the 10 spot (week 10 preview)

Posted: November 8, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

forget the Cowboys being America’s team, the Colts are this yr. Pagano’s speech is uplifting!!

We are at the 10th week people. Almost every team has been through the bye week (week 12 is the final week of byes) & we probably starting to eliminate the pretenders from the contenders. Last week, we saw Chuck Pagano give an emotional speech to his team after their win, the Steelers flew in New York the day of their game & beat the Giants in their house, the Bears increasing their defensive touchdown total, the Falcons remaining undefeated & the Saints defense putting a beating on Michael Vick w/ 7 sacks. What do we have in store for this week. We’ll find out starting w/ tommorrow’s game.


Indianapolis vs Jacksonville- We have an AFC South battle here for Thursday night football. The Colts are riding high of their win vs the Doplhins & Andrew Luck set a record in that game w/ most yds passing in a game for a rookie. Speakong of Luck, props to him for shaving his hair to support Pagano’s cause & sending his jersey to the hall of fame. If anyone hasn’t seen Pagano’s locker room speech, go check it out!! It’s very emotional. For the Jags, they were spanked by the Lions & they don’t know when Maurice Jones Drew will return for them. The Colts are 3 pt road faves. I like the Colts by least 10 pts.


Randy: Indianapolis


Oakland vs Baltimore- The Raiders get to face another small running back this week. Last week, Doug Martin carved them up for 4 tds in the Raiders’ loss. This week, they get Ray Rice, who didn’t do that much in their win vs the Browns, but the defense mad life hell for Brandon Weeden. This is a big game for the Ravens because the Steelers are starting to click & they don’t need them breathing down their neck. The Ravens are 7.5 home faves. I like that spread. Ravens & the points.

Noez: Oakland

Randy: Baltimore

Denver vs Carolina- The Broncos escaped out of Cincy w/ a win despite Peyton Manning throwing two ints to Terrance Newman & I finally see Eric Decker has picked up his game lately. For the Panthers, they went into the Nation’s capital & beat the Redskins. The Panthers go as far as Cam & the running game goes. The Broncos are on a hot streak & Manning’s been playing like a MVP this yr. The Broncos are 4 pt road faves. I like the Broncos by a field goal.


Randy: Denver

NY Giants vs Cincinnati- Both teams are coming off losses. The Giants couldn’t hold a lead as the Steelers had a comeback win on them while the Bengals couldn’t get the job done at home vs the Broncos. Another must win game for the Bengals if they want to see the postseason & they have the champs in their house. They need to make a statement here. The champs are 4 pt road faves. I like the G-Man by a touchdown.


Randy: NYG

Tennessee vs Miami- The Titans take their talents to South Beach for this contest here. Both teams are coming off losses. The Titans were punked in their own house by the Bears while the Dolphins had a heartbreaker in Indy. I wonder if Locklear of Hasselback’s starting this week for the Titans, but we know Tanehill will be ready for the Dolphins. Both teams are looking for that 4th win of the season. The Dolphins are 6 pt home faves. I like those odds. Dolphins straight up.


Randy: Miami

Detroit vs Minnesota- Suddenly, the Vikings are coming down to reality. After starting off 4-1, they have hit a tailspin. Last week, they went into Seattle & lost. In this tailspin, Ponder has been struggling. For the Lions, Mike Leshure was a good remedy for them as he scored 3 tds & Calvin Johnson found his game again in their blowout win vs Jacksonville. The Vikes won the 1st match-up in the D. Lions are looking to return the favor in Minnesota. The Lions are a pt road fave. I like the Lions to steal this game on the road.


Randy: Minnesota

Buffalo vs New England- AFC east battle here. Last time these two teams met, the Bills couldn’t hold a 21-3 @ home & the Pats exploded in the 2nd half on them in their win. Last week, the Bills were manhandled by the Texans while the Pats were enjoying their bye week. This is the stretch run for the Pats as they usually click on their gears after the bye week. The Pats are 11 pt home faves. I like that spread. Pats straight up.


