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Posted: May 2, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA, NFL

Sad day for Chargers’ nation as well as the SC family!!

How’s it going my sport fans out there!! I know it’s been somewhat good & emotional. The playoffs in both the NBA & NHL have been exciting, the Dodgers sale have been finalized & the NFL draft have passes. However, some things caught my attention & it happened today. Let’s talk about it shall we.

R.I.P. Junior Seau- Disturbing news rocked the NFL family as well as the USC family. The heart & soul of the San Diego Chargers & USC Trojans who started the tradition of the great linebacker who rocked #55 (Willie McGinest, Chris Claiborne, & Keith Rivers carried on the tradition as well) took his own life this morning. Police found his body laid out from a gunshot wound. So sad @ a young age. He was 42, leaves behind 3 kids & a girlfriend. He was a hell of a linebacker. Multiple pro bowls, played in 2 Super Bowls, & a sure hall of famer. However, he was suffering from problems like a divorce & surviving an accident when he fell asleep @ the wheel, resulting in driving off a cliff. I know football is a physical & violent sport & I hope Roger Goodell & Congress find a way to take care of the veterans when their careers are over. Dave Duerson commited suicide few yrs ago & he wanted them to research his brain to see what these hits can do to a person. My heart & soul goes to his family, especially his mom after watching the news. I know how she feels after receiving bad news. Friday, it’ll be 2 yrs since my bro died of cancer. Rest in Peace Junior!

N.B.A. playoffs- My oh my, what a way for the postseason to start. In the opening day on Saturday, we saw two teams lose players for the postseason when Derrick Rose & Iman Shumpert tore their ACL’s in game 1 of their respective series. It hurts the Bulls more than it hurt the Knicks. The Bulls finished w/ the best record in the East & were one of the favorites along w/ Miami to come out the East, now that’s gone. Shumpert’s injury hurt the Knicks because he was their best perimenter defender & now they can’t stop no one as they’re down 2-0 in their series vs the Heat. If the Knicks think that injury was bad, then it got more worse & stupid when Amare Stoudamire hurt his hand when he punched the glass from the fire extinguisher box & is out for game 3. In the other series, we got OKC up 2-0 on the champs, but Dallas has giving them everything they got. Lake Show up on Denver 2-0 as well w/ Kobe & Bynum carrying the load. We have 1-1 series in Orlando/Indiana & Chicago/Philadelphia. San Antonio/Utah & Memphis/ L.A. Clippers play game 2 tonight w/ the Jazz & Grizz looking to even the series.Speaking of the Grizzlies, how the hell you blow a 27 pt lead in game 1 & lose that game? Can’t wait for more play-off action

Goodell laid the wood on him

More hammer laid down by Goodell: With the NFL draft come & gone, the commish picked the opportunity to laid down the punishment for Saints players who were involved in the Bounty program. 2 teams were affected along w/ the Saints as Anthony Hargrove of the Green Bay Packers & Scott Fujita of the Cleveland Browns were suspended for 8 games & 3 games respectively. For the Saints, they lose Will Smith for 4 games, but the one who got it worse was Jonathan Vilma as he got it for the yr. Damn, no coach & no middle linebacker for a yr. If that’s worse for Saints fan, they still not close enough to give Drew Brees a new contract. I wonder if the Saints are gonna to win double digit games this yr. We won’t know til the season starts in September.

That’s my blog for this week.Gotta give a shoutout to Marcellus Wiley for still doing the show w/ Max even w/ Seau’s death in his mind. Happy b-day shoutouts to Liz Gutierrez, Linda Ramirez, Glo Alva, & Veronica Madrid. Also, I hope everyone have a safe Cinco De Mayo weekend & since it’s the fight game this week, I got Mayweather by decision over Cotto as well as Alvarez over Mosley. Don’t forget to check out tha homie Screws blog “ Screws U” & congrats to Popovich for winning coach of the yr & Tyson Chandler for winning defensive player of the yr. See you in the next blog. Peace!!



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