Go Hard or go home

Posted: April 27, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

the Real season begins this weekend!! 1st to 16 wins it all

My favorite time of the yr is here. Usually, we usually have a 82 game prelim before the real season starts, but since of the lockout, we had a 66 game season. Some interesting storylines here for this yr NBA playoffs. Can the Mavs repeat @ the 7th seed? Will this be Lebron’s year to finally kiss the Larry O’ Brien trophy? Can the Lakers & Celtics aka the old dogs make one last push for greatness & will young guns like Oklahoma City & Chicago have what it takes to call themselves champions? We won’t know til after June, but like the phrase they had few years ago, 1st to 16 wins!! Let’s break them down shall we

Eastern Conference

1) Chicago vs 8) Philadelphia- The Bulls capture the top seed for the 2nd yr in a row & Thibedu has done a great job to probably defend his coach of the yr honor. Derrick Rose had a ok season, despite spending a lot of time injured as well as Rip Hamilton. Luol Deng was the leader of that squad & Carlos Boozer picked up his numbers. For the 76ers, they shot out the gate like gang busters because of a easy schedule, but reality kicked in when injuries depleted them, especially Spencer Hawes. Jrue Holiday had a great 2nd yr, Louis Williams put up 6th man numbers & Evan Turner finally made a name of himself. Philly is palying the role of David in this series, but they won’t be knocking off this Goliath. Depending on the health of Rose, I see the Bulls winning this series in 5 games.

2) Miami vs 7) New York- The Heat are the defending conference champs, but this yr, they are looking for the brass ring for the 1st time since 2006. The Big 3 (Wade, Lebron, Bosh) putting up their usual numbers, especially Lebron, who’s in a dog fight w/ Kevin Durant for the MVP trophy. For the Knicks, it’s a rollercoaster season, then again it’s New York. They started slow, them Melo & Amare gets hurt. Linsanity was born before the all-star, he then gets hurt. D’Antoni gets fired, & now Woodson got them to a 17-6 record since he took over & preaching defense on that team. Tyson Chandler is a good candidate for defensive player of the year. The Knicks have weapons in the frontcourt, but the point guard position is what probably will hurt them this series. I see Miami in 6 games.

3) Indiana vs 6) Orlando- The Pacers moved up & have done a hell of a job w/ Vogel. Matter, Larry Bird has built that team under his wing. Granger puts up all-star, David West was a great acquisition, & added some pop w/ a late trade for Leanardo Barbosa. Orlando’s story was drama filled. Dwight Howard playing emo, couldn’t decided whether he would stay or be traded. He eventually decided to stay, but suffered a herniated disk & had to shut it down. If you think that was worse, Stan Van Gundfy actually threw Howard under the bus, saying that he wanted him fired. This is a toss up series. Can the Magic win w/out Dwight? I don’t know. They did lose to Atlanta last yr in the 1st round w/ Dwight. I see the Pacers winning this series in a full 7 games.

4) Boston vs 5) Atlanta- The Celtics started slow, but picked up their record after the all-star break. Rondo lead the league in assists & triple doubles & Doc Rivers found some youth on his squad in Avery Bradley, who filled in great when Ray Allen got hurt, The Hawks still did their thing despite losing Al Horford earlier in the season. Josh Smith found his game after the trading deadline & Joe Johnson put up Joe Johnson numbers. Last time these two teams played each other, it went the full 7 with the Celtics advancing. I see it going 7 again w/ the same result. I would had like the Hawks’chances if Horford was playing. Boston has that championship pedigree.

Western Conference

1) San Antonio vs 8) The Spurs won the top seed again for the 2nd yr in a row. The big 3 of Parker, Duncan, & Ginobli lead the way, especially Parker who played like a MVP candidate this yr. The Jazz were a young, scrappy team coached by Tyrone Corbine, who has a never say die attitude & led by young guns like Al Jefferson, Gordon Heyward & have a postseason quality point guard in Devin Harris. Remember the last time the Spurs were the 1 seed last yr? Memphis upset them, basically because Ginobli got hurt in game 1. Utah will be making baby steps, but San Antonio is too much. I see Spurs in 5 games.

2) Oklahoma City vs 7) Dallas- The Thunder were the favorites to win the west this yr after a hot start, but like young teams do, they fall back to the pack. Durant’s putting MVP numbers, Westbrook’s playing like he wants to be on the NBA 1st team, they picked a veteran guard in Derek Fisher after his contract was bought out by rhe Rockets, & Harden’s playing like he wants to win 6th man of the year (I’m glad you got cleared to play by the doctors by the way). For the Mavericks, Cuban’s wasn’t looking to repeat this yr. Dirk had a great yr, but the team was pretty destroyed by the inefficiency of Lamar Odom, who struggled so bad that they deactivated him & told him to stay. The champs are the champs til someone knocks them off. Dallas knocked them off in 6 games last yr in the conference finals. OKC gets revenge in 6 games as well.

3) L.A. Lakers vs 6) Denver- The Lakers had to fight the lil brother aka the Clippers for the Pacific Division title as well as the 3rd seed in the west. Kobe finished 2nd behind Durant in scoring, Bynum became an all-star & the acquisition of Ramon Sessions gave them a playmaking point guard. For the Nuggets, they did a great job, despite having some of their players start the season in China & Wilson Chandler was the only player to resign w/ them, unfortunately he had to shut it down. The Lakers have the size advantage in the frontcourt, but their problem is their bench & Metta’s suspended for the 1st round after his elbow to Harden. I see the Lakers in 6 games. More games in the 1st round, the early chance for Artest’s availiblity in the 2nd round.

4) Memphis vs 5) L.A. Clippers- Memphis was last yr’s darling & this yr’s team that everyone wanted to avoided in the 1st round. The difference for this yr’s Grizzlies play-off is a healthy Rudy Gay to go along w/ Z-Bo * Marc Gasol. Tony Allen brings defense & his championship experience while Conley is a playmaker while Mayo’s a threat off the bench. For the Clippers aka Lob City, Chris Paul & Blake Griffin changed the culture of that team. Kenyon Martin & Reggie Evans brings the toughness while Caron Butler brings his athleticism. Couple things hurt the Clippers in this series, no Chauncey Billups (he has the champuionship experience) & Griffin & DeAndre Jordan’s ability to hit free throws, which makes them a liability in a close game. I’m not hating on the Clippers, but I don’t see them winning this series. Memphis in 6 games.
That’s my blog for the 1st round for the NBA playoffs. Since I already did my b-day shoutouts on the last blog, I want to send a shoutout to the newest running back of my hometown Cleveland Browns Trent Richardson, who we just picked up in the draft last night as well as Branden Weeden from Oklahoma St. See ya’ll on the next blog. Peace!!



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