NFL schedules review!!

Posted: April 18, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

Are we talking football in April? Yes, we are!!

Today was the day. At 4pm pacific standard time, the NFL schedule had came out. Football fans were excited. Some had hopes while some had bones to grip. I was on the side of pissed off fan. As many or some may know, born in Cleveland, Ohio, all I knew was Cleveland Browns. American knows our city’s curse as them being the last professional team in the city to win a championship & that was in 1964. My father was 17 when that happened & I wasn’t born til 12 yrs later. Now, my hopes of me seeing them win a title in my lifetime was destroyed by John Elway in 1986, 87, & 89, that explains my hatred for him & the Broncos. Now, after the return of the franchise in 1999 after Modell crushed the city by moving the team to Baltimore because he couldn’t get a new stadium, we get hosed by the league this yr. We had a 5-11 record & Goodell gives us the 3rd toughest schedule while the Patriots gets a cupcake schedule after going to the Super Bowl last yr. At least the Super Bowl champs NY Giants (what up Screws & you’ll agree w/ me on this one) get a tough schedule because they are the champs. Minnesota Vikings (shoutout to my boy Rob Hernandez) had a 3-13 & gets the 8th hardest schedule & I know he’s pissed about. I know they say play what the league puts in front of you, but damn some teams are thrown bones & some teams get punked. If there was a team that should gotten a harder schedule than my Browns, it should been the Saints. I mean, Williams was the reason Payton got suspended for this yr, why not punish them more. But like Chris Berman would say, “that’s why they play the games.” We got the draft next week & hearing we’re up in the ear between Justin Blackborn or Ryan Tannehill. Can’t wait for the season though. Time for the “Suck for Barkely” campaign for me.

That’s my blog for this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Maria Hodge, Veronica Papazian (see you tomorrow), Joey Lojero, Jessica Carlos, Chris Adams, Nikki Garcia, Stan Vielma (see you Friday), & Vanessa O’Neill. Make sure you check “Screws U” by da homie Steven Screws. Catch ya’ll on the next blog



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