West Coast 2nd round

Posted: May 13, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

Lakers/Thunder in the 2nd round. Lakers knocked them in 6 2 yrs ago, can the Thunder repay the favor?

So, it’s finally set!! Couple days ago, I blogged the preview of the Eastern Conference 2nd round. Now, it’s west, west ya’ll & it has a L.A field to it. Yes, I said it as both the Lakers & Clippers have both survived their 1st round series, the Lakers knocking off Denver @ home while the Clippers went into the Grind House in Memphis & defeated the Grizzlies in a hard fought game. Imagine if it’s an all L.A. conference finals! Anything can happen folks. Let’s break down the semis.

Western Conference

1)San Antonio vs 5) L.A. Clippers- The Spurs finally know who their opponents are after resting for a week after sweeping the Jazz. They were lead by their usual 3 stars (Parker, Duncan, & Ginobli), but they had some help from their supporting cast in Splitter, Leonard, Gary Neal, Danny Green, & “Captain Jack” Stephen Jackson. The Clippers’ culture has changed since Chris Paul arrived. Some may say Blake Griffin started, but I think CP3 brought that winning attitude & give an assist to David Stern for helping them out. He wouldn’t let the team lost this 7th game & he had help from Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin, “Swaggy P” Nick Young, & Mo Williams. This series would be nice if Chauncey Billups was healthy because he would bring that championship swagger for them. I think it would be a tough series, but I see the Spurs winning in 6 games because the Clippers have trouble winning in the Alamo.

2) Oklahoma City vs 3) L.A Lakers- The Thunder have been rested like the Spurs & finally get back to action tomorrow as they start their 2nd round vs the Lakers. The pimp hand of Kobe Bryant was the difference last night as both Andrew Bynum & Pau Gasol picked up their games after being ridiculed in the last 2 games. Steve Blake was a great spark & welcome back Ron Artest (I’m not calling him Metta anymore). He was a lift on the defensive end by slowing down Galinari & Andre Miller. I’m kinda nervous for this series. OKC has their 3 stars in Durant, Westbrook, & Harden (congrats for winning 6th man of the yr & I hope Artest hollers at you & apologize), however we got our 3 & whenever you have the Black Mamba, you have hope in a playoff series. My heart wants to say Lakers, but realistic terms says Thunder in 7 games. If Kobe doesn’t get ring 6, I hope Fish does as well I hope Durant gets his 1st.

That’s it for the Western Conference semi blogs!! I hope every woman out there is enjoying their Mother’s day today (shout out to the single ones especially). I already did my b-day shoutouts. Go Kings in the NHL playoffs & I catch up w/ ya’ll on the next one when we preview the conference finals. Peace!!



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