotations. For the Warriors, they got shooters in Steph Curry & Klay Thompson. David Lee’s a double double machine, but they have no size. It’s gonna have a feel of an ABA throwback game. There might be some records broken this series. I see the Nuggets in 7 games, with each home team holding serve on their home court.


      4) L.A. Clippers vs 5)Memphis- A rematch from last yr’s 1st round. Both teams have no love lost. Memphis thought they should had won that series, but losing game 1 when they had a 20+ lead at the Grindhouse & game 7 still stings them. They still have Marc Gasol & Z-BO, but they traded Rudy Gay in a 3 team trade & received Tashaun Prince in return. I know he doesn’t score like Gay, but he has that length on defense & he makes his opponents work for theirs. Him & Tony Allen are in my opinion the 2 best wing defenders in the league. For the Clippers, it was a year that they won their 1st ever divison title & have a better record than the Lakers in the city. Chris Paul won the MVP in the all-star game & he’s turned that culture around since he arrived last yr. Blake Griffin has developed a jump shot & the bench, especially led by another candidate for 6th man Jamal Crawford can increase leads when the starters take breather. I know the Clippers won the season series 3-1 this yr, but the Grizz will be licking their chomps for payback. Last yr, I picked the Grizz in 6, it backfired on me. This yr, I picking them again in 6.


           That’s my time for this blog. Happy b-day shoutouts to Mike McQuarrie, Chris Adams, Stan Vielma, Nikki Nicole Garcia, & Vanessa O’Neil. Big up to tha Homie Steven Screws (where’s Screws U blog), good luck to your Knicks & I know I depise their sports teams (Celtics, Red Sox, & Patriots), but your city’s in our hearts. #prayforboston & 617 strong. Catch ya’ll next blog when we discuss the 2nd round.




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