Eastern Conference Finals preview

Posted: May 27, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

Can the Celtics deny the Heat’s chance for another shot @ the Ring? We’ll find out this week

So we finally get to see who the Heat gets to play for them to defend their Eastern Conference title. The Heat just had to go 6 tough games to eliminate the Pacers. I agree w/ Michael Wilbon’s reason that the Pacers got eliminated: too much 3pt shooting. Like the saying goes, you live by the 3, you die by the 3. You’re telling me after Chris Bosh’s injury, They couldn’t find a way to dominate the paint & give more touches for David West & Roy Hibbert & Danny Granger will definitely need anger management courses because he was trying to get in Lebron’s head & he wasn’t buying it. Lebron knows about mind games (Deshawn Stevenson when he was w/ the Wizards anyone) & wasn’t falling for it. Now, they will have to face a familiar foe in who they beat in 6 games last yr in the conference semis last yr. Let’s break it down shall we!!

Eastern Conference

2)Miami vs 4)Boston- The Celtics have advanced to the conference finals for the 3rd time in 5 yrs since the orginal big 3 (Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, & Paul Pierce) was created. However, you can call them the Fantastic 4 because of Rajon Rondo. He’s a walking triple double to happen & he’s the sparkplug to lead that offense. However, they had a hard fought 7 game series vs a 76ers team who wasn’t supposed to be there (Doug Collins, your team has nothing to be ashamed of) & also comes into this series banged up now that Avery Bradley’s season is over. He was their best defender along w/ Rondo & filled in nice when Allen was sidelined. For the Heat, it may look like Bosh will miss more time in the postseason because of that back, but Lebron & D Wade has picked up the scoring peace & Udonis Haslem has filled in nice in the frontcourt. Both teams knows what it takes to make the Finals & actually won the whole thing (Miami in 06 & Boston in 08). Since I hate both teams & I got to choose, I see the Heat advancing in 6 & pretty much ending Boston’s Big 3 run. It was nice for that, yet they only won 1 title out of it.

That’s my time for this week. I hope everyone’s enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. Congrats to the New Jersey Devils & L.A Kings as they will compete for the Stanley Cup (go Kings go). Happy b-day shoutouts to Melissa Emily, Alex Gonzales, Jose Lona, Gina Ramirez, Jennifer Bingham, Edgar Morfin, Ruth Summers, Andrea Swindell, & my brother’s ex wife Georgia Simmons. I catch everyone on the next blog when I break down the NBA Finals & also make to check out the homie Screws blog “Screw U”. Til then, I’m out.



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