The King’s a champ now

Posted: June 22, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

He finally gets his ring! How many more does he get before he retires?

The title of this blog said it all. After 9 yrs of hard work & dedication, the guy who was nicknamed the “Chosen One” since his days @ Akron Vincent St. Mary’s can call himself a champion. Yet, we know the season was shortened because of the lockout, but the Miami Heat were crowned champions. Funniest thing is that we never gave Tim Duncan this much grief for winning his 1st title in a shortened season unless you were Phil Jackson than the Facebook nation did to Lebron last night. Last night coronation hit me personally. As a guy who was born in Cleveland, I was dreading this day ever since “The Decision” occurred. I know he was a free agent & that means he can go anywhere he wanted after that contract ended, but I just didn’t like how it all went down. He never told Dan Gilbert anything til after he decided to take his talents to South Beach. Should I be happy for him now he’s a champion? I don’t know. I would have more respect for him if he did it for the Cavs & kept his promise to the city. However, I’m disappointed in one of his teammates. His name is Dwayne Wade. In ’06, he was the man when he won his 1st ring & Shaq rode his jockstrap to ring no.4. Now, in the 2nd yr of the Miami big 3, he deferred too much & that got me mad. He went from Michael Jordan in 06 to Scottie Pippen for this title run. Some players get a pass for me on this team. Chris Bosh, who in my opinion, was treated like the 5th wheel on this team. He stepped up, especially after Spolestra put him back in the starting rotation after game 1 & played like he was back in Toronto. He dominated the boards & contributed to the cause. Mike Miller picked the right time to get hot behind the 3pt line, Mario Chalmers was never scared of the moment & these two last guys I’’m really happy for are Juwan Howard & Ronny Turiaf. Juwan for being in the league 18 yrs & the only Fab 5 member to get a ring & Turiaf because of what he had to go through w/ the heart surgery he had & the Lakers showed him love by drafting him in the 2nd round & the fans loved him. Big question going into next season is will the Heat repeat? We know OKC’s time will come, the Bulls as well & even though that window is slightly closing, you can never count out Kobe & the Lakers. I can’t wait for next yr because the season will start on time & it’ll be 2 more yrs til Stern’s cockblocking ass retires.

That’s my time this week. Happy belated b-day shoutout to my girl Elma Ramirez. Happy b-day shoutouts to Alex Pina, Nicholas Kae, Reina Guzman, Michelle Edwards, my aunt Benesby Clarkson, Steven Chew (shoutout to the Clubbing 411 fam), Jamie Rodriguez, Vanessa Blanco (one month away til Lil Dylan arrives) & Jessica Gomez. Make sure you check out “Screws U” by Steven Screws when you get a chance & I ‘ll check you out on the next blog. Peace



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