Randy: New England

Atlanta vs New Orleans- The best rivalry in the NFC South picks up this week in the Superdome. Both teams are coming off wins vs NFC East teams, the Falcons had to scrap out a home win vs the Cowboys while the Saints defense put Michael Vick on his back constantly in their win. They are 3-5, but Brees thinks they are still a play-off team. I don’t know bout that, but anything’s possible. The Falcons are 2.5 road faves. I like the Dirty birds by a field goal.


Randy: Atlanta

San Diego vs Tampa Bay- Doug Martin aka the Muscle Hampster (keep the nickname) has made a name for himself this yr. If not for RG III or Andrew Luck, he’ll be in the conversation for rookie of the yr. The Bucs are in contention for the wild card & he & Josh Freeman are leading the way. Last week, Martin piled up 251 yds rushing in their win over the Raiders while the Chargers found some offense in their home win vs the Chiefs. Which Chargers team will show up, that’s our concer. The Bucs are a field goal home fave. I like the Bolts by a fg myself


Randy: Tampa Bay

NY Jets vs Seattle- The Jets return from their bye week w/ Joe Namath ripping them in the press again & questions as their push for the postseason continues. The Seahawks continue their home winning ways as the Vikes were their latest victims last week. I don’t know why opposing teams have a hard time winning in Seattle. This game may come down to qb play between Mark Sanchez & Russell Wilson. Which one doesn’t make the critical mistakes & will we see a bunch of Tebow for the Jets? The Seahawks are 6 pt home faves. I like the Seahawks by a field goal (sorry Havana gf)


Randy: Seattle

Dallas vs Philadelphia- Both teams are 3-5 & coming off losses to teams in the NFC South. The Cowboys couldn’t get the job done in the ATL while the Eagles couldn’t get anything done as their red zone offense disappeared in New Orleans. What made things worse for the Eagles was that Vick was sacked 7 times & they are already want to can Andy Reid right now. I know he’s on the hot seat if they don’t make the playoffs, but it’s that offensive line. I thought Vick wasn’t gonna make it through the 1st half w/ all those hits. Both teams need a win so badly. The Cowboys are a pt road fave. I like the Eagles to win by a fg. They already beat the Giants at home. So anything can happen.


Randy: Philadelphia

St Louis vs San Francisco- Both teams are coming off their bye weeks. It’s a NFC West battle here. The 49ers are still in the race for a home playoff game, but need help to get out that 3rd seed. The Rams still have hope for a postseason berth, but needs help as well. Expect a defensive struggle. The 49ers are 11 pt home faves. I like the 49ers by 10


Randy: San Francisco

Houston vs Chicago- The game of the day here. It looks like a super bowl preview. Both teams are 7-1 & rely on their defense. Last week, the Bears had 2 defensive tds to increase their total to 7 (the record for most defensive tds is 9) in their win vs the Titans. The Texans on the other hand, manhandled the Bills, ruining Mario Williams’ return to H-Town. Expect a low scoring affair & both teams have players who are candidates for defensive player of the yr (J.J. Watt for Houston & Charles “Peanut” Tillman for Chicago). The Bears are a pt home fav. Like that spread. I take the Bears straight up


Randy: Chicago


Kansas City vs Pittsburgh- The Steelers are starting to play like the team that everyone knows. They went into the Big Apple the same day & defeated the Giants in a defensive battle. They didn’t let Eli get one of those 4th qtr miracles in him. Ben Roethesberger is key on 3rd down conversions. For the Chiefs, a road loss to the Chargers last week & Romeo Crenell removed himself as defensive coordinator for the Chiefs. Cassel is starting this week. Good luck to the offense. Black & yellow are 11.5 home faves. I like the Steelers by 2 tds.


Randy: Pittsburgh

Last week, Randy regained the top spot w/ a 11-3 record, Noez came in 2nd w/ 9-4 while I rounded it out w/ 7-7 record. I wish the Lakers could be hot like Randy. I know it’s a marathon & a long season, but the heart isn’t in the team. Plus, congrats to Obama for winning the election (2 Termz). Happy b-day shoutouts to 2 of my favorite go-go dancers Melissa Marie, Cami Jewel, Marisol Carlos, Damien Rodriguez, Brandi & Summir Holguin, Sean Randle, Chris Romash, Anthony Valdez, Michael Guzman & 2 of my favorite girls Christina Coffee & Lorraine Salas. I’ll catch everyone on the next blog. Peace!!



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