Old School vs New School

Posted: May 22, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

Are these young guys ready to call themselves “champs”?

How’s my NBA fans doing out there? I hope you are enjoying the NBA playoffs. I know I am. In the East, we have 2 dog fights, but in the West, we have our conference finals set. It pits 2 small market teams (did you catch those 2 words Dan gilbert) who are both on a roll & have a combined record of 16-1 in this year’s playoffs. One’s old school, full of veteran leadership & experience while the other team is New School, new kids who like to run & gun &have actually grown in our eyes after last yr’s postseason when they couldn’t seal the deal in late game situations vs the Mavericks. Let’s talk bout them shall we!!

Western Conference

1)San Antonio vs 2) Oklahoma City- Both teams are on a roll in the postseason & will have 5 days of rest til their series starts. The Spurs used their experience & determination to sweep the Clippers in the 2nd round while the Thunder had to go 5 games (4 of them nailbiters) to dispose of the Lakkers (I’ll speak on them later). The thunder has grown in our eyes & have 3 of the youngest exciting players in the league in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook & James Harden while the Spurs have their reliable Big 3 in Tim Duncan, tony Parker, & Manu Ginobli. Poppovich is a defensive genius, but this yr, he added a lil of D’Antoni offense for his team this yr. Parker played like a MVP this yr & Duncan had no problem deferring to him. The Thunder added veteran leadership when they acquired Derek Fisher after his contract was bouhght out by the Houston Rockets after being traded there from the Lakers. It was a good pick-up because Westbrook lost his back-up earlier in the season when Eric Maynor got hurt & he brings championship experience along w/ a guy that I despised when he was in Boston in Kendrick Perkins. They also have a young defensive presence in Sergei Ibeka & no disrespect to Tyson chandler, but he should had won defensive player of the yr. This series may come down to defense & who can execute in late game situations. Durant has lately proving his clutchness & I think he’s ring ready. I don’t think he cared about Lebron beating him for M.V.P. All he wants is to win. I respect both franchises, but something tells that the thunder will grown up & accomplish more baby steps. Thunder in 6. I want to see Fisher get his 6th ring.

href=”https://neitherworldradio.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/0522-l-a-lakers-5261.jpg”&gt; Is Kobe’s window closing for that 6th ring?[/caption]caption id=”attachment_2289″ align=”aligncenter” width=”526″]<a

What’s next for the Lakers- That’s the major question being asked today in L.A. sports talk radio & ESPN. Is Kobe’s window closing for his pursuit for that 6th ring? Kobe had 42 pts last night, but it looked like his supporting cast checked out on him. Why does it have to take the pimp hand of Kobe to motivate Pau Gasol & Andrew Bynum & speaking of those 2 big’s, will they be back next yr. I think Gasol has worn out his welcome after 2 piss poor performance in the playoffs & Bynum has immature issues as well as a team option in his contract next yr. I’m already hearing rumors about them going after Steve Nash. That’s a question mark for me. They’re over the luxury tax, don’t have a 1st round in this yr or next yr’s draft & won’t have money to sign free agents. If there was a free agent I would like them to get, it would be Kevin Garnett. Yes, that Kevin Garnett of the Celtics. Ainge is already talking about breaking up the Big 3 after their postseason run is done & He has the same fire like Kobe & you don’t need to light a fire in his Ass to get him going!! That’s my advice for Mitch & Lil Jimmy.

That’s my time for this blog. Happy b-day shoutouts to my cousin Ralph Jones, my Step niece Maya Grayson, my “r&b chick” Vanessa Loren, Bezalet Vasquez, Issac Medrano, Christy Alarid, Michael Maya, Mary Romero, Yvonne Velasquez, Melissa Emily, Alex Gonzales, & Jose Luna. Go Kings Go as they look to send the Coyotes home after tonight. Have a safe memorial day weekend & I’ll catch you to break down the Eastern Conference finals. Also, make sure to check out “Screws U” by the homie Steven Screws!! Til then I’m out. Peace



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