Super Bowl preview

Posted: January 31, 2013 by djplaymaker in zuncategorized


                        So we arrived! The final game of the NFL season. After 20 weeks, it has come down to 2 teams & we have a good one. Both of these teams are like a mirror image of each other. Extra bonus, both of them have unfinished business after last yr. Both of these lost the conference title games the yr before & redeemed themselves the following yr. Plus, we have a nickname for this Super Bowl in honor of the coaches, who happen to be related. Let’s review the “Harbaugh Bowl”.




            Baltimore vs San Francisco- The final 2 are here. Both teams redeemed themselves after losing the conference title last yr. For the Ravens, they got revenge on the team that beat them last yr in the Pats & in Foxborro. Joe Flacco has come on lately w/ his throwing ability & the defense is feeding off on the emotional of Ray Lewis knowing that this is his last ride after this game, regardless of win & lose. For the 49ers, ever since they made the change for Colin Kaepernick, the offense has clicked & we already know bout their defense. In the game vs the Falcons, they didn’t lose their composure even after Atlanta jumped on them in the 1st half. I see an old fashioned smashmouth game here. Those are the games I love to watch. Dig in the trenches. Since this is super bowl week, there has been some minor storylines coming into this game. 1st one is the statement that Randy Moss said about being the greatest wr ever. That got Jerry Rice’s attention & he responded by saying “put his numbers vs mines”. In my opinion, Jerry should had took the high road & not responded. The other storyline is Ray Lewis & the deer antler spray controversy. Why would the owner of this spray try to tarnishes Ray’s legacy? At least Ray stood his ground yesterday. Enough of the minor storylines, back to the game. The 49ers are 3.5 faves & the over/under is 47.5. I like the 49ers & take the points.






                        It was a great season folks. Thanks to Randy & Noez for competing w/ me every week during the season. We definitely be competing next yr. Happy b-day shoutouts to Eric Sanchez (do it big @ Icon on Saturday), Anthony Garcia, Desiree Montes, Rod Chrolon, Albert Khella, my aunt Juiletta Williams, Christopher Shawn, Chris Ahmad, Alana Davis, & David Priest. I hope everyone enjoys their super bowl weekend. Catch ya’ll next blog. Peace!!




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