2nd round East Coast style

Posted: May 12, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

the Eastern conference semifinals are set, just waiting for the West to set as well

How’s my basketball fans doing out there? We already have 2 second round matchups set & they are all in the East. The west isn’t set yet because San Antonio & Oklahoma City are both waiting for the winners of their opponent series between Memphis/L.A Clippers & L.A. Lakers/Denver, which will be decided in a 7th game tomorrow. Let’s talk about the East shall we!

Eastern Conference

2) Miami vs 3) Indiana- Both teams needed 5 games to eliminate their opponents. The Heat took out the Knicks, who were hit by the injury bug w/ Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert, &Amare Stoudamire taking on the fire extungisher in 5 games while the Pacers had to go 5 w/ Orlando Magic, who still put up a fight w/o Dwight Howard. Speaking of Orlando, will both D12 & Stan Van Gundy be back next year? We’ll talk about that next blog. Anyway, Vogel of the Pacers has already lit the match in this series by calling the Heat “the biggest floppers in the NBA” in terms of drawing fouls. Talking bout bulletin board material. Miami won the season series 3-1 this yr, however postseason is a different story. Indiana’s size w/ West, Hibbert, & George could overtake the lack of size for Miami’s frontline. However, the Heat plays balls-out defense & when you still have Lebron & D Wade as your finishers as well as playmakers, you still have a chance to win any game. I say Heat in 6 games.

4) Boston vs 8) Philadelphia- Both teams were in a dog fight of a series w/ their opponents. The Celtics had to go 6 hard fought games w/ the Atlanta Hawks, the closeout game was the hardest (take notes Andrew Bynum). The Hawks were making a run, especially w/ the return of Al Horford in the lineup, but I hope him missing that 1st free throw doesn’t haunt him next yr. As for the 76ers, they were fortunate that the Bulls got hit by the injury bug in the wrong time. 1st, it was Derrick Rose tearing his ACL, then Joakim Noah tweeking his ankle in game 4. Plus, their 16 million dollar a yr man in Carlos Boozer picked the wrong time in an elimination game to shoot 1-11 from the field. It’s youth vs experience. If Philly has a chance to beat Boston, they would have to go run & gun on them because if they have to slow the game down, it’ll be in the Celtics’ favor. I see the Celtics in 6 games.

That’s my blog for this moment. Happy b-day shoutouts to the sexiest girl & mother that I know Vanessa Fernandez (happy b-day love), my boy Esteban Leyva, Mary Bait, Klaudia Macias, Samantha Jo Fox aka Sammi Jo, Raquel Guzman, & Irene Anderson- Hernandez. Let’s go Lakers, end this bitch tomorrow & I hope Metta aka Ron Artest makes a difference tomorrow. Catch you on the next blog when we preview the Western Conference semifinals & don’t forget to check out the blog “Screws U” by the homie Steven Screws (sorry bout your Knicks). Peace



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