Week 6 preview!!!

Posted: October 11, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

Can Arian Foster carry the Texans offense to the Super Bowl?

How’s my NFL fans do out in the social world? I know I’ll be doing well if my Browns were winning games w/ a young squad. That’s ok though because my fantasy football team is undefeated after 5 weeks. Last week, we saw the Falcons remained undefeated & gave RG III an concussion in the process, Colts winning for Chuck Pagano vs the Packers, The Saints finally getting their 1st win & Brees breaking Unitas’ record, the Texans still undefeated, but lost Cushing for the season after he tore his ACL & Goodell getting the last laugh on the Saints by the suspensions being revisted. I wonder what we have for week 6. Before we start, Rest in Peace to Alex Karras. Old school heads would remember from his days w/ the Detroit Lions while some of us would just know him as George Papadopolus from the tv show “Webstar”, which introduce the world to Emmaunel Lewis.


Pittsburgh vs Tennesse- The Steelers needed a last min drive to defeat the Eagles last week while the Titans were just being mandhandled by the Vikings last week. Pittsburgh is also coming in hurt w/ Polamalu hurting his calf & won’t be available for the game. However, they did get a boost w/ the return of Rashad Mendehall. For the Titans, it may come down to Chris Johnson & can he have another breakout game. I think Hasselback is starting again til Locklear recovers from his injury. The Steelers are 4.5 road faves. I like the Steelers by 10.


Randy: Pittsburgh


Oakland vs Atlanta- The Falcons are looking to go 6-0 after this game vs the Raiders. Last week, they survived a close game w/ the Redskins & they gave RG III an concussion. Matty Ice is playing like he wants to be in that elite qb conversation & can you say MVP as well. The Raiders had a bye week, so they would had two weeks to look over the Falcons & also to shake off that loss in Denver. I like the running back match-up in this game between McFadden & Michael Turner though. The Falcons are 7.5 home faves. I like the Falcons & take the points.


Randy: Atlanta

Dallas vs Baltimore- The Ravens are coming off an ugly win in Kansas City while the Cowboys had a bye week to shake off that ass whipping they received at home on Monday night vs those Bears. What Ravens offense is going to show up this week. The one that Flacco leads to like 28 pts a game or the one who could only manage 3 fg’s. As for the Cowboys, if Tony Romo was picked off 5 times vs the Bears, I wonder how many times the Ravens would get to him. The Ravens are 4.5 home faves. I like the Ravens straight up (sorry Letty bear)


Randy: Baltimore

Cincinnati vs Cleveland – Part 2 of the battle of Ohio is in the 216 this week. The Bengals won the 1st battle, but both Brandon Weeden & Trent Richardson had their coming out party that game. Last week, my Browns were just punked from the 2nd qtr on from the Giants & gave up 200 yds rushing to Ahmad Bradshaw while the Bengals lost a close one at home to the Dolphins. For the Browns to win, when you have a great start, don’t fall back!! By the way, welcome back Joe Haden, the secondary missed you & I hope Dq’well Jackson’s available for this game. The Bengals are a fg road fave. I like my Browns by a td. We have to win a game @ some point.


Randy: Cincy

St Louis vs Miami- The Rams are taking their talents after a statement win on Thursday night vs the Cards. The defense was making Kevin Kolb’s life a living hell & it sucks that they lost Danny Amendola to a shoulder injury that game. Robert Quinn looked like a pro bowl player for a rookie. As for the Dolphins, they escaped the ‘Natti w/ a win. I wonder which qb (Bradford or Tanehill) is gonna to have a better qb rating this game. Speaking of the Dolphins, congrats to Reggie Bush & his girlfriend, who are expecting their 1st child. The Dolphins are 2.5 home faves. I like the Rams to squek one out on the road.


Randy: Miami

Indianapolis vs NY Jets- The Colts are coming off an emotional win for their ailing coach (#Chuckstrong) vs the Packers. Andrew Luck was phenomenal & Reggie Wayne looked like he went back into the time machine w/ 13 catches for over 200 yds receiving. For the Jets, they lost a close game @ home vs the Texans. The Sanchez/Tebow controversy was on full tilt that game. Tebow played more snaps & looked successful while Sanchez made couple mistakes & J.J. Watts was a pain in his ass. Will the Colts carry the momentum into MetLife Stadium? We shall see. The Jets are 2 pt home faves. My heart likes the Colts, but my mind says the Jets in a close game (hi Havana girlfriend)


Randy: NY Jets

Detroit vs Philadelphia- The Eagles are coming off a heartbreaking loss in Pittsburgh & the media is back on Michael Vick’s case bout his turnover problems. He has over 12 total turnovers in 6 games & that’s not good. The Lions are coming off a bye week & are wondering how the hell they are 1-4 so far this season. Calvin Johnson sorta has the Madden curse going on & I hope he breaks it for my fantasy team purposes. This is gonna be a defensive battle & it may come down to both quarterbacks. Can Stafford stay healthy & not make any mistakes while the problem for Vick is the turnovers. The Eagles are 5 pt home faves. I like the Eagles by a fg.


