Week 9 preview

Posted: November 1, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

Will Ben be able to escape Usi, JPP, Tuck & co this week in the Big Apple?

How’s my football fans doing out there? I hope everyone is enjoying a safe Halloween night. Last week, we saw the Chargers scoring only 2 fg’s in a loss vs Cleveland, RG III getting his bell rung while going for a pass vs Pittsburgh, the Falcons still undefeated & Philly wondering to bench Vick, Giants/Cowboys game coming down literally to the fingertips & Alex Smith great qb effiency on Monday night. This week bye weeks go to the Jets (is it Tebow time already), 49ers, Patriots, & the Rams. I wonder how this week is looking like! Let’s break down this week’s games.


Kansas City vs San Diego- AFC west battle here that opens this week’s schedule. The Chargers have gone 15 qtrs w/out a td & looked bad in the loss vs Cleveland while the Chiefs were punked by the Raiders & Cassel might get his job back after his replacement Brady Quinn suffered a concussion in the game. Both teams are still in the race for the AFC West because of the records. Something has to give in this game. The Chargers offense finding the end zone or the Chiefs offense waking it up? One question Chiefs fan: Will Dwayne Bowe still be a Chief after the tradeline ends? The Chargers are 7.5 home faves. I like the Chargers to explode on them & take the over.


Randy: SD


Denver vs Cincinnati- The Broncos are looking good after last game’s beatdown on the Saints. I think Peyton Manning’s finally found his touch w/ this team. He looks like a MVP candidate & sure is a shoo in for comeback player of the yr. The Bengals are coming off a bye week, but still can’t beat the teams they need to beat to get attention as the Steelers proved to them. This is a must game for this young squad. The Broncos are a fg road fave. I like the Broncos by 10


Randy: Denver

Baltimore vs Cleveland- The Ravens look to sweep the head to head series this week as they enter the Dawg Pound. The Browns are looking to have to back to back wins since they haven’t had that in a while. The Browns defense & Trent Richardson’s ground game helped them defeat the Chargers last week while the Ravens are coming off a bye week & still regrouping from the injuries to Ray Lewis & Darious Webb. Last match-up between these two teams came down to the last play & it was the 1st game the regular refs retuned after their strike. T-Sizzle’s back, but this will be his 2nd game back. I see a defensive affair, unless the Ravens hand off to Ray Rice aka the Browns killa. The Ravens are 3.5 road faves. I like my Browns to win & the points. Just lay off the mistakes Weeden.


Randy: Baltimore

Arizona vs Green Bay- The Pack has found their niche, even though they had a close win vs the Jags, but Rodgers seems to find his touch while James Jones has stepped up well in the place of Greg Jennings. The defense is still going be different w/o Woodson, but just let Clay be Clay. For the Cardinals, only 6 yds rushing as a team in a loss vs the 49ers won’t get it done. Who’s gonna be that quarterback for them Kolb or Skelton. They need a wake up call. The Packers are 11 pt home faves. I like the Packers by 21 & take the over.


Randy: Green Bay

Buffalo vs Houston- Both teams are coming off bye weeks, meaning they are ready to go. The Texans still have one loss & want this 2nd half of the season to be like their 1st. The Bills believe it or not still have hope for the AFC East since that division is wide open, but need a lot of hope from the teams ahead of them. The Bills can go as far as Fitzpatrick will take them. The Texans are 10 pt home faves. Sounds right. I like the Texans & the points


Randy: Houston

Miami vs Indianapolis- The Colts had another Luck comeback win last week in Tennessee (Vick Ballard’s td dive was ridiculous) & they surpassed their last yr’s win total. The Dolphins put a classic beat down on the Jets, but will Tanehill play is the question. If he can’t go, expect Matt Moore to fill in for him. Both teams have 3 wins & lead by young rookie qbs. Expect a ugly affair in this game. The Dolhphins are 2.5 road faves. I like the Luck experience in this one. I like the Colts by a fg


Randy: Indy

Chicago vs Tennessee- The Bears needed a fg to defeat the Panthers last week while the Colts lost an overtime battle at home vs the Colts. No one would had thought the Bears would be 5-2 at this point. The defense’s done their thizzle while Cutler has played impressive in the last few games. I wonder if Chris Johnson’s gonna get over 100 yds rushing in this game. The Bears are a fg road fave. I like the Bears by a td.


Randy: Tennessee

Carolina vs Washington-RG III vs Cam Newton. That’s probably the storyline for this game. The Panthers must had went into the “suggestion box “ because they almost beat the Bears. Cam had good numbers, but turnovers were their demise. The Skins didn’t have that much luck vs the Steelers & it doesn’t help that his receivers dropped 5 of his passes. Expect a lot of qb spying from both teams in this game & maybe a shootout. The Redskins are fg home faves. I like the Skins & the points.


Randy: Washington

Tampa Bay vs Oakland- The Raiders are looking to go .500 this week as they faced the Bucs. Last week, they dominated the Chiefs & still have hope to win the divison. The Bucs are coming off their impressive performance in the win over the Vikings & Doug Martin had the game of his life. Both teams are surprises w/ 3 wins & the Raiders look like a wild card team for the playoffs. The Raiders are 1.5 home faves. What Raider team will show up. I like the Raiders to win straight up.

Noez: Oakland

Randy: Oakland

Minnesota vs Seattle- Both teams are coming off losses. The Vikings were just punked in their house by the Bucaneers while the Seahawks had the Lions pull off a miracle comeback on them. Both teams have excellent running backs in Adrian Peterson & Marshawn Lynch, but it may come down to whether Ponder or Wilson makes mistakes. Both teams are great defensively. The Seahawks are 5 pt home faves. I like the Vikes to come out of Seattle w/ a win. Take the under.


Randy: Seattle

Pittsburgh vs NY Giants- Giants won last week by literally the fingertips over the Cowboys while the Steelers ran roughshots on the Redskins. Both teams defense want to attack the quarterback, so expect for Eli & Ben to watch their back. It may come down to who’s team can get a running game going & which qb wants the 4th quarter. The Giants are fg home faves. It sounds right. G-Man & the points


Randy: Pitts

Dallas vs Atlanta- The Falcons did a number on the Eagles last week in Philly while for the Cowboys, 4 Romos ints were the reason they lost last week. They were playing catch-up from the beginning. The Falcons are looking good, but they’ve had some hic-cups along the way. Is the yr Matty Ice can finally win a playoff game. Only the team knows. The Falcons are 4 pt home faves. I like the Falcons by a td (still got love for your Letty).


Randy: Atlanta


Philadelphia vs New Orleans- Both teams are coming off losses. The Eagles were just outplayed by the Falcons & it was so bad that Vick almost lost his starting job. It’s the offensive line that has been getting him knocked around & the reason for those turnovers. For the Saints, the defense has done them in, that’s their problem. If I was the Eagles, just feed the ball to McCoy & get out of his way. The Saints are fg home faves. I like the Eagles to leave the Superdome w/a win because of that Saints defense lack of pressure.


Randy: New Orleans

Last week, yours truly & Noez were tied for the best record w/ a 10-4 record, meaning the lead dawg for earlier of the season Randy had a 8-6 record. We needed to knock him off the pedestal at some point. Happy b-day shoutouts to Laina Gomez, Cindy Ordonez (what up Sinful), my 216 fam Mark Matthews, Mohammed Sheddah, Kiki Perez (catch ya on Saturday night), Brandy Bustamante (hey love), Joesph Lara, Elisha Peralto, & “mama” Krissy Delgado. Hope the Lakers can wake up after that dismal opening night performance & I’ll catch everyone on the next blog. Peace!!



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