2 young guns!!!

Posted: June 11, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

2 young superstars (Kevin Durant & Lebron James) searching for their 1st ring. Who gets it!! Signs of an exciting finals America

How’s my sports fan doing out there? I know you had a great time. Yesterday, we found out who the Thunder will face in this yr’s Finals. Before we break down the Finals, my thoughts of last night’s fight: never saw that coming. Everyone in the world knew Pacaquio won that fight & was the favorite going into last night. I was somewhat rooting for Bradley & even I thought he lost. When I heard the decision & also when they said it was a split decision, it caught my attention. 1st thing that caught my mind: there goes Mayweather/Pacaquio. Floyd’s doing 3 months for abusing his ex & since he didn’t see the fight, but probably knows the result, there goes that megafight. Enough of that, let’s talk about the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals

2) Oklahoma City vs 2) Miami- The 2 young guns (that’s what I call them) will meet up to determine who will call themselves champion. The Heat were here last yr & lost to the Mavs in 6 while the Thunder haven’t been here since 1996 when they were the Seattle Supersonics & lost in 6 games to the Chicago Bulls. This series will have ratings for sure because of the superstars on both teams. Lebron James vs Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade vs Russell Westbrook, & the battle of the 3rd wheels Chris Bosh vs James Harden. This has the making of a new rivalry like the Celtics & Lakers when the chips are bigger. Of all the players on the Thunder, only Derek Fisher, Kendrick Perkins, & Nazr Mohammed have finals experience w/ Fisher & Perkins having rings. Miami is hoping for a different result this yr & Lebron’s looking to getting the media off his case by winning a ring. Only Wade knows how to be a champion & what it takes to be a winner. I’m excited for the finals. Even though the Lakers aren’t in the finals, at least we have a former player repping us in Fisher. My prediction is Thunder in 6. Durant’s more humble & likable than Lebron. He deserves this opportunity. Plus, root for Fisher to get that 6th ring.

That’s my time. Happy b-day shoutouts this week to Yolanda Avila, Ryan Lopez, Jordan Dennis, Matt Bitner, Maria Vazquez, Oscar Torrentos, my cousin Chez Dansby, & my boy Geraldo Machado aka Rock 1!! Let’s go Kings wrap this thing & bring the cup to Los Angeles & make sure you check out “Screws U” by the homie Steven Screws. Catch ya on the next blog. Peace!!



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