Did he get off lucky?

Posted: April 25, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

7 game suspension!! Did he get off lucky?

How’s it going my NBA fans! Finally, a few minutes ago the league made their decision on one of the ugliest scenes in NBA history. If you were trapped in a cave the last 2 days, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace, cocked his elbow back & laid an elbow on James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder. That was the storyline that overshadowed a great Lakers comeback win after trailing by 18 pts. As a result of his elbow, he was suspended for 7 games, including the playoffs. Pretty much, he’s missing the finale in Sacramento, plus the 1st round of the playoffs, which starts on Saturday. When I saw it in real time, I thought it was an accident because he was in the heat of the moment celebrating til I saw the replay. Some fans think that Harden had it coming since he has a reputation for being a trash talker & getting under player’s skins. I don’t think so. Harden could had lost his career or life it was worst. Unfortunatley, it was a concussion he suffered. I saw two things that caught my attention. Why didn’t he check to see if Harden was ok & he knew he had to protect himself when Sergi Ibaka confronted him & he was in a fighting stance. My thoughts on the suspension: he got off lucky. The media wanted more because of his reputation. Ever since the fight in the Palace of Auburn Hills in 2004, he seem to can’t shake that off. He’s worked to change his image since that incident. He raffled off his championship ring to raise money for mental health & donated half of his salary for the same thing. He won the Citzenship award last yr & is a nice guy, but this incident brought back bad memories of 8 yrs ago. I hope he learn his when he returns to the team in the 2nd round should the Lakers advance that far. Also, I hope Harden gets better as well because he didn’t deserve this. He’s a local boy from Artesia & a great candidate to win 6th man of the year.

That’s my blog for today. I will have another one this week to preview the NBA playoffs. Happy b-day shoutouts to Luis Toledo aka DJ Maverick (probably catch you on Friday), Alejandro Chavez aka DJ Doughboy, Sandra Navarro, Angelina Scalise, Gloriann Lockhart, Michelle Aragundi, & Amanda Ponce. Also, check out the homie Screws blog “Screws U” . Catch ya’ll later this week. Peace



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