Randy: Philadelphia

Kansas City vs Tampa Bay- Tough week for the Chiefs. They lose an ugly game to the Ravens & the fans were booing Matt Cassel, then was cheering when Brady Quinn entered the game. The offensive lineman didn’t like that at all. Their only offense is Jamal Charles & that’s it. For the Bucs, they are coming off the bye week. Expect another ugly game here. At least the Chiefs are on the road this week. The Bucs are fg home faves. I like that. Take the Bucs & the points


Randy: Tampa Bay

Buffalo vs Arizona- The Cards are coming off a physical beatdown in St. Louis on Thursday. I swear that Kolb was gonna go “Cutler” on his lineman whenever he was sacked. And if that wasn’t worst, they lost their running back Ryan Williams to season ending shoulder surgery & Beanie Wells hasn’t played a down yet. For the Bills, it was just not their day last week as the 49ers put boots to asses. Speaking of the Bills, Mario Williams is getting killed in the press because of his $100 mil contract & he only has 1 sack so far. The Cards are 3.5 home faves. I like the Cards to respond w/ td victory


Randy: Arizona

New England vs Seattle- The Pats are coming off a 10 pt win over the Broncos, which made Tom Brady 9-4 overall vs Peyton Manning. Also, for the 2nd week, their running game played a major part in their win. For the Seahawks, they are coming off an ugly win in which both Russell Wilson & Cam Newton had dismal performances. I know the NFC West is a tough divison, but I don’t like the Seahawks’ chances vs the Pats. The Pats are 3.5 road faves. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I like the Pats by a td


Randy: New England

NY Giants vs San Francisco- The rematch of the NFC title game. In my opinion, I thought the 49ers were going to win that game. The defense was making things miserable for Eli Manning & they were popping them in the mouth. The only mistakes for the 49ers were made by Kyle Williams & both times it was on special teams. The Giants eventually capitalize & won the game & the Super Bowl. Both teams weren’t looking ahead last week as both teams dominated their opponents (The Giants on the Browns while the 49ers were setting offensive records on the Bills). Expect a defensive battle. The 49ers are fg faves at home. I take that straight up


Randy: San Francisco

Minnesota vs Washington- Big news for the Redskins last week. They lost the game & RG III was knocked out of the game w/ a concussion. It was a good hard shot. Kirk Cousins did a great job relieving him (like they would put in Rex Grossman), but they still lost by a td to the Falcons. As for the Vikings, they are 4-1, Percy Harvin’s playing like a MVP & even though Ponder threw his 1st int last week, he’s still up there in qb rating. Adrian Peterson looks like he never lost a step either & the defense has been on team’s asses. I wonder if Griffin’s gonna play this week. The Redskins are 1.5 home faves. I like the Vikes by a fg.


Randy: Minnesota

Green Bay vs Houston- The Texans are still undefeated, but their defense took a major blow when Brian Cushing tore his ACL last game & he’s out for the whole yr. The offense is complete w/ Schaub behind center & as long as Arian Foster is a workhorse in the backfield, everything’s cool. For the Packers, who would had thought they would be 2-5 at this point. They lost an emotional game in Indy & Aaron Rodgers has admitted he hasn’t played to his best so far this yr. This is probably a must win for the Packers. I know that Cushing’s done, but I see nothing that won’t affect the Texans defense as JJ Watts proved on Monday. The Texans are 2.5 home faves. Not bad. Take the Texans & the points.


Randy: Green Bay


Denver vs San Diego- The AFC West controls Monday night this week. Both teams are coming off losses. The Broncos lost by 10 to the Pats while the Chargers had a chance in New Orleans, but Phillip Rivers got the triple play on his on their final possession (sack, fumble, & defense recovers). Expect an air-it-out performance between Manning & Rivers. The Chargers are fg home faves. I like that spread


Randy: San Diego

That’s my time this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Jennifer & Jaclyn Reza, Antoine Boulos, Viviana Vigil, John Steele, Frank Benavidez, my auntie Deborah Dicks, Vanessa Montes, & Erin Cardenas. Last week, Randy was lead dawg w/ a 11-3 record, Noez was 2nd w/ 8-6 while I rounded out the field w/ a 7-7 record. Shoutouts out to Leticia Robinson & Steven Screws (we need a “Screws U” blog before you head back to NY). I’ll catch everyone next week & Let’s go Yanks!!



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